Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New digs!

I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but my memory has failed me once again. I'm claustrophobic!! My room has gotten to the point where I literally dread coming home for the simple fact that I dread entering that nightmare. My room really isn't that small. In fact, it's probably larger than some rooms I have previously lived in. However, I now have a dresser inside my closet, a bookshelf, a bedside table/dresser, a full sized bed, a filing cabinet, a HUGE freakin' monster of a desk (that has served me well I might add), as well as 2 cats and all their miscellaneous that now resides in my room. OMG! The claustrophobia! Not to mention, that huge freakin' monster of a desk, also blocks the only windows in the room. So now, not only is it claustrophobic due to space issues, but it is a CAVE when it comes to light and ventiliation.

Edwin, Caitlin and I made a road trip to WalMart where I purchased a computer armoir (pronounced AwmWAH!) and another small bookshelf that matches the one already in my room. We spent a good chunk of time taking down the huge freakin' monster of a desk and piled all of its contents on my bed. Calm before the storm, my ass. We got it disassembled (NO DISASSEMBLE, JOHNNY5!) and moved into the entry way. Cait the Great swept my floor, dusted my shelves...she was an all out champ. Edwin...OMG...put the WHOLE awmWAH! together and got all my electronics put back where they were supposed to be. He even took one (okay, three) for the team in the form of physical injuries. Thank the good Lord for band-aids. He also donated some tv cable when I realized that the shrimpy one I had no longer reached the television. Grr... While Ed and I were finished up the awmWAH! Cait organized and accessorized my bookshelves. She was in charge of FLARE! and I must say, she did it all with extraordinary pinash! "How does this lamp work?"..."Um, Cait it isn't plugged in yet." :) LOVE MY ROOMMATES!!

So now, my room is a sophisticated, clean, and organized refuge from the ordinary and I couldn't be happier! I have the best roommates in the WORLD! haha! We had so much fun hanging out together and I can't remember the last time I saw Caitlin laugh so hard she cried. Honest to goodness tears, people. Priceless. Now, I am off to bed! G'nite all! Sweet dreams!


Amanda said...

When are you coming to take pictures of my baby? Quit your job and come this weekend! Love the pictures of Baby girl!

EKWisdom said...

haha! I'm assuming this is Nash's mommy! :)

I actually do have a couple pictures of him for you from Reagan's birthday party!!

I would LOVE to take some pictures for you some day. The next time I come down, I'll have Kristen let you know and we'll get together. Sound good?!