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TickleTest: Inkblot

By having your unconscious mind driven most by Imagination, it appears that you have a real creative streak that allows you to entertain a broad spectrum of ideas. By being open-minded and willing to consider others' suggestions, you leave yourself open to fresh perspectives and innovative thinking. You may not realize it, but chances are your ability to envision new possibilities is stronger than it is for most people. In fact, up to now it's likely that you've underestimated your creative potential.

People with a heightened drive for imagination tend to be energetic types with a real joie de vivre. If this is true for you, you might have a reputation among your friends as being the life of the party. You may also be happy for almost any excuse to celebrate. By bringing this kind of vitality to everything you do, you cannot only enjoy your life but can improve the quality of life for everyone around you. Try to capitalize on your capacity to make even run-of-the-mill situations into fun. By sharing your creative ideas and vision, you can make the road to personal and professional success a memorable journey.

Your concept of reality
Your concept of reality is highly similar to that of others but not an exact match. Your perceptions seem to fall in between those who create their own unique realities and those who possess more mainstream perspectives. Because you straddle that middle ground of being in agreement with others and having your own opinions of the world, you can be both a follower and a leader. You can be a follower in the sense that you probably don't have trouble going along with the group most times since others' ideas will usually seem rational to you. You can be a leader because your creative viewpoints may sometimes allow you to guide others in new directions.

The difficulty for people like you is that at times you may feel pulled between taking the popular viewpoint and accepting your own vision of what is right. Because your concept of reality is rarely off the deep end, you can generally feel confident that there's something valid in your perspectives. Even if others don't always share your views, try not to let the masses talk you out of them. There can sometimes be great value in forging your own path. Finding a healthy balance between others' ideas and your own can be key to both your relationships and success.

Your mental flexibility

This section looks as the flexibility of your opinions, values, and perspective. To determine your result, Tickle's experts examined both the fluidity of your thinking and the rigidity of your opinions.

Based on your responses, you're reasonably flexible in your thinking and opinions. As a result, when dealing with most topics, you can easily consider other people's views. However, if a conversation centers on one of your core values, you're typically more reluctant to entertain other ways of thinking. This is true for most people. After all, it's good to have strong opinions on issues of importance. These views help create a foundation for what you believe in. Naturally, your ideas can change and develop over time. But particularly in your case, it's unlikely that they'll be radically different from day to day.

Occasionally your certainty can result in missed opportunities. If you're too sure of your values, you might forego the chance to observe a different way of being. You might also fail to imagine a way of life that might actually make you happier. If you find that you are excessively defensive on certain topics, it's likely because of one of the following reasons. Either the area is something you've had extensive experience with, and therefore have personal history to base your views on. Or, your defensiveness could be covering up a deep wound or insecurity that you're afraid will be exposed if you open yourself up to a new way of thinking.

Your Level of Fantasy
Some people fantasize nearly nonstop, others rarely do, and the majority of people fall somewhere in between. Imagination and the ability to create alternate realities are the two factors that determine whether or not a person is capable of having a highly colorful fantasy life. However, not everyone who can fantasize does. For example, if two strangers who were both capable of fantasizing were sitting next to one another on a bus, one might still spend the whole ride thinking about paying their bills and formulating their next to-do list, while the other could be envisioning taking a siesta on a tropical island. For Tickle's Inblot Test, having a high level of fantasy involves both having the mental tools necessary to fantasize and putting them to use.

Being prone to fantasy can be thought of as a spectacular gift. Fantasy can give one the ability to create a made-up world much more captivating and pleasurable than the usual day-to-day realities. This can be a wonderful asset as you go though life - a free form of entertainment that you can use any time.

Some people look at those who are fantasy prone in a derogatory way. They feel that the more realistically a person thinks, the saner they are. Indeed, most definitions of "abnormal" refer to what is "unusual" or "not frequent". Clinical experts sometimes look at fantasy as a means of trying to escape reality, rather that face what's there.

Regardless of how one feels about fantasy, its value is heavily dependent on how it's used. If you use fantasy to visualize improvements in your life without ignoring important realities, then fantasy can be a useful talent. It can help you maintain your optimism and even to devise novel solutions to your problems. However, if fantasy is something you retreat into as a way of denying reality, then you might want to reconsider your use of it.

Tickle's experts found that you can be highly prone to fantasizing. This doesn't suggest that you aren't in the real world. Your ability to see things clearly may be completely unencumbered by your tendency toward fantasy. It all depends on how you use your ability. Your answers indicate that you're able to use fantasy in a way that makes your world more vibrant and imaginative than it is for most people. Just be wary of keeping one eye on how things really are, particularly when they're not as you'd like them to be.

Fantasy is a technique frequently employed by people living under harsh conditions in order to ease their stress. In this way, imagination can be a vital tool for prison inmates who live in depressing, restrictive conditions day in and day out. Using the power of fantasy can also be a profound relief for people living in poverty and in war zones. In fact, there are many people who live in adverse situations or deal with other painful circumstances that could benefit from occasional relief through fantasy.

Fantasy only becomes a problem when you ignore something you need to deal with because you have the ability to fantasize it away. For example, imagine you have a problem with an aunt of yours. Perhaps this aunt says something that upsets you almost every time you talk with her. As a result, after a while you stop listening to her in favor of pretending that you're someplace else entirely. The fantasy you create for yourself might be more exciting - and far less annoying, but it doesn't change this detrimental pattern between you and your aunt. A better response might be to put your fantasies aside for a while to address your aunt's poor communication style head-on.

At it's worst, fantasy can keep you from making important lifestyle choices. For instance, if you fantasize that you have boundless energy and are a wonderful athlete, and in the meantime sit on your couch eating potato chips and playing video games, there will eventually come a time where you won't be able to deny what is really happening to your body and you will have to tend to the reality of your deteriorating health. However, there's no reason that you have to let fantasy affect you in these negative ways. So long as you pay attention to the aspects of your life that need addressing, like your health or your career, you should be able to use fantasy and creative visualizations to bolster your happiness and success, not impede them.

How you relate to others

Your relationships are complex things. One important aspect affecting all of them is the role that you play when interacting with others. Do you typically take an active approach when dealing with the people around you, or do you tend to behave more passively? According to your test responses, you appear to have a more passive approach to interacting with others. As a result, you likely prefer to be in an environment where others are the movers and shakers. That way the responsibility doesn't fall on you to make things happen or keep everyone happy. It's not that you can't take action in your own life to get what you want. It's simply that when it comes to interacting, you'd usually rather that other people took the lead.

The positive side to this trait is that it leaves you plenty of time to observe what's happening around you. People like you tend to be "watchers," checking out the scene to better understand people's personalities and deeper motivations. In this way, rather than making the first move, you can make the informed move. Over time, you may even become known for your canny observations and tendency to be a good judge of character. Being observant can also be helpful to your overall development as it can aid you in realizing the kinds of people and relationships that serve you best.

Believe it or not, one complication that can arise for people who have passive styles is interacting with other people who are passive. If neither individual is willing to take the initiative, their relationship may either become paralyzed or even fail to materialize in the first place. If you find yourself in a situation like this one, challenge yourself to make some social leaps. You might be surprised to find that sometimes you can enjoy taking the lead.

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The Search

I wanted to share with you a little something my Grandpa wrote on his blog. I loved it. :)


I have searched the barren deserts,
the steaming jungles and the cold
regions of my mind.
With only one quest, one thing to find
This search has lasted like eternity
The rewards are as empty as a beggar’s cup
This endless safari straggles through
doubts. indecisions and prejudice wastes
And yet the search goes on and on
The confusion that I find is so profound
that the original idea is almost lost
in the shadows
And at other times so bright as to
be blinding
Always it is an extreme with everything
highly exaggerated
I haven’t charted the heights or depths
for returning is not desired or feasible.

© Prof Don T. Nomuch 2006

More Venting...More Selling

So I had to take my car in for a tune up the other day. Yes, a tune up, on my car...admidst the other financial obligations I am swimming in, I had to do THAT too. Grr...193 dollars later, my car is in tip top condition. Oh, well, except for the large PAINT CHIP on my hood. And by chip, I mean small dinner multiple locations. Apparently Dory doesn't like the heat. She's festering. Therefore, today I took her into good ole G&M Body Shop and learned that her booboo would cost a fair $392 dollars to fix. Thanks to the fact that my insurance company is run by jerks, they will not be paying for any of it. Apparently they say that it's "natural wear and tear". if Mother Nature spits ice rocks at my car and leaves dimples, that's covered. But if she glares at it with evil heat rays, too bad. Sorry, Dory. But I fear your are destined to a long hot summer without paint on your hood. Here's to RUST! :)

Oh yeah...and to eventually pay for the above stated repairs, I'm selling more items.


Microeconomics Textbook
Statistics Textbook
Financial Accounting Textbook
The Crush, by Sandra Brown
The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom
Speak Softly, She Can Hear, by Pam Lewis
The Perfect Man, by Dean Buckhorn (Novelty)
The House on Hope Street, by Danielle Steel
The Wedding, by Danielle Steel
The Cottage, by Danielle Steel
Perfect Stranger, by Danielle Steel


Dirty Dancing
Risky Business

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For Sale!


Any Given Sunday
Fast & the Furious
The Game
Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Match Point
Hide and Seek
At First Sight
Cold Mountain
Varsity Blues
Billy Madison


13 Going on 30 Soundtrack
3 Doors Down- The Better Life
50 First Dates Soundtrack
98 Degrees- Revelation
Aaron Tippin Single
Ace of Base- The Sign
Aerosmith- Big Ones
Alicia Keys- Songs in A Minor
Alien Ant Farm- Anthology
Alison Krauss- Now That I’ve Found You
All 4 One
Anastasia Soundtrack
Aqualung- Strange and Beautiful
Aretha Franklin Single
Bangles- Greatest Hits
Barenaked Ladies- Maroon
Batman Forever Soundtrack
Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata
Boyz II Men- Cooleyhighharmony
Boyz II Men- Legacy
Bush- 6teen Stone
Cake- Fashion Nugget
Celine Dion- All the Way
Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack
Chicago- The Very Best of 2 Disc Set
Christmas Collection- 3 Disc Set
Christmas with the Rat Pack
City of Angels Soundtrack
Cocktail Soundtrack
Collective Soul- 7 Year Itch
Collective Soul- Disciplined Breakdown
Counting Crows- Recovering the Satellites
Creed- Human Clay
Creed- Human Clay
Cure- Greatest Hits
Cyndi Lauper- She’s So Usual
Dawson’s Creek Soundtrack
Diana Krall- The Look of Love
Dido- No Angel
Dino- The Essential Dean Martin
Disney Classics- 10 Favorites
Dixie Chicks- Home
Dream Theater- Change of Seasons
Dream Theater- Images and Words
Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack
Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack
Eagles- Greatest Hits 71-75
Eminem- Marshall Mathers LP
Empire Records Soundtrack
ER Soundtrack
Eric Clapton- Chronicles
Eric Clapton- Cream of Clapton
Etta James- Love Songs
Everclear- So Much for the Afterglow
Extreme- Pornograffitti
Faith Hill- Breathe
Faith Hill- Faith
Family Man Soundtrack
Five for Fighting- America Town
Flute Daydreams
Frank Sinatra Christmas Album
Frank Sinatra- Very Best of 2 Disc Set
Fuel- Something like Human
Goo Goo Dolls- A Boy Named Goo
Good Charlotte- Young and the Hopeless
Harry Connick, Jr.- Only You
Home Alone Soundtrack
Hope Floats Soundtrack
Incubus- Make Yourself
Independence Day Soundtrack
India Arie- Acoustic Soul
Indigenous- Circle
Iron Butterfly- The Best of
Janet Jackson- Velvet Rope
Jars of Clay-
Jeff Healey Band- Master Hits
Jennifer Lopez- JLo
Jennifer Lopez- On the 6
Jewel Single
John Mayer- Room for Squares
Jon Bon Jovi- Cross Road
Josh Groban-
K-Ci & JoJo- It’s Real
Keith Sweat
Kenny G- Greatest Hits
Kenny G Single
Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of
Lenny Kravitz- Greatest Hits
Lit- A Place in the Sun
Live- Throwing Copper
Los Lonely Boys-
Louis Armstrong- Love Songs
Macy Gray- On How Life Is
Madonna Single
Mariah Carey- Daydream
Mariah Carey- Number 1’s
Mariah Carey- Unplugged
Maroon 5- Songs about Jane
Matchbox 20- Yourself or Someone Life You
Michael Buble
Michael Buble- It’s Time
Michael Buble- More
Millennium Classic Rock Party
Montell Jordan Single
Mr. Holland’s Opus Soundtrack
Music for Our Mother Ocean
Neville Brothers- Valence Street
Nickelback- Silver Side Up
No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom
Norah Jones- Come Away With Me
Norah Jones- Feels Like Home
Pachelbel Canon
Perry Como- Greatest Christmas Songs
Police Single
Politics of Rock
Rascall Flatts- Feels like Today
Real McCoy- Another Night
Return to Me Soundtrack
Ruben Studdard- Soulful
Runaway Bride Soundtrack
Santana- Shaman
Santana- Supernatural
Sarah McLachlan Single
Savage Garden Single
Shawn Mullins- The First Ten Years
Sheryl Crow- Live from Central Park
Smart Symphonies Baby
Soul Asylum- Grave Dancers Union
Straight from the Forest
Sugar Ray- 14:59
The Parent Trap Soundtrack
TLC- Crazy Sexy Cool
Tony Bennett Christmas Album
Tony Bennett- The Essential 2 Disc Set
Top Gun Soundtrack
Train- Drops of Jupiter
Twister Soundtrack
Vertical Horizon- Everything You Want
Wallflowers- Bringing Down the Horse
What Women Want Soundtrack
Wild Orchid

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So, before I tell you what I just read, I must first vent.
My neighbor to the East smokes like a chimney in North Dakota...and shares it.
My neighbor to the West plays the WORST music (If you can call it music) at all hours of the night. My walls thump, my insides thump. I think I'm gonna vomit.
My neighbor to the North (aka, above me) walks like he has a clubbed foot. He STOMPS from the moment he wakes up until WAY after I've attempted to go to bed.

Sorry...I had to share.
Now, to tell you what I've just read. I'm a hypocrit.
Every night, as I lay down to sleep, I read an excerpt from a "Women of Faith" book Caitlin gave me for Christmas. Tonights was this...

"Encourage instead of criticize. Love instead of hate. Hope instead of doubt. Give instead of take. Trust instead of worry."

I needed this tonight (especially since I just complained about everything imaginable) and thought some others might too. Thank you Lord, for allowing me the ability to smell the smoke and recognize how fresh the outdoors can be. Thank you for allowing me to recognize good music, but still give me the gift of hearing the bad. Thank you for giving me neighbors in such close proximity that I might call on them in a time of need. Thank you for giving me money woes, for it shows that I have known what it feels like to be stable. Amen.

Losing It...Chasing It

So basically, I'm losing it.
I'm desperately chasing it, but I'm losing it.

The stress has overcome every aspect of my life, of my being. My sanity is gone. Blech! There...i'm good now.

To put it mildly, I feel that I have zero control over anything at this point. Everything hinges on something else...and that something hinges on another something. I am putting many DVD's up for sale (mint condition, I might add) if anyone is interested. I am also selling my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW television. I am canceling my internet and television tomorrow so posts will be few and far between. I just spent $200 dollars on getting my car fixed so I am also considering giving up my habit of eating. :) Juuuust kidding... I will be fine. NO WORRIES! I just have to have faith, that my faith will guide me. Send prayers. :) LOVE TO ALL!

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Baby Class- The many faces of...



There are many more to come...but blogger is being a jerk.

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I HATE being poor!!!! When's a girl gonna catch a break!?!?!?! Grr.....