Friday, September 30, 2005


I would really appreciate it if everyone would please read my most recent post and then remind me exactly what DAY.IT.IS!! PEOPLE! IT IS FRIDAY! Do you know what this means?? This means that I was going to go to the WRONG class and OH..oh....I DO(!) have a blasted test this evening!! A midterm in fact!!! Pray for me..startiiiiing...NOW!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


What an interesting week this has turned out to be. The issues at work appear to be resolved which is very comforting. School has been stressing me out as of late, but my newest weight lifted is that the test I had in my head was on Monday, is in fact on FRIDAY. Can we say, “Whew!”

Wednesday night, Matt and I went to church for the college group. As I wrote before, I was nervous. Matt made fun of me the ENTIRE way to the church...Punk. It ended up being a great time! The college group is called Intoxicated. There was live music and everyone was in good spirits...singing, clapping, was great. It wasn’t so much a sermon as it was a workshop for the hopelessly single. Haha!! Okay, so I’m KIDDING. It was a workshop that helped to expose the reasons we sabotage relationships and how to make marriages stronger and help us single folk find lasting relationships. It was very, very interesting and a few times, I was like, “Holy crap. He’s talking about me.” I have a feeling Matt felt the same way at a couple points. It was nice that we got to go together and experience that. I think in a way we both feel that something has been missing in our lives and it was nice to have a friend there when we finally figured it out. I am really excited that the family has decided to start going to church together and that we have found one we are all comfortable in. I love being with my housemates, and sharing something like religion is a bonding experience that can’t be faked. After church, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities, and some ‘not-so-necessities’, huh Matt? ;) haha!! We ended up running to get food before we headed home. We sat there watching Twister and munchin’ on some late-night Arby’s until about midnight. We both had to be up early the next morning for work. I really enjoy the Wednesday night church thing, but if we’re going to keep doing this, it’s going to be STRAIGHT home to bed. None of this post church Wal-Mart excursion crap anymore...I was exhausted!

I got home from work today and Caitlin wasn’t feeling so well. We thought a little fresh air might do her some good so she, Edwin and I took a walk around Boomer Lake. It was so pretty outside!! I am thrilled that Fall is upon us. We got home, made some dinner and it was back to the books. I worked on some math homework that is royally kicking my butt. I then studied for an exam that I was convinced was tomorrow and came to realize that it isn’t until Friday! YAY! I stopped studying because I was going to go to bed, then I sat around, kidding with the roomies, thinking, "I am SO lucky." And yes Matt, I still consider myself lucky even though there is a good chance I soiled myself after the little stunt you pulled. I think I may have broken my computer desk. Like I said before, Punk. The cats were driving me utterly insane so they were put to bed early. I then laid in bed for awhile and actually read some of my bible. That’s you never thought you’d hear me say that huh? I’ve decided its time for me to grow and mature in something more than just my age. We’ll see how long this maturity lasts... Now, I’m off to bed for real this time. G’nite all. Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Perfect Setting

Tonight, as I walked to my car from campus, I was taken to another place. A place full of things I do not see outside of the movies. I was taken to a world of starry nights, romance and happy endings.

I strolled across Monroe and onto the path that leads toward Theta Pond. All I could hear was the whirring noise of passing cars and the occasional "chica chica chica" of the sprinklers on the lawn. I turned towards Whitehurts...this is where I was taken away. There was no light aside from the moon through the trees and the soft glow of the lanterns surrounding the courtyard on the south side. I walked slowly past the ornate rot iron fencing and the bright yellow flowers that blew in the cool breeze. There was a chill in the air that I haven't felt in quite some time. I could smell the sweet scent of a woodburning stove. More than likely it was the remnants of the charcoal grill that had been on the library lawn a mere hour earlier. As I walked further, I could see the grand sillouette of the Student Union, illuminated and regal in appearance. I took a deep breath, not wanting this walk to end so soon. I stopped, stared at the large trees and benches that sat before me. I could mingle, stay awhile, but the moment had passed. The romance drifted away with the next breeze and suddenly all I felt was sadness. I wanted it to go on forever. The rustle of the leaves and chirping of secadas had made their own music. The lanterns made their version of candlelight. The breeze danced. The water from the sprinkles hit the pavement and dotted the moment with a tempo that could not have otherwise been heard. It was quite possibly the most romantic moment of my life and it was with myself. Kinda of funny if you think about it...

I will be off to LifeChurch for college group if anyone would like to join me. Good night, and sweet dreams...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Title Fits...?

Thank you to those lovely ladies who commented on the last post. The reason I wrote that is because I too, don’t believe it at all. I was watching a movie the other night (imagine that). One character, in trying to describe why he loved this woman, said that he prayed for her more than himself. I was curious how other people felt about that or if I was just on the wrong page. Good answers!!

Speaking of prayer, Matt and I are going to church tonight. Apparently the church we attended on Sunday has a college group so we’re going to check it out. I’m a little nervous. Those of you who know me, know that I am uncomfortable with being in large groups of people I don’t know. Haha!! I’m such a nerd. Once I’m there, I’m completely fine and enjoy myself, but getting me to go is like pulling teeth. (Jacey knows this first hand because I will NEVER go to the bar with her.) Haha! I don’t mind crowds, I don’t mind meeting new people. What I do mind, is being expected to interact with a large group. I hate speaking in public more than anything, so I guess what I fear is that they’ll call out the new kid and make me tell everyone “a little something about myself”. If there was a guarantee that wouldn’t happen, I’d be totally cool. Okay, not cool. I’ve never been what one would call “cool”. Haha!! Know what else I think is funny? The group meets at 9:37. Yup. Not 9:30, not 9:45. 9:37. Why? I am so confused? Is there some religious significance to that time that I am not aware of? Or is it just cool to be off a minute or two? Seriously, Matt and I sat in church on Sunday, looking at the bulletin and snickering to ourselves about the misprint and how funny it would be if we really had to meet at that time. Then, the associate pastor got up there and was like, “You all meet us here at 9:37.” We looked at each other like, uuuummm..??? VEERY Interesting.

It has been a very stressfull day, but if I have learned anything from the internet, I will not talk about work on my blog. Bad things come to those who blog about work. ;) Instead, I went home and got Cait. We went shopping for a wee bit to find a wedding card for her relative and a birthday present for one of my co-workers. We ate pizza and then went to work out too. haha!! Make's SO much sense, does it not? I then did MORE homework and watched the end of The Incredibles with Matt. Now, I am trying to figure out why my fan is running, but not blowing any air...hmm...

The cats are bouncing off the walls, I can’t figure out my math homework, and I’m exhausted SO I am off to bed. G’nite cats, see ya’ll on the flip side.

Monday, September 26, 2005

True Love Says

Is true love when you pray for someone else more than you pray for yourself?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What the...?!

And guys say girls are confusing... I'm at a loss with this one. This is a totally random post, just as are the thoughts running circles in my brain right now. There is no way to even begin an attempt at an explanation here. Just take my word for it...

I can't be losing sleep over this, no I can't.
And now I cannot stop pacing.
Give me a few hours, I'll have this all sorted out.
If my mind would just stop racing.

I cannot stand still.
I can't be this unsturdy.
This cannot be happening.

This is over my head but underneath my feet.
Cause by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat.
And everything will be back to the way that it was.
I wish that it was just that easy.

Cause I'm waiting for tonight.
Then waiting for tomorrow.
I'm somewhere in between.
What is real and just a dream.

So the house and I ventured off to American Eagle today where I found some cute, CHEAP, jeans. Well, the most expensive I would ever pay for I guess. Yeah baby, I'm kind of a tightwad when it comes to clothes. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. We then went to WalMart for our dreaded shopping excursion. We all hate WalMart with an undying, unquentiable passion, but we perservered. I think I may have just misspelled like 90 words in there, but ah well. ;) Cait and I went to work out too, GO US! I really didn't want to, but we keep each other motivated. On the way there, I had to stop and put gas in the car. I got spurted. Thaaaat's right...the gauge that is supposed to STOP the flow of gasoline DID.NOT.WORK. Gas went down the side of Dory (that's right people, my car has a name!) and all over the ground. Which of course, I got to pay for. It wasn't TOO bad so it's okay. I was just thankful it didn't catch fire. On top of the fact that the first gauge malfunctioned, so did the one on the machine dealiwhopper. I flipped the lever down, closed the handle, and gas was still coming from the nozzle. Wicked piece of crap. I went in and told the attendent who didn't sound too worried. No harm, no foul I guess. Now, I'm sitting here listening to sappy love songs, feeling all too sorry for myself and attempting to continue the plan of reminding myself, "LIZ! Do not feel freakin' sorry for yourself. There are guys out there who are not total tools and who SEE A SIGN when it's presented to them." Someday...someday. However, amidst my sappy song serenade, I did complete a study guide that is like 3 horrific pages long. EEK! I have a test next Friday that I WILL be prepared for. I'm going to quit rambling now and go color Cait's hair fire engine red. Okay so not really...we're going for a shade a little more natural than fire engine. ;) Have a good night all.

Oh, Happy Day

Hello all! Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Today has started out as a very nice day! I woke up feeling slightly better (slowly but surely). I went in the bathroom to take a shower and found a message written in red lipstick on the mirror. "Good morning! I love you both!", it read. Caitlin Marie...such a doll. She wrote it to me and Edwin, but Matt, I'm sure it was meant for you too. haha!! You just don't share our bathroom! Go pee sometime today, and you too shall feel the love! We got ready for church and headed out to Sangre Rd. where we experienced I'm not gonna lie, I dug it. I left feeling happy, uplifted and in a very good mood. There were even times I laughed during the sermon and I can't tell you the last time I did that in church. We sang a song that I KNEW too! That doesn't happen often. haha! I did however, cough through majority of the service. I apologize to those around me. ;)

The roomies and I then headed to Applebee's for some lunch and are now home, readying ourselves for the days tasks...homework, excercise and laundry. WHOO HOO!

Today, I made the decision to remind myself everyday that I am blessed and that I am happy. I forget that every now and again. I let myself feel sorry for myself that I am single, or that I don't know exactly where I will be in 10-20 years, but I have to remember that there is a time and a purpose in everything. I hope that you all have a blessed day.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Lot Like Love

"When you breathe, I wanna be the air for you..."

Feelin' Puny

So I'm still on the puny side, but things are gradually looking up. I'm slowly but surely feeling better, I just can't get rid of this stupid cough. The roommates and I are going to check out LifeChurch tomorrow morning which I'm really looking forward to. We are trying to find a church we can all go to together sometimes. So, if any of you go there and you hear a girl coughing through the entire service, it's probably me. haha...

We made a trip out to Lowe's today. That was my big adventure for the afternoon. I might make a go of heading over to Sonic for a Dr. Pepper...I need a caffeine fix...but other than that, I plan on leaving a dent in the couch, watching a movie. I have some studying to do and laundry of course, but I need a day to just decompress to some degree. I feel a little overwhelmed these days and I need to take time every now again for myself. I usually end up occupying the time instead, but I'll give it a go.

Have a great day all...


"I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met..."

Friday, September 23, 2005


Just got done watching Finding Neverland with my roommates...
I have seen it twice...
I cried...

It's such a sweet movie, with a message that is so beautiful. I overheard a guy at Blockbuster describe it a while back, as the "purest expression of true love found in movies today". There's no sex, no violence...just pure innocent love. It is really sweet, and refreshing. And HILARIOUS for those of you who ventured to watch the outtakes..."I think yer bleedin'."

Have a good night all. I took 11:30 pm. I don't think I'll be awake for very much long.........zzzzzz


I read a blog today that I found via a friends blog. It was amazing. I read words that were written by a guy who is my age and has the same feelings regarding love, life and destiny as I do. It was amazing to know that there is someone out there who understands how I think, even if he doesn't know it. His words gave me hope that there are guys out there who want the marriage, the family and the life...not just the dating whirlwind. It also made me think of the things I want from life. Overview: Love. This weekend when I was in El Reno with Kristen and Reagan, we went shoe shopping. As we were walking through the store, I carried Reagan. She fell asleep in my arms. I tell you what guys, there is no feeling in the world like that. A baby asleep in your arms is the single most sobering and refreshing feeling a person could feel. You instantly feel protective, safe, lucky and whole. You feel in love. Now don't get me wrong, I was in love with this baby long before she fell asleep. But as I walked through that store, I was more aware of everything around me as well as within me. Instead of thinking, "SHOES!!", I was thinking, "My God. This is what life is all about." The song 'I could not ask for more' by Edwin McCain came on the overhead speakers and it fit so unbelievably well. I rocked her. I touched her hair. She slept so innocently, so peacfully. I knew at that moment that there is nothing in my life I want more than to be a mom. I have the best mom a girl could ask for. I have a best friend who is an amazing mother. I want to be in that club. I want to rock my daughter to sleep knowing that she is safe. I want her to have a daddy that loves her as much as mine has loved me. I want her to have a big brother to protect her from all things scary, and to pick on her enough so she knows he cares. I want all this and more. Someday I'll have babylove. But for now, I will gush over Reagan, kiss her little fingers and pray each day that she turns out just like her mommy.

This is me and my big bro Mike. I haven't seen him since...oh goodness...I can't even remember when! SAD! Thank you Sherene for capturing this photo. I can guarantee you there isn't another one like it. Posted by Picasa

Baby Love Posted by Picasa

Mean People Suck

I just got yelled at by a client at work! She yelled at me, people! On the phone! She tried to lay a guilt trip on me that if I didn't illegally dispense prescription medication over the counter to her cat (which we had NEVER SEEN), then I was going to be solely responsible for the fact that her 5 cats, 4 dogs and 4 children weren't going to have food to eat because all of her money would go to the cost of an exam.

I feel beaten. Not a nice way to feel when you already feel sick and you're stressed out about a TEST YOU HAVE IN AN HOUR! Mean people...

I need a hug.

I need a cookie.

I need a hug and a cookie.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


It has taken me awhile to post about the weekend because I'm stressed out and, for the most part, lazy. haha! This has been a long week already. Saturday, when I got off work I loaded up the car and drove to El Reno where I met up with Brent, Kristen, Kim and Reagan. We did a little shopping and hung out as usual. Sunday morning we went to the park and I took some pictures of Reagan playing on the playground. Mostly, I think Kristen and Brent played. Reagan more sat there like, "My turn!!" We then headed to OKC for the State Fair of Oklahoma! It was unbelievably HOT. I can't remember a time when I was that hot...good Lord. We practically melted, people. Brent, Kristen and I rode the BIG SLIDE!! YEAH! I'm such a nerd...but it was a BLAST! Edwin and Caitlin (two of my roomies) met us out there and we hung out for a couple hours. The heat was causing supreme meltage so we all decided it was time to go. Ed n' Cait headed out first and we were soon to follow suit. We went to dinner and then I made way back to Stillwater. All in all, it was a great weekend and I have the photos to prove it!!

Now, I am stressing mucho grande over a speech/paper I have due tomorrow and a math test. Eek!! I'm also sick. Most of the day, I sounded "wike dis. My nobe wab all snuffy and I couldn't bweave." I still feel like poo. Complete poo. Basically, I feel like I have been repeatedly run over by a Mac Truck. Won't subbudy come take care ub be? Pwease? Schicken noodow soup? Owange Juice? Pwease? Nyquil?

I just spent 20 minutes of my life in Blockbuster becasue I'm a FLAMING RETARD. I turned in a movie and WOOPS! found the I took it back, thinking that I had more than likely returned one of my own prized collection in the case. Turns out it was just the second disc, nothing of mine. Whew...I woulda been TICKED.

Fuji and Kodak (the kittens) are bouncin' off the walls and threatening to take the house down with one swoop of their wittle paws. So...there they rest, in time out. Cause Mom said. So there. The dogs are in the back yard barking like nobody's business and I must say that Oakley's shreik is making my head pound like a thousand miniscule jack hammers. Good analogy? I think so.

Seen immediately after this post are photos from our recent company picnic. We are sweaty!! Once again, I was melting. Is it possible that I am still HUGE?! I should have sweated off about 1/2 my body weight these past few weeks. Oh well...

Hope all are finding this day cheerful!! Later!

The Phat Cats!

Dr. C, Shana, Dr. P, Sue Ann, Me & Jacey. Missing Katie, Lynette & Misty.  Posted by Picasa

Shana, Me, Sue Ann & Jacey Posted by Picasa

Shana, Me & Sue Ann Posted by Picasa

Jacey & Me Posted by Picasa

Shana, Jacey and Sue Ann Posted by Picasa

Shana & Sue Ann Posted by Picasa

Me! Posted by Picasa

Shana! Posted by Picasa

Jacey! Posted by Picasa

Dr. C cuttin' up the birthday cake!! Our meetings usually revolve around a meal. ;) Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 19, 2005


Thought you guys might like to see some photos I've been hoarding on my camera for QUITE some time now. ENJOY!!

More REAGAN photos on the Gallery!! Posted by Picasa

Hey hey!! You have buttons!! Posted by Picasa

Mesmerized... Posted by Picasa

Uncle Ben Ben and Reagan Posted by Picasa

Reagan and Aunt Caitlin Posted by Picasa

Kristen! Posted by Picasa

Fan me... Posted by Picasa

On the midway Posted by Picasa

Here we go! Posted by Picasa

Caitlin in the stroller. Posted by Picasa

Caitlin breaking the stroller. Posted by Picasa

Edwin and Caitlin...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Posted by Picasa

Gettin' ready for our very first carousel ride! Posted by Picasa