Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nada Part Deux

Stole this from Stepharo's Bloggaro and I'm not givin' it back!! :)
Fill in your answers by copying and pasting this into a comment.

Feeling ________ (antsy/anxious/tired).
Listening to ________ (the sound of Matt and Edwin playing 'Californication' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Spent last night ________ (sitting up late watching some lame movie and contemplating filling out a questionnaire on eharmony. Sooo didn't do it.).
Missing ________ (my Drew).
Had breakfast of ________ (some really sad cinnamon-sugar biscuits I tried to make. Damn you, Bisquick!).
Thinking of ________ (how creepy it is that my curtains are wide open and my neighbors can probably see me right now).
Would love to ________ (run out and get a Mocha Bigtrain from Aspen Coffee Co.)
Planning to ________ (go to bed some time soon).
Working to ________ (better myself).
Favorite time of day is ________ (usually around 5ish. There is hope for the rest of the evening; it's not too early and not too late. I'm already off work by that time and on most days I am done with school).
Always wanted to play ________ (the guitar. My roomate has attempted to teach me, but I lack focus.).
Dreaming of ________ (the day that the sermon at church will come true for me).
A dream comes true when ________ (Reagan smiles).
Really hate ________ (when I doubt myself).

Today has turned out to be a really great day. I got up early this morning because, darn the luck, I forgot about good ole' daylight savings time. So, I got showered and ready for church and decided to try my hand at some cinnamon-sugar biscuits. Yeah, edible, but not something I would make on a regular basis. The roomies and I then headed out to church where there was a PACKED HOUSE. I'm not kidding, there was standing room only at one point and they started setting up extra rows of chairs. Insame!! But good insane!! We then headed home and I cleaned my room for like the first time in a month. It was NASTY! haha! Mostly clothes that hadn't been hung up, but it was driving me insane. I started some laundry and did a little homework. Then I curled up on the couch with a blanket and a good movie. I almost fell asleep, it was SO nice. Edwin's family came in to take him and Cait out to dinner for Ed's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWIN! I called up the ever lovely Katie and she and I went to get some dinner at Panera and then headed out to Matt's flag football game. Way to go FLYING SQUIRRELS! Sorry about the loss, but you did great! WOOHOO! Then, we came back to my house to watch the taped video of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This is the only show on television that I hate to miss!! OH the joy it brings me! We colored Katie's hair while watching and had to send the roomies on a mad rush to WalMart for a second box of hair color. KATIE! You have the thickest hair of anyone I know!! People, her hair could have easily soaked up 3 boxes of hair color, but we made due with 2. Now I am sitting here, catching up on my blog reading. You should all check out my buddy Sue Ann's blog. What a gal. How's about that post and comments today, HUH?! That'll make ya think, won't it? More power to you Sue for putting your thoughts, feelings and faith out there where it counts. Not many people would be willing to do that and I give you mad props for it.

On that note, I'm going to bed. I bid thee all a goodnight. And here's a little food for thought for all those parents out there 'guiding' their children..."The thing that impresses me most about America is the way the parents obey their children."- Edward, Duke of Windsor. Lead them.


Nothing new to report, just hate going days without giving you all somethin' to wet your palate! haha!

Church was great today. It was all about parenthood and made my ovaries twinge just a little. Can't wait to have babies. :)

Other than that, I have been lazy today!! Well, if you count FINALLY cleaning my room, doing laundry and doing a little homework. Now I am off to dinner with Katherine and we're gonna go catch Matt's flag football game tonight. WOOHOO! Lots o' cute boys out there. ;)

That is all I have today guys, sorry. Maybe something revolutionary will happen tonight and I can share that with you. Until then, happy Sunday! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Put Me in My Place

Today has been a pretty crazy day. I have so many things to do that I have no idea where to start. Tomorrow I have to work and leave immediately for a group meeting with my Speech group and then leave that early to go babysit. I don't have my materials ready for the speech group yet either, which is stressing me out to some degree, but it will all work out. I should have stayed home to finish, but rather, I went to Intoxicated at church again. I think that since I was there praying feverishly, that God will find it in his divine and infinite wisdom to help me pass college with A's. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Katie and I were the church goers this evening and we had a good time. I know I learned alot. It's funny how every Wednesday, I think he's talking to ME. It's as if to say, "Liz, what are you thinking?!" I have known for quite some time that I have a lot of work to do with myself before I could ever make someone else happy, but I have been focusing on my 'wants' instead of my 'needs'. I need to work on myself first, cause people, I have NOTHING to offer anyone right now. Seriously. What would I say? Hi, I'm Liz. I work and go to school...and yeah...that's it. I have goals for improvement, now I just have to work on that. One of the things Pastor Craig mentioned is that people who go to bars to meet 'the one' are sadly mistaken. If you have to have a drink or two in order to have enough courage to go up and talk to someone, what does that say about what you have to offer? Bars are not where I intend to meet people. How would that story to the grandkids go? 'I met your grandpa in a bar and man was I drunk! I was dancin' on the tables and he was the first guy to put a dollar in my pants. It was love at first sight.'

One of my main goals is to have patience. I have to learn that I can't have everything I want right now, because it's just not the right time, plain and simple. I have been working on getting my finances in order as well as attempting to focus more heavily on school. I am now attending church on a regular basis. I am working to make myself the secure, steady and comfortable person that I want to be. Then and only then will I be ready for what I 'want'. Right? Tell me I'm right. :) Goodnight all.

Delight yourself in the Lord and hew ill give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Reasons # 351-353 as to why I'm single

351- Last night I willingly wore orange and black striped tights under my sweatpants to Matt's flag football game. HOT!

352- I was involved in a conversation at said football game where I used the phrase, "Cool beans." *Mad props to the connoisseur of cool beans, Ms. Katie Gordon.

353- I have already purchased Christmas cards (it's October, folks) and have prepared a Christmas card list. Here's where the 'reason I'm single' part comes into play...Over the manger, the baby Jesus, and even Santa Claus...I chose SNOOPY and the GRINCH to grace the front of my merriest of wishes. I am too cool for words.

On a side note, I overheard a conversation at the football field, whereas a young gentlman, no older than myself, told his friend that he had 'dislocated his teeth'. that possible? Think about that for a moment. They don't have joints, so how exactly to do you DISLOCATE them? Maybe its the new 'cool beans' way of saying you LOST them. Like, "Man, Matt, I totally dislocated my keys. You seen em'?" or "Cait, I dislocated my car!! Where in God's name did we park?" Ponder, friends, and get back to me on that one. Now, I'm going to attempt to sleep off the cold, the football and the caffeine!! Night folks.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gallery Update!

New series of photo's are now available for your viewing pleasure at!! They are not all posted yet, so check back often. And I do mean often...we took 216 photos, people. OMG. SOOO MUCH FUN!

Edwin, Caitlin and Skyler Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005


My speech presentation went pretty good this evening, but I did go a wee bit too fast. 35 seconds too fast to be exact. :( That's okay though. On the feedback from my classmates I got a lot of really good compliments (mostly on the photographs!). My group mates sat and chatted a while about what we were going to do our big presentation on and I think we have decided on Sex Education in Public Schools. We're going to be called "Just the Sex of Us" haha!! I think it will be fun actually, thank goodness. I got my grade back on my History exam...C! That's good!! And the D I got on my Macro exam, yeah, it got curved to a C! YAY! So basically, I'm average. So what else is new, right? ha!

I am now sitting here waiting on Cait to get home and the boys to get back from Blockbuster. I think we're gonna watch Oh Brother, Where Art Thou....hmm...never seen it, but the roomies tell me it is a sidesplitting must see. I think popcorn sounds good. Doesn't it? Mmm...buttery goodness. I have nothing else to say. I'm a boring case tonight kids, sorry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Questions in Triplicate

Stolen from none other than the Incurable Insomniac.

Three Names You Go By:
1. Elizabeth
2. Liz
3. Lizzi

Three Parts of Your Heritage:
1. German
2. Irish
3. Dutch

Three Things That Scare You:
1. Being alone forever
2. Failure
3. the Dark (when I'm alone)

Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Laughter
2. Music
3. Prayer

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Scrubs
2. James Avery ring
3. Glasses

Two Truths and a Lie in any order:
1. I am happily married.
2. I have two cats named Fuji and Kodak.
3. I love to laugh.

Three Physical Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to You:
1. Eyes
2. Smile/Teeth
3. Arms

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1. Watching movies
2. Photography
3. Blogging

Three Things You Want to Do Really Badly Right Now:
1. Graduate college with a DEGREE.
2. Meet a nice guy.
3. Have a mysterious check arrive that pays all of my bills and school debt.

Three Places You Want to go on Vacation:
1. Tuscany
2. Venice
3. Hawaii

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
1. Get married.
2. Have children.
3. Own a photography studio. I want people to be able to look at a photograph of themselves and maybe for the first time think, 'I really am beautiful.'

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Temporal Snapshots

Tonight, I had this indescribable need to be outside. I wanted to walk around the lake so bad! I asked my roommates to go but they all had things they needed to do, so I called Sue Ann. She's always willing to walk with me!! It was going to be a while before she was ready, so I took the opporunity to sit on the porch with my laptop and write a letter to my grandparents. It was a perfect 77 degrees which made me happy all by itself. There was a slight breeze and you could hear the secadas chirping. I am definately a spring and fall kind of girl; this was absolute Heaven. It was dark and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The moon was just a hair away from full and the stars were huge! I was surprised they were as bright as they were, even in town. Sue Ann arrived and we drove to Boomer Lake. Upon pulling into the drive, I looked at the water and said, "SUE ANN! Why didn't I bring my camera? Look at that!" The moon looked enormous over the water and there was a solitary star directly below it, hanging like a jewel. The light shown on the water like candle light on satin. It looked so still and so solid, that we could have walked across it with great ease. She laughed at me, and was like, "Liz. You have a great eye. I see it now." We strolled around the lake and I continued to kick myself for not having a camera with me. Then it hit me. I'm not always going to have a camera. The point of life is not to save everything in a tangible way; the point is to relish in the moment and be thankful that it happened. How many people were home watching television, at work or even asleep, that were never going to get to see this moment. I was so thankful that I had the eye to see, and the mindset to know, how valuable that moment was. I know it sounds cheesy, but people, I'm cheesy. You love me that way, right?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Soap Opera Digest?

My life, the soap opera.
This has been an "interesting" weekend. My best friend from high school came down to visit. I LOVE Suzanne and everytime we see each other, it's just like old times. But everytime we see each other, it is more and more evident just how different we are. She's the wild child, I'm the computer nerd. She's the extrovert, I'm the introvert. She's the beauty, I'm the beast. Haha! Needless to say, we are the epitomy of "the odd couple". We can sure laugh together though and we have seen each other through more hard times that our young lives should have seen. We were there for each other through the ups and downs of high school, horrible breakups and odd ex-boyfriends, the divorce of my parents, and the untimely death of a dear friend. We used to sit in her basement until the wee hours of the morning, just talking, crying and connecting as only best friends could. We'd have candles lit and soft music...haha! Sounds like the makings of a hot date, but it was just one of our "counseling sessions". I wish we had had enough time while she was here to just sit and talk like we used to, but it didn't seem to work out that way. We have grown in such different ways since we graduated high school. I know that we will always be friends, its just so hard to see it change so much.

Our first event of the night was a halloween party at my co-worker/friend Jacey's house. It was hilarious! Suzanne went as a Greek Godess and I as a furry cat. I even brought "cat litter cake" as my hostess gift. Mmm...poo. Everyone was dressed to the nine and it was a lot of fun. I'll post pics once I have them all downloaded onto DoryJr. (FYI- My new laptop is DoryJr. I know, I'm a NERD.) We then made our way to Mike's college bar where we met up with Matt and some of his buddies. They were a hoot! I had a great time hanging out with them. I am really not a bar fan, but with this crowd, it was quite all right. I had a few too many drinks and may have said a little more than I intended, on a couple occasions. Towards closing time, I was definately ready to go as I felt more and more out of place. I stood there against the fence outside of Murphy's and looked around at my fellow patrons. I was most definately out of my element. I watched as Suzanne had every guy in the bar watching her every move and offering to buy her drinks. I sat at a table, nursing my beer, watching as things went on around me. Things that made me sad, happy, angry, giddy and insanely jealous. You learn a lot in a bar. A lot about yourself and a lot about other people. For example, the sad young lady who danced on top of a table while men put money down her pants. Could she really have any self dignity? Then again, there I sat, alone and feeling quite jealous of the attention she was receiving. Not that I wanted THAT attention, just some would have been welcomed. And NOT from my roommates drunk friend. That was creepy. ;)

As groggy as I was this morning, I still pulled my tail out of bed at 8:30 to start getting ready for church. Believe me, after the thoughts that ran through my head the night before, I needed a little inspiration and perhaps divine intervention. I hate being jealous of my friends. I hate those feelings of utter inadequacy that are more than likely all in my head. And what was today's sermon? Jealousy. Not kidding. Not kidding at all. I took his words to heart, and I'm working on it. I need to learn to be happy with myself the way I am and also to not speak words of destruction, but words of life. I was not supportive to Suzanne last night, I was jealous of her. If this isn't the makings of the next great daytime drama, I don't know what is...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lighter Notes

Today has been a much lighter day, aside from one stint of sadness. It passed as quick as it had come and things are much better. I took CaitMarie out to lunch and we had some laughs. That was definately needed in the middle of the day.

Today, I was sitting at work and I got three compliments from one lady. THREE. She told me I have a beautiful speaking voice on the phone, I have gorgeous hair and flawless skin. Um? When would you like to move in? Would you like to adopt me now or after you inform your biological children? Then, this evening I was blog surfing PRIOR TO HOMEWORK and saw the CUTEST story. Two little kids were in their school library when, overheard by their librarian, had the following conversation...
"What is the title of the Mother Goose book?"
"Mother Goose."
"Yeah, what's the title?"
"That IS the title."
"No. The REAL title."

Tell me that isn't cute! Can't you just remember back in the day when those were the discussions we had? Those were the quandry's, the concerns? Oh, to be little again. Well, I'm off. I have an 'interview' this afternoon for a class project. YAY! haha! Have a good evenin' all.

Love, Lizzi

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I wrote a long post...and then deleted every single.solitary.note. I read it over and over and it really didn't make any sense at all. I've been getting a lot of emails lately from people asking if I'm okay, that I don't seem quite like myself. Rest assured...I am fine. Of course there is something weighing on my mind, but it is nothing unusual. You should all know by now I worry about EVERYTHING. I just need some time to decompress. I'm not even 100 percent sure what is going through my head. Nothing really makes sense these days. I want them to, desperately, but I'm not sure how. I thought that after my tests were over, the stress would be lifted, but I've come to realize that wasn't the biggest issue weighing on my heart. Dealing with it at this point, is more like not dealing with it. So far, that is working. :) There will be a point where I may have to actually deal with it...head on...but until then, it's just not the time. I know this makes absolutely no sense to those of you who may be reading this, but trust in the fact that all is well. G'nite.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Harumpf!! Damn school. I QUIT! Posted by Picasa


I have never felt more like a failure than I do right now. I feel as if I have studied my ass off for the past week and...nothing. I got a D on my Macro midterm and I don't feel anything but disappointment about my History exam. I don't have a grade on that one, but I can assure it you, it is dismal. I know, I know...stop feeling sorry for yourself, Liz. But really, am I cut out for college?! Maybe I should quit and take photography classes instead. But what would I do without a degree? Honestly, I think now is not the time to make decisions about my future. I'm too drunk on chocolate milk. Yes, Kristen, I told you I was going to find some alcohol and drown my sorrows, but I changed my mind. I felt chocolate milk would sooth my bruised self-esteem a smidge better seeing as I have to get up and start another day very, very early. Oh well. I can't even get drunk right. ;) G'nite all.

Big Dam Film Festival

One of my best friends, Clinton Begley, is in charge of the first annual Big Dam Film Festival!! Wanna take part?? Contact Clint at the address below.

Atavism Records
PMB #149
910 Broadway, Suite C
Quincy, IL 62301

The Best Film Festival This Side of Lock and Dam 21

Quincy, IL (October 5th, 2005)…Atavism Records has teamed up with Young Professionals Quincy to coordinate a night of cinematic entertainment featuring independently produced films from across the country. The event will take place on Saturday, February 25th, 2006 and is being held at “The State Room” in Quincy, Illinois.

“The Big Dam Film Fest” (as the event has been titled due to it’s namesake’s proximity to Quincy) will be a showcase of films not usually seen at the local movie theaters in Quincy. Instead, the films will encompass a balanced sample of the myriad styles and genres that the ambiguous term “independent film” represents.

Events of this nature are very popular in larger cities and are becoming part of a thriving culture of independent media across the country. The spirit of independent cinema is one that strives for freedom of expression. Not long ago, the realm of filmmaking was restricted to professional studios with huge budgets for equipment and manpower. With the progression of audio/video technology and it’s subsequent reduction in price, amateur and professional filmmakers alike can produce high quality films without the need to seek funding from a large-scale production company with it’s omnipresent red tape.

YP Quincy and Atavism Records hope that this event will spur an interest in and appreciation for independent filmmaking while presenting the works in a fun and lighthearted setting for all to enjoy.

The submission period is now open to any and all submissions of any style or genre and will continue through December 31st of this year. All submissions will be viewed by an experienced panel of guest judges for inclusion in the festival.
Experience of the judges includes backgrounds in broadcast, audio production, art and film.

Film submissions may be sent in the following formats: VHS, DVD, VCD and MPEG. Films should be accompanied by a contact person’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address if applicable.

Lessons Learned?

This past week has been what one would call stressful. But what I call, "FREAKING INSANE!" I have been on the verge of a complete mental and emotional breakdown for the past two days and I'm hoping, praying, that after today some of the stress will be alleviated. I went to the doctor last week and have yet to hear any results. Grr...damned doctors. I have two tests today at school and I have studied ALL weekend. Friday night, Saturday all day and majority of Sunday. Saturday was my breaking point. I was home alone almost all day and did nothing but study. Edwin and Caitlin got home after having a rather long weekend themselves (school just sux!!) and went to bed early, so I was alone even when I wasn't. Matt came home from work about the time that I was beginning my breakdown. I was fidgety, couldn't focus on what I was reading, kept having thoughts run through my head that only made me feel like more of a failure. I was doing an okay job of holding it all in, until the bastard went and had to be nice to me!! His simple act of kindness, asking me what was wrong, broke me. I burst into tears and just sat there, a sniveling, sobbing mess. He kept asking me to talk to him and I really didn't know what to say. There are so many things I wanted to say, but there were no words to express it. How do you wrap up such feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, fear and lonliness into a conversation short enough to not bore your audience to tears? And Matt had plans. He was more than willing to break those plans to sit with me if I needed someone to talk to. Lord knows I wanted to, but once again, no words would have been sufficient. I lied, and told him I was fine so that he would go. I didn't want to be the reason he missed out on his fun evening. From the stories I hear, it was worth it! ;) I laid on the couch for awhile longer, not wanting to wake up Edwin and Caitlin. I finally forced myself to go to bed about midnight.

I got up Sunday morning, reluctantly, to get ready for church. Realizing that we had to all get showers and get out of the house, we decided to go to the later service. So, after I was ready to go, I sat in the living room, mildly freaking out, and attempting to study some more. Matt came in again and insisted that we were going to talk about whatever was bothering me and if I didn't come to him, he was going to hunt me down, sit on me, and fart. Damn, I love that guy. :) We ordered lunch, and I finally allowed myself to take a nap. It was wonderful!! Fuji and Kodak slept by my side for almost 2 hours. What amazing, healing little creatures cats can be. I then got up and began helping Edwin and Caitlin remove the rancid carpeting from our flooded basement. Cait and I mopped the floor with bleach (mostly Cait! what a trooper) and it smells about a hundred times better down there. We watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which is my FAVORITE show! It always gives me hope for humanity. Kind people, doing kind things, for other kind people. Brilliant. I was slowly but surely feeling better about everything. Matt returned home from his meeting and we all had a beer together, ate some mac n' cheese and then went for ice cream. We're remarkable, aren't we? I am so unbelievable blessed. I can't even begin to tell you all how amazing my roomates are. I don't even think I could begin to tell them that, but I'll give it a shot.

Edwin, you are the smartest, most talented person I know. No matter what I need you for, I know that you are there. I feel safe knowing that you're around and you make me smile, especially when I see you with Cait or your two beautiful neices. You're an amazing person. Caitlin, you have grown to be one of my best friends. We are so alike, yet so different and I think thats what makes us work. We learn from each other and lean on each other. You make me laugh with such heart, to a point I never knew possible. In life, you are my favorite "something sparkly". And Matt, where do I begin? I have known you for some time now, but I honestly can't remember a day not having you as my friend. I love you as a brother, but you're so much more than that. You keep me sane by helping me to laugh and by reminding me daily that we can take life seriously, but we musn't ever take ourselves seriously. I couldn't have picked a better person to experience this new phase in life with. Having you with me at church has been a true blessing. I love you three more than I could explain. I have said it before and I shall say it again, family is not necessarily who we are born amongst. Our heart chooses and my heart has chosen you. Thank you for being my solid ground, for being my strength, for being my friends. I am blessed and honored to know you.

This morning I drove into work EARLY! It was pitch black outside, still is as a matter of fact. The sky was so dark, yet you could see the bright pink light starting at the horizon. If that's not a sign of hope, I don't know what is. I am not quite as worried about my exams today, but I still don't feel as prepared as I'd like to be. I may skip Algebra today in order to cram a little more for Hx. We'll see. Hopefully my lab test results will be in today and my mid terms will go well. It is raining now, which to me is always a sign of good things to come. Pray for me!! :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Poor Pitiful Me

If you don't want to read about I feel sorry for myself, do yourself the favor and stop now. Consider yourself warned.

The stress level has exceeded what I feel like I can handle today. I have been reduced to fat, hot crocodile tears twice already and I'll do it again. I swear...I'll do it. Try me. There's not one thing in particular, its just a whole lot of little things. I know they'll each blow over in their own time, but their doddling, and it's really starting to piss me off. I'm stressed about school more than anything. I know that 12 hours may not be a lot to some people, but when you have been out of school for as long as I have and you're in class with kids fresh from high school, you tend to feel a little retarded. My classes may be easy to those of you in higher levels, but I'm struggling. (Okay, so I have A's and B's, but I'm struggling to keep those!) Work is gradually getting more stressful, not because I do anything out of the ordinary, but because I am trying to balance school with my current work load of 32-40 hours per week. And to top that off, clients are beginning to feel more and more comfortable with showing their ugly side. I've had four clients in the past two weeks try to make me feel guilty because they can't afford to pay their bills. They feel the need to express their anger or disappoint at me in the form of degrading me and making me feel like a bad person. Excuse me? Do I not have to work too? Do I not have bills and responsibilities? Don't tell me that I am the reason your pet will suffer when you have let them do so for 3 weeks before you even called for an appointment. Don't you dare tell me that it's my fault your four children are going to go without food this week when you, my friend, are the one who has picked up every stray this side of the MasonDixon line. And for the love and Pete, don't yell at me for not agreeing to post date a check (which is ILLEGAL) when you just told me in the previous breath that you make $3,000.00 PER PAY CHECK. Learn to budget. Be responsible for your own actions. I'm not to blame for your lifes disarray. I'm just tired of being treated like a door mat by these people. The worst part of it is, I have to take a deep breath and put a smile on my face for the next person who'll walk through the door. I feel like I am spreading myself too thin at times. Especially when I am petsitting this week and babysitting every now and again. I've recently gotten the feeling I'm not pulling my weight at home with household chores and whatnot, too. I have been going to church more lately which has helped me deal with some of the stress in a better way. I've only gone 4 times in a row, but that is REALLY good for me. It gives me a moment to stop, catch my breath, and be reminded that the control is not in my hands. However, it has also made me question my relationships more too. (Past ones that is.) Matt and I have gone to Intoxicated (college group) the last two Wednesday nights (Katie went last night! YAY!) and the discussion is all about relationships. I have always been the "you're too good of a friend girl" and now I wonder what in the world I'm supposed to do when I'm told I need to be friends with the guy first. NOT MY LUCK. We'll get to be friends and then I'll get the inevitable, "You're a wonderful person, you're a great friend, but I don't want a relationship to ruin it." Not real sure why I'm worried about that anyhow, no prospects in sight. Not 100% sure I want one right now anyway. Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that, huh? I say that, because I have no idea what in the world I would have to offer someone right now. I can barely keep myself sane. But...on that note, I'll share with you my "homework" for next week. I'm supposed to come up with 10 things I absolutely want in my "ulti-mate" and 10 that I will not stand for. goes.

1. Integrity
2. Honesty
3. Sense of Humor
4. Loves kids
5. Strong sense of family
6. Ambition
7. Devotion/Loyalty
8. Sensitivity
9. Spontaneous

No Bueno:
1. Smoke/Dip/Excessive Drinker
2. Doesn't like kids
3. Frivolous
4. Conceited/Vain
5. Too serious
6. Reserved/Introverted
7. Shovanistic (no idea how to spell that)
8. Unwilling to pray with me
9. No focus/goals
10.Can't say "I love you"

Now, its off to finish my THREE math assignments that are due tomorrow and study for the two God forsaken exams I have on Monday. :)

Liz needs...

So I totally stole this from Tobi! Go to and in the query section, type "(Your name here) needs". For example, if your name happens to be LIZ, you'd type in the search box, "Liz needs". Use quotes when you do this. I put 30, but there were a LOT. Seems Liz has pissed off quite a few people in her day. ;) I promise I didn't make any of these up!!

Liz needs a man.
Liz needs a new friend.
Liz needs a catchy slogan.
Liz needs to be laundered.
Liz needs to put a lid on it.
Liz needs to talk to David to get some new updates.
Liz needs help, but doesn’t want to involve the police.
Liz needs somewhere she can stay for free.
Liz needs a doctor.
Liz needs to satisfy one person.
Liz needs Jason.
Liz needs to go.
Liz needs to cash the big check.
Liz needs money.
Liz needs more choices so she doesn’t get bored.
Liz needs to live in Hawaii and have her own pineapple field.
Liz needs to get out of the country.
Liz needs a baby boy.
Liz needs to be taught a few things about fire safety.
Liz needs to answer the ghosts plea.
Liz needs a lot of straw for bedding and feeding her animals.
Liz needs another cat.
Liz needs to take voice lessons from Celine Dion.
Liz needs to finally fight for the man.
Liz needs her arms and legs snapped off.
Liz needs to be getting Sex Ed 101.
Liz needs a sense of humor.
Liz needs a new laptop.
Liz needs a third arm.
Liz needs to wash her mouth out with soap.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I am resurrecting the CaptionGAME!! YAY!

I'm going to post ten photos this time. In the comments section, make up a caption to one or all. Best, most original caption wins!!

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This is a game I found on a friends blog...woohoo!! I'm all about blogsurfing this afternoon. Count back 15 posts and find the last sentence. Now, count back 30 posts and do the same. In the comments section, write your two sentences. We're going to see who has the weirdest one. I'll go first...

But for now, I will gush over Reagan, kiss her little fingers and pray each day that she turns out just like her mommy. (From BabyLove) One day, I will have a story like this to tell of my own, but until then, I shall dream. (From Love Story)

I'm sensing a theme with mine... haha!!

Side Splitting

Okay, so the funny story I promised the other goes...

So Caitlin and I were heading to my mom's house to pick up some stuff. We're driving west on Sixth Street and had just passed the elementary school zone. We see a tiny, I'm talking TINY, white convertable on our left. Now let me first let everyone know that the sky is an eery shade of gray and the news has been reporting a chance of rain ALL DAY. The clouds are ominous, people, and we're almost to the point of needing headlights. We look over at the miniscule car beside us and see that the top is down and the driver, a BRILLIANT looking speciman, is wearing the worlds biggest sunglasses. I HATE this fad, but I will attempt to not let that come through here. I can't even begin to describe grammatically the spaced out expression on odd posture of this lass, but take my word for it, she was worth the chuckle. So she proceeds to cut me off in traffic (no signal) and my first instinct is to honk at her. I refrained as my horn is probably about two feet from her ear. I'm tellin' ya, this car was SMALL!! It then, surprise, surprise, begins to rain. We're now sitting at a stop light at Sixth and Western. She opens her door...gets OUT of the car...and attempts to put the top up. I swear her head had to have been touching the roof now. She tries to get the top to such luck. I am dying laughing at this point as you can probably imagine. Cait is literally crying. I realize that my windows or down and the poor girl can hear me laughing so hard I'm coughin/choking. She flung the top down with incredible force and then kept looking in her rear view mirror to see if I was still laughing. I was. I can assure you, I was. As the light turned green, she sped forth with such umph, I was afraid she might blow out of the car. We tried to stay up with her cause we wanted to see her get drenched and I wanted to laugh some more. It felt so good. But, apparently she is made of pure sugar and the thought of getting the enterior wet was too much for her little brain to handle. She sped off and was through the intersection and halfway down Country Club before we could even get to the light. Amazing. Leaving my mom's house it started to pour and we giggled to ourselves wondering if she made it home and if she's going to have to call Daddy and let him know she ruined her interior.

Being pretty is not only hard work, apparently its really, REALLY expensive.

Reader's Revenge

I saw this on a random blog today and was SHOCKED at what I found. This is the top 100 books on the "list of doom". People are so easily offended. These books are basically on the banned books list from schools. The italicized ones are the ones that I've read. Most of them were part of the school curriculum and the others, I got from the grade school library. They helped to promote my love of reading. What is wrong with people?!

Scary Stories (Series) by Alvin Schwartz
Daddy’s Roommate by Michael Willhoite
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Harry Potter (Series) by J.K. Rowling
Forever by Judy Blume
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Alice (Series) by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman
My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
The Giver by Lois Lowry
It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris
Goosebumps (Series) by R.L. Stine (why is this banned, but not Fear Street?)
A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Sex by Madonna
Earth’s Children (Series) by Jean M. Auel
The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers
In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak
The Stupids (Series) by Harry Allard
The Witches by Roald Dahl
The New Joy of Gay Sex by Charles Silverstein
Anastasia Krupnik (Series) by Lois Lowry
The Goats by Brock Cole
Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane
Blubber by Judy Blume
Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan
Halloween ABC by Eve Merriam
We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier
Final Exit by Derek Humphry
The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & Daughters by Lynda Madaras
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Beloved by Toni Morrison
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
The Pigman by Paul Zindel
Bumps in the Night by Harry Allard
Deenie by Judy Blume
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden
The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar
Cross Your Fingers, Spit in Your Hat by Alvin Schwartz
A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)
Asking About Sex and Growing Up by Joanna Cole
Cujo by Stephen King
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell
Boys and Sex by Wardell Pomeroy
Ordinary People by Judith Guest
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Boys: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & Sons by Lynda Madaras
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
Crazy Lady by Jane Conly
Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher
Fade by Robert Cormier
Guess What? by Mem Fox
The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende
The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline Cooney
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Native Son by Richard Wright
Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Fantasies by Nancy Friday
Curses, Hexes and Spells by Daniel Cohen
Jack by A.M. Homes
Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo A. Anaya
Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle
Carrie by Stephen King
Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume
On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer
Arizona Kid by Ron Koertge
Family Secrets by Norma Klein
Mommy Laid An Egg by Babette Cole
The Dead Zone by Stephen King
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
Always Running by Luis Rodriguez
Private Parts by Howard Stern
Where’s Waldo? by Martin Hanford
Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene
Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman
Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
Running Loose by Chris Crutcher
Sex Education by Jenny Davis
The Drowning of Stephen Jones by Bette Greene
Girls and Sex by Wardell Pomeroy
How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell
View from the Cherry Tree by Willo Davis Roberts
The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder
The Terrorist by Caroline Cooney
Jump Ship to Freedom by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

Saturday, October 01, 2005

So much funny, So little time

I have a downright hilarious story to tell you all that involves a convertable and a blond, but I just don't feel quite like telling it at the moment. Coughing my head off. Blech.

I think I am going to church alone tomorrow. Edwin and Caitlin are out of town and Matt has to work. I'm not too keen on going alone, but I really want to go. I think I am going to the early service too...want to get my day started. We'll see how early I get up tho. ha! Just took cough meds that will probably knock me on my butt.

Random thoughts: Drew, I'm glad you liked the postcard!! Cait and I knew you'd get a kick out of it. Kristen, tell Brent I made "5 second chocolate milk" tonight and it made me smile. I'm watching...scratch that...turning off the worst movie I think I have ever seen...Closer. NOT what I expected at all. Fuji and Kodak were extra sweet today. Thank you Katie for coming over and playing with them. Getting sooooo sleepy. G'night all.