Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005

Yesterday was a good day! I woke up on time, got to work on was great! It was "Administrative Professional's Day" (fka Secretaries Day, haha!) and my boss got us girls a little flower pot (which will look great in our new house!!) and it was filled with yummy Bath and Body Works© goodies! Work was kind of slow but it allowed me to get quite a bit done.
I went to class and got my presentation over with! John made me laugh the whole time which helped a lot. I got full credit on my research paper and full credit on the presentation. YAY! I laughed all the way through Philosophy because there's a girl in my class that just kills me. We'll be talking guessed it...Philosophy! and she will but in with the most ubscure questions. For example, my professor said that he wanted to get through lecture as quick as possible so he could get to the doctor. She blurted out, "Who's your doctor?" First of all, what does this have to do with Philosophy. Secondly, how are you making it go by any faster for the poor man. And thirdly, isn't that a slightly inappropriate question to ask your professor in front of the class? I mean hello, common sense my friend, common sense. By the time I got home, I was thoroughly exhausted.
I decided that I didn't want to study right then, so instead, I worked on making a CD for Caitlin (my roomie extroadinaire). Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her something special. I had her give me her top 10 "Happy Songs"! By the time I left for class I was awake again. I drove to class, rockin' out to Schizm by Tool which is on Caitertot's happy list. I had to make sure it worked!! Duh. Unfortunately, it skipped real bad. But that's okay, I'll make her a new one. :) When I got home from school, I studied for TWO HOURS! Ugh! But I'm proud of myself for it. Go wave for Liz. Woo Woo! OH! And at class, I found out that I got an 87 on my test!! THIS IS GOOD! I honestly thought I got like a 20 or something. I did better an this test than any of them and it was the one I studied the least for. Ha!
So anyway, I went to bed as usual. Told all the roomies goodnight and headed to "dark time". I got up this morning ON TIME and went about my regular routine. I get to the bathroom and there is a card taped to the mirror with my name on it. If you read my last entry, you know that I cry at commercials. Namely, Hallmark commercials. Did I mention I cry more at the actual card?? This was the nicest thing ever!! I haven't a clue what I did to deserve it, but it made my day!! My wonderful roommates wrote me a card, thanking me for being their friend and telling me they love me. Awwww is right! I was bawlin' in bath towel, ladies and gentlemen. I have the best friends ever. I am SO blessed. Here is the card...I want everyone to know how great these people are!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Matthias, Cissi, Caitertot and Ben guys are the best roommates/friends a person could ever ask for.
"Among the bills, the unwanted coupon flyers, the catalogs you're about to pitch, you spy the envelope that looks a little different. Your name is spelled correctly. It has a real stamp and actual handwriting, handwriting that looks familiar. You're puzzled. It's not your birthday, your anniversary, or Christmas. And then it occurs to you that maybe somebody somewhere sent this just to say hello, just to remind you that you're thought about- really thought about...and that person just wanted you to know."HEY LIZ!! Just wanted to let you know that I love you very very much! Maybe a little more than Edwin, but don't tell him that! Anyway, you gotta have a great day now cause I said so damnit! LOVE YOU! Cait MarieLIZ! Hey Liz! Just wanted to say hey, thanks for bein' a great roommate! EdwinGiz (don't ask- Liz), I would like to say thank you for being the perfect sister I never had!! Every person should have a friend like you. Thank you for always being there when I need to talk. If you would like to talk about anything at any time you just let me know, I got an extra bean bag chair for ya! (If anyone wants to know this'll just have to ask! haha!-Liz) Love always, Matt P.S. Have you heard about that movie "Nobody Knows"? :) (Once again, just ask.-Liz)Lizzie, (I spelled it that way on purpose.) :) I feel like we easily take advantage of each other because we live together. I'm so sorry. You are a woman to be admired. I hope that our friendship grows stronger this next year, please know that I am always here for you. I love you, Liz. Christen
Was I right?? Or was I right?? These people rock my socks off. Nuff' said!Here's to a great day!
Love, Liz

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

April 26, 2005

Currently PlayingNow That I've Found You: CollectionBy Alison KraussWhen You Say Nothing at Allsee relatedIf I could make a "Happy" CD...these would be my songs. Drop me a comment and let me know your top ten Happy Songs!
1. Marvin Gaye- Ain't No Mountain
2. Beach Boys- Kokomo
3. 311- Amber
4. Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight
5. Louis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World
6. Frank Sinatra- The Way you Look Tonight
7. 311- Love Song
8. Michael Buble- I Wanna Go Home
9. Dean Martin- Return to Me
10. Bobby Darin- Mack the Knife

April 26, 2005

Currently PlayingShania Twain - Greatest HitsBy Shania TwainYou've Got a Waysee relatedToday, I went on a walk! YAY! I love walks. Jacey (a coworker/friend) and I walked around Boomer Lake with Hailey, the golden. She (the dog, not Jacey) stopped to sniff the copious quantities of goose poo as usual and attempted to submerge herself in the lake, but other than that she did well. There was one incident where we almost tripped a roller blader...that woulda been baaaad. There was a wonderful breeze off the water and the smell of fresh cut grass was in the air. There were little kids everywhere which made my ovaries hurt just a tad. There was the most amazing sunset I have EVER seen. I swear. There was a large, dark storm cloud that covered approximately half the lake with an eery, gray glasslike reflection. The sun set behind this cloud, giving it the most radiant pink glow I have ever seen. It went from brilliant orange, to yellow, to pink, to deep purple and finally to blue. I have never seen a sunset that miraculous. At the same time, Jacey and I were talking about life, love and death, which we tend to do quite often. We have the amazing ability to bring out the "deep thinker" in each other. We talked about how we each wanted someone who understands that everything he sees today is brighter than yesterday, everything he touches is softer and everthing he tastes is sweeter, because he knows that today he is one step closer to knowing those things will be gone forever. We want someone who shares the same dreams as we do. He doesn't necessarily have to do the same things, just have the same dreams. Someone who makes us yearn to be a better person, to go the extra mile. It made me want to cherish everything that much more, and let some things go that much more. I told her I was feeling quite lonely these past few days and she felt the same way. I told her that I was capable of standing in a crowded room and still feel alone; that I was actually getting quite good at it. She knew exactly what I meant...and didn't even have to say anything. We talked about past loves and they really WERE loves. We learned from them that love should be so much more, but that doesn't change the fact that they loved us they best way they knew how. Their best just wasn't what we needed at that time in our lives. *sigh*So now, I sit here listening to sappy love songs on Yahoo! Radio and am procrastinating doing homework. I have one paper done and am working on a quick journal entry. Then it's on to studying for my Philosophy final. Blech. Off I go...tomorrow is a new day.Love, Liz

Today is slightly chilly and mildy dreary. I am in a good mood I guess, but for some unknown reason, I feel sad. I am excited about the future, but still long for the past. I miss things I never knew I'd miss and long for someone I barely knew. I feel like if I cried right now, I'd never be able to stop and in all honesty, I don't have time for that. I went to the opera on Saturday night with Katie (a coworker/friend). Our boss gave us tickets to a great show. We went to dinner at Tucci's before hand and stuffed ourselves silly. It's sad how happy food makes me! ;)
I was reading a friends blog early this morning as I munched on my bagel (I'm trying to be better about eating breakfast) and they had a very interesting list posted. It was a list of 50 things about their partner. Seeing as I don't have a partner, I am going to post a list of 50 things about myself.
Here goes...
1. I love my job.2. I am 5'3"...okay! 5'2".3. I am angered by bigotry and homophobia.4. I am saddened by poverty.5. I long for a husband and children.6. I miss my friends in Illinois.7. For the first time, I feel that I can call Stillwater "home" and mean it.8. I can curl my tongue two ways.9. I played the flute for 7 years.10. I yearn to play the piano and guitar.11. I am thrilled by photography.12. I am moved by compassion and generosity.13. I love to laugh. The big, belly laughs. The ones that make you weep.14. I am a natural brunette.15. I cry at movies. Okay! I cry at commercials.16. I am inspired by music.17. I have the best friends in the whole world.18. I like fast cars.19. I am irritated by people who act older than they are.20. I hate it when girls play the "ditsy" role because they think guys like it.21. I love guys who wink at you instead of the goofy 'nod'.22. I hate the fashions of today. Namely the sideways baseball cap, the farmers hat, the inch thick makeup, mini skirts, capri dance pants, and the popped collar.23. I tend to side more with the guys than girls when it comes to relationship issues...because girls act stupid.24. I love the goofy "get to know me" questionnaires you get via email.25. I hate forwards unless they are REALLY funny. Don't tell me I'm going to go to hell if I don't forward a religious one or that I'm going to have bad luck in love...I already have bad luck in love.26. I have an addiction to DVD's. I am happy and content to stay at home and watch movies.27. I hate Stillwater bars.28. I don't smoke, have never done drugs and drink socially.29. When talking to friends, I have a tendency to quote movies as part of the conversation.30. I love hugs. Chris Leonard and Caitlin Foster apparently are tied for the best, so I hear. ;)31. I love cats.32. When I get big, I want a chocolate lab named Linus.33. My car's name is Dory.34. I am a published poet.35. I am a member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.36. I have never broken a bone. (Only cracked my elbow in marching band.)37. I have a scar over my left eye where I "flew" headfirst into my brothers bed as a kid. I thought (and still do) that I was Super Woman.38. I have only had one speeding ticket. (Don't speed through Dover, OK!)39. I have been rearended 3 times.40. I am lactose intolerant.41. I LOVE chocolate.42. My favorite drink is an Amaretto Sour.43. I don't pray as often as I should.44. I am addicted to email.45. I wish I had an aussie accent.46. I love technology.47. I love the smell of rain, fresh cut grass, wood burning stoves, men's cologne, babies and gasoline.48. Morning is my favorite time of day. It always has promise.49. I love daisies because they are the happiest flower!50. I will never change myself to please anyone.

Monday, April 25, 2005

April 25, 2005

GUYS! I am downgrading to basic xanga so my pics will disappear shortly. If you want any of them, be sure to copy and save them now! Thanks!

"So live your life that the fear of death never enters your heart.
Trouble no one about their religion, respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a nobel death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and nothing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."
- Tecumseh

Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 21, 2005

Currently PlayingThe Best of Bonnie RaittBy Bonnie RaittI Can't Make You Love Mesee related
The Good:Walked around the lake three times so far this weekNo class tonightFound out my friend is getting married
The Bad:Didn't rainFound out my friend is getting marriedHaving a lonely, poor pitiful me momentOverslept this morning really bad!
So I have a funny story. There is a cat figurine that has sat on my desk at work for over a year now. The other day, my boss' husband was trying to fix my ceiling fan and knocked the cat off the desk. It's tail shattered in two places. I got to work and found a note on my desk that said, "Dear Liz, I'm so sorry, but your cat had an accident this weekend. I feel there may be substantial nerve damage. She may be able to live as a bob tail, but I feel that euthanaisa and humane disposal may be the kindest option. I'm sorry. Signed, Dr. Peakheart." This made me laugh out loud!! I told Lynette, one of our nurses about it and she said she would try to glue her back together for me. About 30 minutes later, Lynette calls me back to the treatment room. I go back there to find "Fishy" on the treatment table with an oxygen mask on. I about peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Lynette gloved up and began "surgery". I took some pictures...
She even bandaged her tail in hot pink vetwrap (kinda like a sticky ace bandage). I told her to put Fishy on the doctors desk so she'd see her when she came in the next morning. In the mean time, I made the above pictures the background on all the clinic computers. Teeheehee... So the next day I come to work and find that Fishy has been put into a treatment recovery cage with a food bowl, water and a litter box. She has a medical record which claims she has skin like porcelain, eyes that are fixed and crossed (possible neurological damage resulting from her injuries) and prefers a diet of dust and dander. I about died. There is an entire medical history claiming that she was the victim of a suspected hit and run. Friends are amazing aren't they?
Gotta run...nothing to do, but less to say.
Love, Liz

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 19, 2005

Currently PlayingA Change of SeasonsBy Dream TheaterA Change of Seasonssee related
Alright!! Now that the photo's are all posted, I can finally jump in here and tell you the story!
So the whole deal about going to Quincy (my home town) was to surprise my friend Drew. He has been one of my best friends and one of my favorite people for as long as I can remember. He came down here last year and stayed the week with my roommates and I. They instantly fell in love with each other. It's amazing the imprint we make on peoples lives and don't even know it. So anyway, the day came when I needed Drew and he needed me. I think each of us was missing something that we could only find in each other. I sat and cried to my roommates Matt & Christen for what felt like forever. They knew how much I needed to go home. Matt said, "Okay...let's go." The next day I got home from work to find that ALL of my roomates, Matt, Christen, Edwin and Caitlin were planning on making the trip with me. I have always known that we were great friends and we always called ourselves family, but it was at that moment that I knew I am more blessed then I ever imagined. They all agreed to go on one condition, that it were a surprise for Drew. I had to tell him I was coming in order to get a ticket for his show. (His last performance at Quincy University- Jekyll & Hyde). I then called his mom to request more tickets for the roomies. (Drew, you underestimate my sneakiness.) Momma got us great seats! Come to find out, Christen was unable to make the trip so it was just the Fab Four en route to Illinois.
We left here on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. And the story begins...We loaded the car with junk food, bottled water and our little selves. We decided half way to the turnpike that we missed Heautiful the cross eyed cat. Matt and I claimed she had stowed away in the luggage and began "meowing" at each other. From that point on, Caitlin and I decided we needed to document the family vacation by keeping a journal. Most of the stories on here...are actually documented. Sad, I know! haha!
The trip started with a pit stop. ha! We stopped at the McDonald's on the turnpike and met the BIGGEST "oklahoma horse fly" which Caitlin and I gathered was on vacation. From that point on we looked for flies in all the McDonald's we visited. Back en route, we began to do what Poke fans do best, bash OU. We laughed at how goofy the Boomer Sooner song is and how damn often it is played at their games. This became a running inside joke that would randomly spark Matt and Edwin to burst out into song. BOOMER SOONER!! BOOMER SOONER!! At one point, we passed a large horse trailer and Matt felt it necessary to make the noise of a horse. Might I add, that the noise was accompanied by spit. I yelled, "Matt!! You spit on me!" "That's not spit", he replied. "That's my happy...fragrance...juice?" NO one...has any idea where this phrase came from or what in the word it meant, but it definately made us laugh very, very hard. Another key phrase by Matt was, "Put the floor to the pedal!" (He wanted us to pass the horse trailer.) I'm not real sure when we hit the point of no return, but when it hit it, we hit it hard. We went a little delirious for awhile which we blamed on lack of sleep. At one point, I said, "I used to know this song called 'Nobody knows.' You know it?" Matt just looks at me and goes.."No?" haha! We then all started singing the song "How do I live?" for some unknown reason and it was coined "Siamese Memory".
As the road rolled on, we needed a game to play. We began a game of Truck Driver Tag where we would try to get as many truckers to honk at us as possible. These boys were called "Hooters". When this began to get a little old, we started irritating regular drivers. These guys were called "Honkers". I will tell you, that we achieved 50 Hooters and 14 Honkers. Not to mention the 193 Chugs (Trains) we counted. The Hooters were accumulated by Caitlin hanging out of the sunroof (on a bet for a DOLLAR I might add) and all four of us waving like idiots out of Dory's (the escape) windows. Said by Matt to a non-honker, "You're a cocky son of a monkey!" Multiple things along the road sparked many converstations, but one of my favorites was upon entrance to the great state of Misery (Missouri). A large sign for 'FAG Interprises' greeted us along with multiple fireworks stands and smut shops. "Fags, pyros's and porno's...OH MY!" shouted Edwin. A few more choice phrases were..."A candy factory. Sweet."- Edwin"We should....?...?....Oh nevermind, that was stupid."- Liz"Can we have a moment of silence please?"- Matt (Moment of silence included the humming of both Liz & Caitlin. Why? We have no idea.)"Laughing helps! It's like jogging on the inside."- A sign between Rolla & Cuba, Missouri"Yeah!? try being 6'1" in a 5'11" sleeping bag!"- Said while STUCK in a sleeping bag...making him the first human burrito.The drive itself was fairly uneventful until we reached th center of Missouri. Here, we found an overturned semi as well as multiple varieties of road kill. We found ourselves on the lovely Highway 19 which consisted of a two lane highway with no shoulder whatsoever, steep drop offs into an oblivioin of nothingness and trees that would make the Blair Witch pee a little. Driving into West Quincy, Missouri, you can see the blinking red lights of the Bayview Bridge (see photos). I proceed to tell Matt how you used to be able to see the water THROUGH the bridge as you were driving over it, but not to worry because you don't drive over that one anymore, in fact, it might already be imploded. as we get closer, I realize we ARE going over the old bridge. "Don't worry Matt. Look, see, it looks like they repaired it some." Matt didn't find this comforting, nor did Edwin who had overheard the story from the backseat. He woke Caitlin to tell her he loved her before we all plummeted to our death. I think Matt was most upset because we didn't die on the curvy roads, we waited until we had actually reached our destination to bite it. haha! We pulled up to my uncles house at 1:30 Saturday morning. He greeted us...drunk. Haha! He showed us that he had a thermostat, how to flip the light switch and that he had no food in the fridge. (Seriously, it was beer, mustard, Nyquil™ and a bagel.) We finally get to sleep and wake to a GLORIOUS morning! I have not seen such a beautiful morning in all my life! We drove through down town Quincy (see photos) and went to Clat Adams Park at the Quincy Riverfront. We drove through the parks and saw my old house which looks exactly the same! We then went to Drew's apartment and SURPRISED THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! He called his mom and said, "Lying is wroooong." haha! Thank you Kathy! We went to lunch at Krieger's Sports Bar and then drove to Hannibal, Missouri where we played to best game of PutPut ever! Sawyers Creek was a blast! There, we saw the hottest pink Chrysler Sebring ever made and Caitlin hit a golf ball into the "water hazard" (a large pond with fish and bumper boats...not INTENDED to be a water hazard!) on her first shot! After that, we drove back to Quincy and dropped Drew off to get ready for his show. We went to my uncle's girlfriends house for dinner and learned that my uncles only love is their dog Teddy. I'm not kidding, I have never seen a man so obsessed with an animal in all my life. Matt asked him what he would do if anything ever happened to Teddy, and I swear on my life that the man teared up.
Drew's show was that night and it was FANTASTIC! I have never seen Drew in such a dramatic role before...he pulled off Jekyll & Hyde better than anyone I could have imagined. He stared us down during the show too which was creepy! "Stop it, Drew!" As soon as the show was over...the fun didn't end. We went to Casino Lanes and bowled a game. I won! 111 best ever. haha! Matt and I dropped Caitlin & Ewin off at the house to get some sleep while he and I went to the bar! We met my dear friend Clint there. He is one of my favorites too! Matt and I found my uncle there...drunk. Imagine that? He kept trying to get Matt to "show us your guns!" He asked him about 100 times..."Can you beat up that guy?" Paul then announced to the bar that I have big boobs. Did I mention that he is my uncle? I told him that was twisted on so many levels and he just laughed. "What? It's not like they haven't noticed?!" We got him home and attempted to keep him quite so not to wake the kids. Yeah, that didn't happen. He told Matt and I some of the weirdest stories I have ever heard. All I can say is, "Bad Sandwich" and "Carb Wells". If you want me to tell you these stories, you'll just have to call me. They're insane.
Bright and early the next morning we got up to yet another BEAUTIFUL Illinois day. Paul took us to breakfast at Sprout's and we sat on the patio, drinking coffee and talking. What a way to start the day, am I right? We left from there and headed home. We took a different route this time, as to bypass the frightening roads of Highway 19. We made it home by sunset and pulled into the driveway at 8:02pm. What a weekend!! There is no way I will ever be able to express my gratitude to the Three Amigos. (Matt- "Shouldn't it be the Tres Amigos?") Friends are an amazing luxury. Thank you so much guys for a fabulous, exciting, fulfilling and much needed vacation. I told Matt this, and I'll tell you all now, this was the very first time I have EVER left Quincy without crying and feeling like I was missing something. Drew is moving to Oklahoma whether I have to drag him here or not, and when he heart will truly be in Stillwater. I'll have you all in one place! The Hartman House together again! You guys have helped to make this house a home and these friends a true family. God bless you.
Love always, Liz

Sunday, April 17, 2005

April 17, 2005

Currently PlayingHuman ClayBy CreedCarry Onsee relatedThere and Back Again by Liz Weisheithaha!!The Crew and I have made it safely home from Illinois!! We had a BLAST!!!! I couldn't post that we were all going because it was a surprise for me best friend Drew!! AKA...Dr. Jekyll!!! Congrats on the fab performance baby!! Tomorrow, when i'm awake, I'll write about it and hopefully post some pictures. This hasn't been cooperating for the past couple days, so we'll see!Love ya, Liz

Thursday, April 14, 2005

April 14, 2005

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Todays RANT! brought to you by Homophobes!™ Quick to judge, slow to learn.
Today I will fill you in on a disheartening story. A dear friend of mine, who happens to be a coworker and a lesbian, went home to find her fourteen year old daughter in tears. Her best friend was supposed to stay the night at their house last weekend. She went to school full of excitment for the weekend that waited for her at the end of the school day. She was met by her friend, who told her that she was no longer allowed to come over because her parents found out that my friend was in a same-sex relationship and shared a home with her significant other. These close minded, "born-again Christians" apparently felt that it was their responsibilty to judge others and to "protect" their child from sinful people. Excuse me, but your child is going to be subjected to a lot worse by simply stepping foot into high school, my friend. Wake up and smell 2005. If you had asked me about this topic a year or two ago, I doubt that I would have a formed opinion, but as I have matured (which obviously some people have yet to do) my thought processes have matured and I have become increasingly open minded. My co-worker is merely one person I have to thank for that. She and her partner have been "married" for 4 1/2 years. They are two of the nicest, most talented people I have ever met and they are raising some of the most wonderful children I have ever had the privilege of meeting. These children are well-rounded, accepting and open minded individulas, thanks mostly to their unconventional family. After seeing the loving home that they maintain and their wonderful children, how can one honestly say that they are doing anything wrong? Although the idea of homosexuality does tend to make me a little squeamish, I would never go so far as to tell someone that they love they have found in another is unworthy of my recognition. They have found in each other what I, and many people, may spend our whole lives searching for. As far as the religious issue goes, I have a hard time judging people solely by a life decision they have made. We are not the ones who are meant to judge, we are to BE judged. So H, sweetheart, don't let any of this deter you from being the wonderful person that you are. Your friend, if she is who you think she is, will triumph over this and she will be a better person becasue of it, because of you. Through you, she will learn acceptance, love, forgiveness and also the lesson that your parents are not always right. They make mistakes. You are starting a cycle of hope. It begins with you and where it ends, you'll have no idea. If you have touched but one life, you have done an amazing thing! Good luck, keep your head up and know that your mom has a "family" at work that will always be here if you need someone to talk to.
Love, Liz

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April 12, 2005

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Today was bright and sunny, just a what a lonely heart needed. And the WIND! Ferociously did it's best to blow away all the bad things.The Good:Found out the boss IS paying for a summer courseGot info on financial aid- set for Fall!Went to study at the library...yes boys & girls...I know where the library isA gentlemen held the door for me todayGot inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor SocietyThe Bad:WINDY!Had to sit behind a really cautious driver who was trying to turn leftWatched a guy run a red light and get creamed by another carHaven't gone on a walk todayHave a Philosophy test tomorrowCaught Oakley eating the sofaGot asked out to lunch by a lesbianSo let me hit the highpoints here, shall I? My boss overheard me talking to a co-worker today about how I didn't get any financial aid for the summer. I said that I was going to bite the bullet and enroll anyway, praying that I could save enough money to pay it off in time to enroll the next semester. (Bursar at OSU must be paid off in order to enroll for the next semester's courses. Is is like that everywhere?) So, boss comes in and says, "Liz, I'll still pay for one class remember?" Like I had FORGOTTEN! I played dumb. "Really?" says me. "A summer course?" haha! So, yay for me! I get to take Economics over the summer so I can take Intro to Macro next fall. Yippee! I got an email from the school too telling me that I have been awarded scholarship money for next semester. Thank GOD! However, they assume that my parents contribute 8500 dollars too. Ha! Haha!! Hahaha....ha. Riiiight.A guy held the door for me at the library today...or, at least attempted to. :) He was trying to be sweet and opened the Handicapped Power door which subsequently almost knocked him flat out! haha!! He turns and says, "Technology has taken all the fun out of chivalry." I just smiled and said it was the thought that counted. He ran to the next door and opened it for me...maybe to show me he knew how. Made my day. And yes, I was at the library. I have a Philosophy test that once again I don't feel prepared for. I always do better than I think I'll do...thank goodness. Along those lines, I got inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma honor society tonight. I sat by some mighty interesting people...they made it fun! Christen went with me to keep me company. We made the best out of it. ;) We got a good meal with some KILLER cheesecake that made it ALL worth it. I got a spiffy t-shirt, a gold charm with the crest on it and an official looking piece of parchment. (That would be a piece of paper for the NON- honor society crowd.) On top of the studying issue, it was also too windy to go on a walk. Once Mateo gets home from work I'll see if he wants to go walk the Tank (Hailey) with me. Christen has sore feet from her fancy shoes and everyone is busy workin' on school schtuff. I should be, but I'm taking care of my vessel, damn it! Walking is good for the spirit. Right? Right.Drivers in this town stink. I know I've vented about this before...but whew! I was sitting at a stop light, behind another vehicle. Out of the blue...after sitting at a complete stop...the van in front of me decides to RUN THE RED LIGHT! He floored it into oncoming traffic. Two lanes of cars came to a skidding stop, however the far lane did not see him. This emaculate specimine of a car (Honda Accord) creamed the POS mini-van wannabe and took off her whole front fender. Jackuss in the van kept driving!! He finally turned back around, but instead of checking on the girls he about killed, he checked on the cars. This creep needs to take some MAN lessons from Mr. Holdadoor.So have I told you all about the menagerie of animals I live with? Well if not, Oakley is the native Beagle couchuseatus. I caught her just a few minutes eating a piece of the sofa which she pilfed and then hid under a table with. Hmm...tastes like...fur.Okay, so I haven't been on a date in this town in about two years. Alright, so Rob never actually took me on a date, we "went places together". Despite this sad and pathetic information, I do not see myself as desperate. However, when a girl gets asked out to lunch by a lesbian, she's gotta make some changes in her life. haha!! This woman is REALLY nice and old enough to be my mother, not to mention a client of our office, but could she possible be serious???? WHAT WAS I TO SAY? This woman asked me out!! How was I to say no without coming off as a total bitch. She's a very nice woman, like I said, and the last thing I would want to do is hurt her feelings, but daammmn. Why don't I get asked out by GUYS?! I said that would be nice...Someday we'll have to do that. Oh goodness...a part of me has my tire totally deflated over this one. That will make anyone feel sorry for themself. Then on the other hand, I feel kinda flattered, women are damned picky. I must be gooood. ;)Love to all, Liz

Friday, April 08, 2005

April 8, 2005

Currently WatchingBad Boys / Bad Boys IIBy Martin Lawrence, Will Smithsee relatedThe Good:Had ice cream for lunchSue Ann came over to let me ventHave 5 pages of my paper doneDon't have to work this weekendThe Bad:Had to ventHave 5 pages left to write on my paperHave LOTS of homework this weekendSo Sue Ann and I were driving back to my house today and we got into this conversation about driving. I was approximately a mile down a basically deserted road from an oncoming car. Jokingly, I asked, "Should I drive down the middle line and freak him out?" Sue Ann states, "Oh, I do that anyway." AND SHE WASN'T JOKING! I'm not kidding here people...we discussed it. This girl is the mad craziest driver I have ever had the fear of driving with! haha! We'll be on the highway heading to Tulsa and she'll be in BOTH lanes. "This is how we drive in the country." She'll roll stop signs, not signal, swerve..."This is how we drive in the country." All the while, I am holding onto the 'OH SHIT' handles going, "Um, Sue Ann...that thing right there..yeah...that's a MEDIAN! Sue, bud, that was a stop sign.....Sue 'bout I uh, dial that number for you. You want me to answer that??" It scares me to death, but watchin' this girl drive is one of the highlights of my day. Get's the adrenaline pumpin' through my veins! Way to live life on the edge, Sue Ann!! Whew! Haha! You know I love ya girl. My life would be so "beige" without you!I have somewhat recouped from my night at The Weed. I am still a little groggy, but I have so much to do. I have 5 more pages on a paper to type this weekend on top of three other assignments. AND I have to go the airport tomorrow to drop someone off. I don't think there are enough hours in the day, but if there were...I'd complain that it was too long. So, I'm gonna suck it up and buckle down. Is that possible? I mean really? Think about that one. Love, Lizzi

Hahaha!! I just got a response to a posting I made April 6 about "hot guy" in my class! A classmate said, "I think hot guy would be better off if he just kept his mouth shut." Ditto, my friend. Ditto. He just needs to stick to what he's good at...being pretty.

April 8, 2005

Here it is...bright and early Friday. Okay, so it's not so bright, it's rather quite foggy and a little chilly if I may say so. Brr...! Got home WAY too late last night so this is for yesterday. Here goes...
The Good:Went out last nightHad a few drinks with the girlsPlayed some poolDanced a lot...probably lost about 5 poundsGot an 82 on my Gov. Exam...class average was 59!The Bad:Went out last nightHave lots of homeworkHad a few too many drinks with the girlsSaw a lot more things than I ever wanted to see on the dance floor last nightLost at poolFound out I don't get any student loans for the classes for Lizzi
I am never going out on a Thursday night again! Getting up this morning for work at 7 was completely unbearable!! I am a walking zombie this morning and have spent majority of my waking hours debating whether or not to attend class. I could really go home and sleep! But then again, it's my own fault I went out (and it was well worth it I might add!!) so I should suck it up and go to class, right? Right. I hate when I'm right. Saw a few cute guys there last night, but sadly, if they weren't a frat boy or a cowboy, they were underage. Know that song "Where have all the Cowboys gone?" ; Well honey, they're at the weed!! (The Tumbleweed is a bar/club in Stillwater for all of my out-of-towner friends.) I saw every 5 and dime cowboy wannabe and every size of belt buckle (saucer to dinner plate) that a woman would ever want to see. Hmm...don't want a man who wears (and looks better in) tighter jeans than me, thanks.
I'm furious about the financial aid crap!! I mean seriously, wtf? I have gone round n' round with my boss about getting to go to class, I have figured out a schedule and even settled for independent study (online) courses so that I would make everybody happy. Now..."I'm sorry, but you will not be awarded any additional financial aid for the summer semester. We understand the importance of financial aid and look to serve you any way we can." Um, yeah right. If you wanted to "serve" would have given me the financial aid I asked for! Jerk.
I'm not at home...I'm at work, so the pic of the day will just be some random one! Enjoy!Love, Liz

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

April 6, 2005

Currently PlayingWhat a Wonderful World [GRP]By Louis ArmstrongWhat a Wonderful Worldsee relatedThe Good:Got my homework doneClass is overFound out hot guy in class isn't a sexist, but a gentlemanWatchin' the IncrediblesEatin' Ice CreamBeautiful Spring Rain...gotta love that smellThe Bad:More homework was assignedDog won't stop sniffing meHot guy is a gentleman, but still racist. Jerk.Might have to have monthly staff meetings at 6am instead of pm...YUCK!Got cold outside...brr...So today in class, my professor told us about the time he was in the Gulf War and was almost killed (multiple times). He said that to this day, he thinks of that moment and realizes that he didn't have to live. He could have very easily died that day. So he told us that what he wants us to get from his class is to learn to have passion in our lives. Find that one thing that is worth living for...worth waking up for. He then asked us to write for 10 minutes about the one thing in our lives that brings us passion that we would like to make a career out of and how that would help others. I wrote that I already have a career that I would love to do forever. I have the best of both and medicine. I love the kind of work I do and would someday love to expand on that. I think mostly, I have a passion for the business aspect. I would be happy running a business that dealt with childrens books, photography, design, medicine...lots of things. I love being needed and being depended on. But in all honesty, my passion in life is not a career necessarily. It is to get an education so that I can be proud of myself, continue to hold a job I am honored to hold and to have a family. Family is the most important thing in life and I want that to be my passion. I look forward to the day I get to say 'I do' and 'I want you to meet your grandchild.' Even if this never happens, because as we all know life is uncertain, I will live each day in pursuit of that passion. I pray that each of you do the same and that I get to be a part of it!Hot guy in my class today redeemed himself somewhat...but is still questionable. A recent comment about "never voting for a black or hispanic president" kinda threw me off. Today however, he made the comment that if women wanted to be in the military that's fine, but he was not comfortable with them being on the front lines. At first, I was so mad! How dare he insinuate that a woman couldn't do it. Then, he explained himself. He stated, that any man, were he raised with manners, would want to protect his sister, daughter, mother and wife. He didn't see any sense in having them on the front line when he was capable of protecting them. Kinda cheesey, kinda sexist...kinda sweet. Who knows...but I think mostly I am still put off. If he loved me, he'd allow me to make that choice. Hmm...that's me, Ms. Independent speakin' out. And we wonder why I'm single?Well, I think I'm done for at least a bit. I have more studying to get done before I can call it a night. Blech. But before I go, here is one more "Picture of the Day"! Enjoy!Love, Liz

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April 5, 2005

Currently PlayingLynyrd Skynyrd - All Time Greatest HitsBy Lynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home Alabamasee relatedHola mis amigos! Que pasa?The Good:My test is over!Went tanning...toasty! I'm a little crispy now.Went on a great walk with HaileyI smell brownies.Have almost all of my homework doneMight actually be able to pay for my classes this summer! Whooah!Edwin put my new car tag and OState sticker on Dory (the Escape)The Bad:Nothing to report!! How's about them apples?!?!Today, was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The weather was the perfect temp but that didn't stop there from being golf ball sized hail in Tulsa and OKC. My roommates brothers car felt the wrath of Mother Nature and now has an injured windshield. And at work today, we had to turn the thermostat from Heater to AC in less than 30 minutes. That's Oklahoma for ya!I took Hailey (the golden) on a walk around Boomer Lake this evening and she did SO well! I told her Mommy (Christen) that she would have been so proud. She had to occasionally stop to smell the mass quanitites of goose poo that line the track, but other than that, she was a brilliant companion. I'm still training her to chase cute boys...she's learning. Today, she went after a girl...I think she's just confused. It started to sprinkle right at the very end of our 3 mile treck and now there is the amazing smell of rain in the air! And brownies...Christen's baking!! Yum! So much for burning calories. ha!I have a little homework to get done this evening. Just a quick 2 page paper on my political affiliation...booooring. It won't take but a few minutes I'm sure. My test took me 10 minutes. It was supposed to take 50! It was a joke...seriously. This week, we were studying Political Geography. Remember that. Now answer this question. "What form of geography studies the political aspects of a nation?" Um...could it be political? Damn I'm smart!! College educated baby!Alright...well homework is callin' my name so I will bring this to a close. Love to all!LizOH AND JESS!!! I totally stole your good/bad list because you are a Blog God! haha! Thanks so much for the pointers!

Monday, April 04, 2005

April 4, 2005

Currently PlayingIt's TimeBy Michael BubléI Wanna Go Homesee relatedHere it is Monday evening and I have yet to feel like i have started my week. I should be studying for my Geography exam, but feel more inclined to watch the U of I v. NC game. Good one I might add.The Good:had my car title switched over so now the ESCAPE is MINE!picked out classes for summer and fall semesterstalked to my dadplanning my trip to ILLINOISsaw the cutest baby ever and it made my ovaries hurtmatt and i made dinner all by ourselves like big kidswe even did the dishesThe Bad:my car title cost more than an entire paycheckcan't enroll in classes until i come up with 875 cheddars up frontsaw the cutest baby ever and it made my ovaries hurtmy head hurtstoo windy to go for a walkSo, while doing dishes tonight, my roommate Matt and I cleaned out some things that had taken up residence in our refrigerator. I seriously think it had applied for it's own zip code. Because seriously, the damn stuff had legs and probably could have walked out of there all on its own. Matt had his face in his shirt and was hollering, "Smell yourself!" I did it, because, honestly, anything had to smell better than the hazardous waste we were dealing with. It could have easily become an, "Ooops, I think I peed a little" moment. We're lookin' at maybe moving into a new house. I have two words for you...TWO BATHROOMS. Nuf' said. haha! Well, I better get off here and at least pretend to study. G'nite all!Liz~Update~Univeristy of Illinois Fighting Illini lost the Big Game. :(Thought for the Day:"A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death, which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy?" Jerry Seinfeld
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The Good:
Last week is OVERI had a doughnut...yumCaitlin is home! yay!Made a yummy dinner last nightGot to go on walks this weekend (with the dogs!)Got ALL of my laundry done yesterday! (That is a feat! Let me tell you.)
The Bad:
It's MondayI ate a doughnut...NO WILLPOWER!Have a test on Tuesday...blech.Drama, drama, drama...
This will be a quick update, as there really isn't all that much to report. The stress finally took its toll last week, but so far...things are looking up. I studied my little heart out yesterday but still took time to have a little fun! I'll post my pics from Sue Ann and I's trip on campus yesterday, just as soon as I get a free second. Quite fun!
Gotta run! Have to appear productive. ;)
Love, Lizzi
P.S. The music that is elevator music. I'm at work! haha!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

April 2, 2005

Yesterday, I learned the truest meaning of friendship. Details of the matter would only fog the meaning of these words. Simply said, my roommates are some of the best people I have ever known. When a friend was in need, despite the reason, they all stood up and said, "We are here. Let's do this." There was no question of 'when' or 'how', but only 'will'. I have grown to love these people as family and have learned that the word 'family' doesn't even begin to really touch the feeling. Family is a gift from God, and when a portion of that family is comprised of friends, you know you are truly blessed. Edwin, Caitlin, Matthew and Christen, I am SO blessed to have you as my family and I pray that the gifts you have given me are returned 10 fold. The gesture you have made is completely out of this world and I don't believe I can ever truly repay you. You are each loved and cherished in a way you must surely know.
Lynette, Mamma Bear! You protect and care for this staff as if we were your own. You presense is much appreciated as well as your sound advice and concerned ear. You have the heart of a 'pirate'. ;)
To my dear DQ, I love you and have always loved you. You have been a mainstay in my life that will never fade. You were there through everything good and everything bad. You are a rock that I have leaned on, but even rocks may tumble. I am here always, no matter what roads or obstacles may lie ahead. You are my best friend and I love you dearly. "The Family" loves you too, more than you know. You have made an impact on their lives, much as you have mine. It's amazing how we never really know our true value, until we have looked through the eyes of our friends. You are remarkably gifted, cherished, blessed, beautiful, proud, generous, caring...loved.
To my new friends Jon, Amanda, Jenn and Symphony! School would BITE if I didn't have you four to make me laugh. And laugh I do! I don't think I have ever come quite so close to PMP! haha! You guys are the best and I am so blessed to have met you. Friendships can spark in the most uncommon of places.
I will bring this to a close now. Thank you for being a part of my life and making it all the brighter!
Love always, Liz