Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So, before I tell you what I just read, I must first vent.
My neighbor to the East smokes like a chimney in North Dakota...and shares it.
My neighbor to the West plays the WORST music (If you can call it music) at all hours of the night. My walls thump, my insides thump. I think I'm gonna vomit.
My neighbor to the North (aka, above me) walks like he has a clubbed foot. He STOMPS from the moment he wakes up until WAY after I've attempted to go to bed.

Sorry...I had to share.
Now, to tell you what I've just read. I'm a hypocrit.
Every night, as I lay down to sleep, I read an excerpt from a "Women of Faith" book Caitlin gave me for Christmas. Tonights was this...

"Encourage instead of criticize. Love instead of hate. Hope instead of doubt. Give instead of take. Trust instead of worry."

I needed this tonight (especially since I just complained about everything imaginable) and thought some others might too. Thank you Lord, for allowing me the ability to smell the smoke and recognize how fresh the outdoors can be. Thank you for allowing me to recognize good music, but still give me the gift of hearing the bad. Thank you for giving me neighbors in such close proximity that I might call on them in a time of need. Thank you for giving me money woes, for it shows that I have known what it feels like to be stable. Amen.

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amanda said...

Perspective is God's gift to us don't you think?