Thursday, September 21, 2006

So Blessed

I have never doubted the fact that I am blessed. Not once. Through dispair, anger, hurt, betrayal, boredom...I have always been able to see my blessings. There's a chance I did not understand their true value at the time, but I definatley saw them. As I sit here tonight, listening to a song that brings back a flood of memories, I wish to express my ever-growing gratitude to those of you who are forever by my side. To my loyal readers, even when I haven't been writing, you still check in daily to see if I have. I find that absolutely amazing. I'm rambling, I know. I guess it all stems from a letter a client wrote me today. She handed me a sealed envelope and asked me to read it when I got home. It almost brought me to tears. Here is this person, I see maybe once a month who says that I have touched her life in a profound way, just by being nice. Nice, you guys. She was so greatful just to have someone be nice to her. She is sick. Possibly gravely. She has such strength and an eternal optomism I envy. I sent her a card and told her she was in my prayers and that if she needed anything, even if it was just a trip to the grocery store, she could call me. That single, what I saw as simple, gesture meant more to her than she was able to put into words. The act of giving her my phone number, brought her to tears and moved her to write me this letter. Don't let the little random acts of kindness be forgotten. Say thank you. Let people know you appreciate them. And for goodness sake, let's pay it forward.

At the end of her letter she said, "How do I inspire you and how do find me amazing? I would really like to know. I was asked one time at a concert our band played, 'How would you like to be remembered?' I answered, 'I would like to be remember as making a positive difference in someones life.'"

I ask you to share with me a way that I may have affected your life, because I too, want to be remembered. And I ask that you take a second to tell someone else in your life how they have made a difference. You will surprise them and make their day, just as this woman made mine, and you will feel so refreshed for telling them. Go on...make their day!!

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clint said...

i miss you!