Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So today I will be flying home for Thanksgiving.
I have flown by myself before, many times in fact, but I still always get nervous that I am forgetting something. And, I've never flown this close to a holiday before either. I'm sure everything will go fine, I am just a supreme worrywort. I am going to print of my itenerary at work because my printer needs ink and Cait and Ed are sleeping. Don't want to use either of their printers without asking. I'm sure they wouldn't care, but I'll just do it at work. Besides, I was running a wee bit late this morning and wouldn't have stopped to do it anyway. (HOWEVER I will stop to blog because I am going to be in SUCH withdrawals for the next few days!!) I have to work until 12:30 and then it's off to seek the airport. Fun times. BIG thankyou to the great and wonderful Cait for printing off research for my blasted Macro paper and for Mom for taking Cait and I out for a scrumptious dinner! Way to boost the mood girls! :) You rock!

Now I'm going to gather up the boys and get them ready to board at the clinic. I'm gonna miss those little fur balls!!

I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!
Love, Liz

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