Thursday, June 30, 2005


I have decided to play a little game with you all...
I am going to post 5 photos and in the comments section, you get to make up the caption. Best, most original, caption wins. I'm not sure what you win yet, BUT YOU WIN!! 'nuff said, am I right???


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A long time ago, a coworker and I decided that we needed to not only work on our physical health, but also on our emotional/spiritual health. We starting keeping a gratitude journal where each night we would each write 5 things that we were thankful for that day. I have slacked off terribly. So today, I will start a list and I hope that each of you will add to it. One thing...or many. It doesn't matter. What matters is that we see the joy in each day and understand that we are blessed beyond our own imaginations. On top of this, I was also introduced inadvertantly to another great blog today. The Complimenting Commenter is a person who visits random blogs and leaves a wonderful compliment in your comment section. What a wonderful and inventive idea, not to mention, praise worthy. I am thankful for each and every one of you!

New clothes
Walking around the lake
Having a place I can call "home"
Flowers n' trees
Heautiful, Hailey, Oakley, Jazz n' India
Dad is coming for the 4th
Quiet time
My job
Babies (fat babies!)
Extended family
Big brothers
Ex-boyfriends (thankful they're ex's..haha!)

Your turn...

Monday, June 27, 2005

Plum Tuckered

As much as I complain about my microecon class, you'd think I study all the time. Let the truth be told, I do not. In fact, I need to study a LOT MORE because I don't understand a damn lick of it. Seriously. OMG. I have never felt so stupid in all my life. I have never had to try so hard at a subject to still understand approximately zilch. Usually, I have atleast a working knowledge of the topic, but OMG. I'm f****d.

So, in the midst of one of my, "I CAN'T STUDY ANYMORE!!!" moments, I decided to take Hailey for a stroll. We loaded up the SUV and headed for Boomer Lake. She licked my windows the whole way. (?) Upon arrival she attempted to run me in front of a cop car...not housing an attractive cop I might add. This was one of the many Stillwater's Finest we would encounter this evening. Got me a little worried, I won't lie. She did very well tonight and DID NOT attempt to smell all of the goose poo...just some. We made friends with a fellow canine that was approximately 1/100th the size of good ole Hailey. His name was Rocky. And boy was he fierce. Yip! She took a quick swim (sludge?) in the lake and got a drink of water before we headed for the trip home. We had gotten a late start so it was already starting to get a little dark. And of course, after pulling me half way around the oasis, it was my turn to do some haulin'. Hailey got so tired that there was significant slack in her leash and a lot more drooling. I had to keep encouraging her. "Just a little further baby, you can do it." Who in the world would I have called to come get us?! haha! After we made it all the way around, it was time to get back in Dory and drive home. So I thought. Hailey was SO tired that she couldn't jump into the back of my car. OMG. She is a... I made her put her front paws on the bumper and then with all my might, lifted her happy end and thrust her into the car. What a sight! haha! She immediately laid down and didn't budge until we got home. She was so unbelievably thirsty by the time we made it in the house that she bee-lined for her bowl. I refilled it a second time and then she was so exhausted, she laid flat bellied on the lenoleum to drink the rest. I put some ice cubes in her bowl like the good aunt that I am and then of course, photographed her in all her glory. Sprawled out on the floor. Great pics huh?? That's the life.

And on that note, I'm pretty tired myself. Or as my grandma used to tell me, "plum tuckered out". G'nite all...sweet dreams!
Love, Liz

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Question of the Day

Who and when was your first love? What made them special? Are you still with them? Why or why not?


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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Stacey, Ryan & Samantha- June 25, 2005 Posted by Hello

Kathy with daughters Samantha (left) and Stacey, June 25, 2005 Posted by Hello

Wedding Bells

The wedding was so nice! Kathy made a beautful bride and I can't remember a time that I have seen her that happy. She definately deserves this. Russell, her husband, seems like a great guy and has been good for them. The wedding was at 6 in a friends back yard. They were married under a big tree with the sun setting behind it. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze which made it bearable. I admit it...I cried. haha! It was really nice. We made it home in time for me to 'babysit' this 15 year old. Like she needs a babysitter. ;) We stayed up late and watched Hitch. I love that movie! I highly recommend everyone see it. Other than that, I have done nothing. I came home today and ruined a pot of coffee...don't ask. haha! It was traumatic. Now, I'm sitting here, procrastinating doing my weekly round of Sunday Laundry n' Homework. I need to go get my oil changed too. I just want to be lazy. Off I go...have a great day all.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Party Animal

Last night was not your typical Friday night. I went out to dinner with a couple girls from work and I had a Mucha Mama...a HUGE Bahama Mama drink. OMG, I couldn't even finish the thing. I was a completely failure to my German heritage. haha! I did my best and was woozie before the meal even arrived. ;) Afterwards, I went to house sit. It's kinda strange actually. The 15 year old daughter is at the house, but her parents just don't want her there alone at night. So, that's where I come in. I go over at night and sleep there, just in case she were to need anything. I was SO bored last night!! I sat there and did homework and watched reruns of Law and Order. zzzzz..... I am staying in the 5 year olds bedroom, surrounded by pink fluffiness and barbie's. I felt like a pretty, pretty princess. ;) I have never been so absorbed by 'girliness' in all my life. I don't think I was that prissy when I was a kid, but then again, maybe I was and have blocked it out. If I ever have little girls, they'll probably get all that too. On the other hand, you guys should see the mass quantities of doll houses in this room!! I'm serious, there had to be atleast 6. And in this room, they have the television blocked to keep the little girl from watching things she's not supposed to. There are only three channels. But why is she able to watch Law and Order you ask? I It was horrible, I don't even like that show. However, I got a good nights sleep and was up early this morning. I went to petsit (the people FINALLY paid me) and then was home in time for breakfast. I sat there and watched tv for a bit and then got ready for a wedding I have to be at tonight in Enid. I'm kind of looking forward to it because I haven't seen these people in ages, but honestly, I'd be happy just to stay home. I have homework to do (yes, more) and I just want to be at home. I'm such a homebody, definately not a party animal.
I guess I better run, gotta go get the oil changed in the Escape. Have a great day!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Big Bang

So I'm sitting here after work, watchin St. Louis go up in flames. Okay, so not ALL of St. Louis, but you guys should so see these balls of fire! They are reaching over 100 feet in the air. Praxair in South St. Louis, MO makes atmospheric gases and has large drums of explosive gasses all over its property. It is fairly near down town STL according to MSNBC. Every time a drum expoldes there is a huge ball of fire. I have spent the last 30 minutes or so trying to get ahold of my dad. I don't think that's the area he lives in, but you all know me and directions. If you don't, see 'Stupid thing #2 from June 17, 2005'.

Work was pretty good today, but it got really busy there for awhile. I was glad to be off work, but then again, I usually am. Now I'm sittin' here, listening to 'Funky Cold Medina', and trying to syke myself up to do some more homework. Yeah, I know its Friday, but I have a LOT of homework and would like as much of it done before my family gets here for the 4th. Not to mention, I am 'house sitting' for the weekend and will have nothing to do while I'm there...gonna study! haha! Can't help it, I'm a dork.

I guess I better get to it, eh? No time like the present.
God speed,

You're just jealous...


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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lucy, Halloween 1983 Posted by Hello

Hellos n' Goodbyes

So I have decided that my inner childs name is now Lucy. Thaaat's right...just like the Charlie Brown character. She's innocent and child like, with an unbelievably romantic personality and of course, the big brother. I even live with a beagle (although she looks nothing like Snoopy). ;) AND, Halloween of 1983 my brother and I went trick-or-treating as Lucy n' Charlie. We were so cute!! I will post a pic of me, but I can't find the one of both of us. I think mom has it. Katie and I determined that this would be a great name while taking the three mile trec around Boomer Lake tonight.

So yesterday I had to help a client say goodbye to their beloved pet. Here's my beef. This cat has mammary cancer so advanced that you could literally touch her stomach and feel the knots. The cancer had spread from her lungs to her mammary glands and finally to almost every organ. She was barely breathing by the time she got to the clinic. Shana (one of our nurses) and I literally had to put her on oxygen and heating pads to keep her alive until the doctor could get there. We had to keep her as comfortable as possible so that the doctor would be able to euthanize her with the owner present. It would have been even more traumatic for everyone had she been gasping for air. It was awful! Instantly, I was sad for this woman as she rushed her cat in the very moment I was opening the clinic for business. I thought, "How sad. What a terrible way to start your day." Then, I see that she has been letting this cat suffer for God knows how long, because of her own selfish, inability to let go. I know that sounds terrible, but I can't even imagine letting a cat suffer all day, every day because I wasn't ready to let her die peacefully. At least give them that. Dignity. Another client came in today who has let their cat reach a mere 2# 13 oz and want her to die 'peacefully' at home. I'm sorry, but gasping for air and fighting off seizures is NOT peaceful. When did we determine that we have a right to choose when an animal lives or dies? It was once said, "The question is not can they reason. The question is can they suffer?" I believe that with all my heart. If I ever get that old, to the point where I can't control my bodily functions, I can't see, hear or eat, I don't recognize my family, I can't sleep comfortably and I have uncontrolled seizures, someone please euthanize me. I pray to you. Let me go home. I don't want to be kept alive because you can't say goodbye. Let me go. Give me that gift. I want to go with my dignity and what little strength I have left. Let... me go.

On that note, I bid thee goodnite...sweet dreams.
Love, Liz

Super Size Me

Last night was rather interesting, as it was filled with disastrous cooking mishaps, good food, friends and the movie Super Size Me. My office was having a staff meeting which we do monthly, but usually we gather 'round the bosses desk and inhale Mazzio's pizza and caffeinated liquid heaven (aka Dr. Pepper). This month, we went for a healthier approach. Every summer we do a program called, ingeniously, "Healthy Summer". During this, we set personal goals of good health and we attempt to eat better at meetings. Last night we dined on almond encrusted tuna steaks, fresh vegetables in a lemon-vinegar sauce, watermelon and other fresh fruits and a wonderful vegatable pastry. I, not very surprisingly, was in charge of dessert! YAY! I made a Black Cherry Poke Cake which was pretty good. It better have been after the disaster that ensued as I was making it!! To make this cake, one must pour a cup of boiling hot jell-o over a freshly baked cake, making it a gooey mess until it sets up. Well, our refrigerator apparently jiggles as you close the door and the cake pan, full of boiling hot jello mind you, fell off the back shelf and slid its way down the back of the refrigerator. Not only did it fall, but it wedged itself vertically between the a shelf and the back of the fridge. OMG. What...a freakin' disaster! Edwin, the gentleman that he is, helped me take apart the inside of the fridge and clean every single piece. Ugh! So, my two layer creation instantly became a one layer, but that's okay. It still tasted okay! haha! The other one stayed put and set up, like it was told to! The misfit cake ended up in detention (aka the trash can.) The other dessert was a raspberry sorbet/cheescake like thing. It was quite good! They were both a big hit at the meeting and at home, so I was pleased. While we gorged ourselves on our HEALTHY food, we watched Super Size Me. OMG. If you guys haven't seen this film, I HIGHLY recommend it. I'm serious, it was so eye opening on so many different levels. However, I really wanted a Big Mac when it was over. I think it had a reverse effect on me!! haha! j/j Actually, I felt incredibly fat after watching it and instantly wanted to go on a walk around the lake. I will do that tonight, I swear. Last night I chose to forego excercise in order to get my homework done, but yeah...that didn't happen. Instead I watched the end of the While You Were Out/What Not to Wear special with the roommates. I'm so not cut out for college. haha! When I get a diploma I will be though!! My dad will be here for the 4th of July, speaking of diplomas. I'm considering wearing my Phi Eta Sigma t-shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY just to rub it in. Is that petty? Garsh, there comes my inner teenager again. Damnit it Buffy, go away!! Yes, I have named her Buffy. She's a bitch. Still lookin' for names for the inner child. I'm thinking my inner elder will be Ethel. What do you think? hahaha!! Well, I am off to grab a coffee at Aspen before I head to work. I'm thinking today is going to be a great day! LOVE TO ALL! Liz

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Growing Pains

When does one truly become a grown up? Is it when we leave the confines of our parents homes? Is it when we have our first full time job? Or is it when we finally learn that the world is not revolving around us? (I know still revolves around you, and that's okay.) I consider myself a grown up, in the sense that I have been financially independent of my parents since I was approximately 16 years old and I have had a job for just as long. I have always been responsible for my own money, my own possesions and my own needs. I bought my first car when I was 19 and have recently purchased my second. But does that make me an adult? I have worked full time for 5 years (when you count that a year of that was two part time jobs and a year was a part time, plus a full time) and have recently begun attending college full time. I have a hard time saying that makes me an adult either. Seriously, have you seen some of the college 'kids' in this town? Definately, NOT grown ups. I guess my question is, when do we finally reach that point where the childish games stop and the grown up mentality takes hold? Are we always going to have an inner child, or inner teenager for that matter? People always say that we should embrace our inner child, give it a hug!! But is there ever a point when we should just let our inner child grow up? I personally, don't ever want to let go of my inner child. That's where our innocence lives, our curiosity and enthusiasm for life. My inner teenager, however, can take a hike. That is where our petty 'he said, she said' side lives. This is our vindictive, selfish, egotistical side. I also think there are those of us who have an inner elder. haha! That's me. I have one of those. This is the side of us that can't just stop to have a good time. We always have to think of the future and always do what's right and what makes the masses happy. We get irritated quickly with the inner teenager of others and can't imagine why they aren't as mature as we are. Then, our inner child runs up, kicks us in the shins, and it becomes an all out brawl. Giggling, smiling and screeching with delight. *sigh* Thank God, the kid is back. I fear there are some people who may never grow away from their inner teenager, and that's a very scary thought. But have you seen the grown men who play squirt guns with their kids in the front yard? Or the mom who makes really messy sloppy joes because she knows that's how her kids like them? Those kind of people are great. Their 'teenager' has long ago moved out and their inner child never grows a day older. I'm tired of my teenager and wish terribly that she would run away.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


GUYS! I have almost completed my requirements to get a free iPod! I know this sounds stupid, but amazingly enough it is legit! My friend Rusty has already done it. Cool! So, to complete my requirements, I need five people to sign up too! If you sign up you will be well on your way to a free iPod and I will be one step closer to mine. AND I REALLY WANT AN IPOD! Click on the link below so that we both get credit!!

Love, Liz

Monday, June 20, 2005

Food n' Fonics

Today was a pretty good day. My boss was kind of in a 'mood' if you know what I mean, so I brightened her day with my story of the Karma Bee from last night. Did the trick! The rest of the day went fairly smoothly. I got home, did some studying and then went out to dinner at Chili's with Edwin, Caitlin and Edwin's friend Mike. We had a good ole time makin' fun of our waitress. She really wanted to tell us stories and stuff...about cravings she has at night and how she likes to eat her chips n' salsa....yeah, not lyin'. We went back home where I studied some more and then the three of us went to walk around Boomer. It was another event filled night what with dodging goose poo and killer roller bladers. Another oddity was that there were a lot of people dressed up to walk around Boomer. Here I am in sweats and a ratty t-shirt with sweat drippin' off every possible surface and you have this girls dressed like street walkers. 12 year old street walkers at that!! It was nuts. We ran to Braum's to grab a milkshake...that's right, we walked three miles and then went for an artery clogging beverage...get over it. We came home and I have been studying ever since. I'll be so glad when this exam is over tomorrow, but then it's right back to the homework (a 12 page paper) because it's due on Friday afternoon. Yup. I have spent all my time studying the crap I don't understand so that I could absorb it long enough to spew it onto a scantron, that now I am behind on the stuff due next week. 6 more weeks...I'm already counting down the days....
G'nite all....Lizzi

Big Secrets

I was introduced to a blog yesterday that I wanted desperately to share with you all. At first glance it was just another blog, by another faceless person in the great vast we call the world wide web. I read one daily that is for humor purposes and of course the ones that are written by my friends and family, but this one is so different. It is compelling, heart wrenching, saddening...and hopeful. It is called PostSecret at This blog is actually an art project that was started by a man named Frank, to help raise money for a Hope Foundation. This foundation is aimed towards helping those who feel suicide and abuse are their only options. People from all over the world mail in their deepest, darkets secret on the back of a postcard and they do it completely anonymously. Some of the secrets will rock you, and some will make you think you have a kindred spirit in the far reaches of internet life. Read these and imagine the courage it must have taken to share such feelings. I am so thankful that the life I have been given has been filled with enough happy moments to mask the bad ones, but enough hard ones to keep me real. I pray that each of you finds some kind of peace or hope from reading these secrets...maybe you have one of your own to share.
God Bless,

Here's to 1985

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Mario.I am Mario.

I like to jump around, and would lead a fairly serene and aimless existence if it weren't for my friends always getting into trouble. I love to help out, even when it puts me at risk. I seem to make friends with people who just can't stay out of trouble. What Video Game Character Are You?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Killer Bods n' Killer Bees

Alright, alright...I know that I have blogged about 800 times today. I had no intention of writing another one, but I had to share my most recent experience. Katie (from work) and I went to walk around Boomer tonight. First off, there were some VERY nice looking gentlemen there tonight. However, the most memorable, was of course, the one with the dog. (Animal lovers are so cute.) This guy was running full speed with his arm completely behind himself holding a leash. This leash was at the fullest possible extention, and at the end was the cutest jack russely lookin' thing. He had legs that couldn't have been longer than 3 inches and he was trying SO HARD to keep up with dad. A few minutes later, we see them running the opposite direction and dad reappears, minus the dog. haha! He just couldn't keep up. The guy then proceeds to lap us about 100 times. My next story is funny/traumatic. We were almost back to our cars when, in the presence of another hottie, Katie swallows a bug. I laugh. And just like karma always does, it reared its ugly head in the form of a giant BUG! I get attacked and begin to look as if I'm having an epileptic seizure. It was not a pretty sight, I'm sure. This thing was HUGE! I think it was some kind of a fly but it was the biggest damn thing I have ever seen. It literally chased me...I ran. I stopped, it landed on me. I ran again. I flail. I run. I wait. I run. This went on for quite some was traumatizing. But in the end, I'm fine and I'm home safe n' sound. Now, it's back to the books. I hung up some of my laundry already so I have no excuses!! G'nite all.


So today, between posting blogs, studying for econ (which I finally did), doing laundry, and straightening the house, I did one other thing. I danced around the house in bright orange linen carpris to Jimmy Buffet. Yeah baby!! Margaritaville. Okay, so I didn't stop there, I danced to fabulous tunes such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's 'Summertime', Swingin' Medallions 'Double Shot', Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love', and Huey Lewis and the News 'The Heart of Rock n' Roll'. I was breakin' in the new Yahoo! Launch Cast Summer Party Mix! I highly recommend it... I tell you what, sometimes it's great havin' the house to yourself!!

This is Heautiful, our kitty cat. The fact that she has crossed eyes makes her even more of a pretty, pretty princess than she already is... Posted by Hello

Photo Tour

So there you have it...our house! I straightened a tad before taking photos, but please bear in mind that we are still MOVING IN! There are still random boxes of crap and things not hung on walls, but for the most part, it is home. I left out three bedrooms, a bathroom, the basement and the back porch, but those will all be for another time. I hope you all had a great time taking the tour! haha!

Dining "nook" from back hall... Posted by Hello

Looking out of living room, back into entry area... Posted by Hello

From entry (left of front door), looking into living room... Posted by Hello

Looking back towards dining nook from end of "mud room"... Posted by Hello

Looking into back hallway from dining nook...This is REALLY messy because most of this will get stored elsewhere. But it's great for a "mud room". Posted by Hello

Right from entry into kitchen and dining nook. Matt & Christen's room and bathroom are directly across from the kitchen...but I won't show that until they give me permission...No roomies are home to tell me yay or nay! Posted by Hello

Left from hallway into entry area... Posted by Hello

Looking back towards the entry... Posted by Hello

Edwin's room is right next to mine and Caitlin's is across the hall from the bathroom, but I won't post pics until I have written permission. haha! Posted by Hello

Bathroom on the left... Posted by Hello

Down the hallway to the right...the "family wall" (a work in progress). Posted by Hello

Walking in the front door... Posted by Hello

Complete!...sort of

So the move from is complete! All of the posts from there have been transfered and are now available for your reading pleasure right here on

I have taken a shower and gotten dressed...but I have not completed anything else on my to do list for the day. So, off I go to get to that laundry that is making mountains in my bedroom and start on the dreaded Econ. Blech.

Have a great one everyone and tell your Daddy's happy Father's Day!

Actually!! Before I do any of that... I think I might give you all a quick tour of the new house!! YAY!


Okay boys n' girls...I have FINALLY figured out how to post pictures. Life is good! I'm off to take a shower, do some laundry and then hopefully get down to studying for my Micro-econ exam that is this week. Please post comments so I know this is working! Love to all, Lizzi

Super Trooper I am a little reluctant to switch over here permanently, because I haven't figured out how to post pictures and that is the WHOLE REASON! Plus, I'm also afraid no one will read this and I won't get any comments or anything from all my buddies down at xangaland. :( Prove me wrong people...prove me wrong.

So last night I took my mom to Tulsa for dinner. Her birthday was the 17th and all she wanted was to go to Target. So, Target we did. On the way there some jackass state trooper blinked his lights at me and then went around me. I looked down and I was going like 3 over the speedlimit!! So, I slow down and what not. Next thing I know, he darts across both lanes of traffic and comes to an abrupt halt on the right shoulder. I look down and I was going 10-15 OVER the limit. I was like, "crap, he was testing me and I FAILED!" I immediately dropped it to the speed limit and hit cruise. I wasn't going to play his little game! No siree, Bob. I was playin' mine! He never came after me which was great. ;) He new what was good for him. ha!

So mom and I ate at Olice Garden and I was soooo full. I think that is my favorite restaurant of all time. Mm... yummy goodness. We then walked around Target for a couple hours which was nice.

That's really all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure something will come to me later. Caitlin is making coffee and I'm gonna go toast a bagel. We are so "Friends", all we need is "Central Perk". Yeah baby...

Is there anybody out there?

I have updated my profile, downloaded the necessary mumbo jumbo to get this boat a' rockin', let's just see if this thing draws any attention. I'm going to spend the next day or so transfering blog entries from please be patient. ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hem n' Haw

So this is the new home...maybe. I'm considering swapping from xanga to blogspot so that I can post pictures. And you all know how much I love pictures!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

June 17, 2005

Today's BlogPonder, brought to you by Liz. What is the STUPIDEST thing your have ever done? Come on guys! Dig deep! I'll start...
There are a few things that I can remember, but for the most part, I have lived life as a goodie goodie. I was always afraid of making someone upset or getting myself in trouble. That is how I was coined "Queen Bitch" and "Mom" in high school. Frightening, I know. But let's start here...okay...Stupid Thing #1- tried cigarettes due to peer pressure and almost vomited. GROSS! Stupid Thing #2- got lost in East St. Louis with my bf Suzanne...we were heading from Bloomington, IL to Quincy, IL and somehow ended up in East St. Louis. Scariest/Stupidest moment of my life. Stupid Thing #3- went to the apartment of a drunk guy I barely knew and left my cell phone in the car. you can imagine what went on from there. let's just say it ended with him standing butt ass naked between me and the door. oh wait, i forgot. he WAS wearing a fire helmet.
UPDATE! Just remembered...Stupid Thing #4- The day after I turned 16 and got my driver's liscense, i drove some friends to Dairy Queen for some yummy goodness. Driving home, we saw my friend Jeremy riding his bike on the sidewalk. We all started yelling at him and I leaned down to yell something out the window, inadvertently stearing the car TOWARDS unsuspecting Jeremy. I did not hit him, however I did hit the curb and blew my first tire. We pulled over, I'm instantly bawling, and walked about 2 miles to my friend Suzanne's house where we called my dad and told him I swerved to miss a cat. (Suzzi's parents totally knew I was lying, but dad had no idea. I would have been so dead!) Because I should have "hit the damned cat", dad made me purchase the tire with my own money and showed me how to change the tire myself...a very valuable lesson. To this day, he thinks I just really loved cats. Teehee...
I'm sure my friends can help me out here by reminding me of some stupid things I have done. If you can't think of anything for yourself, post me a comment and help me out with mine.
And I have no idea who this character is but I kind of have a gut like her. However, I feel hers may be for a different reason. haha! Ben Ben...can I see an episode or two?? I need to bone up on Family Guy!

Which Family Guy character are you?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16, 2005

Currently PlayingA Walk to RememberBy Various Artistssee relatedOn May 13th, I wrote an entry. On May 13th, I told you all that my friend Clint and I had an agreement that we'd marry each other if neither of us were married by the time we were 28. He was my backup!! Well, I also told you that I had a sinking feeling he would back out or marry some random person just to get out of having to marry me...AND GUESS WHAT?!! Okay, so they're not like walking down the aisle at the moment, but I got an email today about how she was "almost as sweet as me, but not quite" and how she reminds him of me, etc., etc. *ahem* Why is he dating someone that 'reminds' him of me when there is the REAL me! hahaha! I got the "we're too good of friends" speech back in high school and I take every open opportunity NOT to let him live that down! haha! Love ya Clint! No, really, he and I would probably kill each other. As much as we love each other and as great of friends as we really are...I think we'd absolutely kill each other. There would be a Roadrunner v. Coyote thing going on in our house at all times. Okay, so not really. I'm just trying to make myself feel better. ;) Now I'm hoping that one day I can talk Drew into being a sperm donor. haha!On top of this little pitimepowwow, I got asked AGAIN today if I have babies. Do these people not realize that every time they ask me, my ovaries die a little more??? Do they not realize that I told them 2 months ago that no i'm not married and no I don't have kids? I would have to be imaculate conception, I mean really. Not that it hasn't happened before and not that I doubt the Big Man, but I'm no Mary.Alright, enough of that. Don't have time to slit my wrists right now, I have homework to do. JUST KIDDING!!!! I'm really not that depressed about it. It's just that I talk about it every chance I get...yeah...not bitter...not at all.;)LOVE TO ALL!

June 16, 2005

What the crap Tobi?! This isn't a sexy name!! This is more like the name of the scary brazilian bag lady who hangs out on the pier talking to herself and asking tourists for their used cigarette butts and loose change. WTF?
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Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is
Yardena de Vasconcelos