Monday, November 21, 2005


Edwin has challenged all readers of his blog to take a moment each day to write something they are thankful for. I'm going to take his challenge and start now...

* Extended Family- without the family I have, I would not be where I am today. My Grandma Kat has been an unbelievable inspiration and also a dedicated shoulder to cry on. I am blessed to have every last member of my family, despite some of the rocky roads we have had in the past and could potentially have in the future.

* Brother- Mike has been a pain in my ass my whole life, and I wouldn't change that for anything! We hated each other in high school and picked on each other relentlessly, but I hold on to the memories of when we were young and he would sleep in my floor if it was storming or if I had a nightmare. He would always kill spiders for me and of course, make fun of me when I cried. I loved having a big brother and I cherish that even more today, as I know he would do anything in his power for me. Even though he still is a raging dork. :)

* Mother- My mom is an amazing mother. She has never been afraid to show me she loves me with words or affection. She has given me everything that I have ever needed and then some, but taught me the value of learning ot help myself. I am independent because of her, and I yearn to be a mother because of her.

* Father- My dad and I have had a very rocky past few years, but we are working to gradually rekindle what we once had. I will always remember wrestling in the living room floor, sitting on his lap with head phones on, listening to Pink Floyd, running to buy him some Baskin Robbins on my way out with my friends and playing our game of "Bubble". He will always be my daddy, and I am thankful to have the chance for us to make things right.

* Kristen- for being someone I am proud to call my friend, and my family. I have known you for 21 years of my life and counting and it is because of you that I have learned the true meaning of faith, friendship and forgiveness. It is also through you that I have come to love, and be thankful for, Brent and Reagan. Without you, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to expand my family.

* Kim- for always including me in your family without hesitation. I have never known a day without the feeling of being loved, and I assure you, it has a lot to do with this woman. She's also taught me it means to be brave and to love like no other.

* Roommates- I had never lived with roommates before and I am unbelievably lucky to have found ones that I love dearly. We have our disagreements, but it is all part of growing with each other and learning about one another. We will all be stronger, more adjusted people when we finally go our seperate ways. I am thankful for Edwin who is always an inspiration. Whether it be music, school or life in general, I always know he will have a valid opinion that will make me think. Matt is one of my best friends. I have grown to love him dearly and I am thankful for the time we have gotten to know each other. I know that our lives will inevitably go down different roads, but I will hold on to the fact that we are siblings by the grace of God, and that won't change. Caitlin has become a person that I consider a dear, dear friend. Without her, this house would have not been the same. When she laughs, I laugh, whether I know what they're talking about or not. :)

* Failed Relationships- As strange as it may sound, I am thankful for relationships that have gone sour. These are a the relationships that I know I will never get back for things have been gone for far too long. Whether it be broken hearts or friendships that just ran their course, each one helped define who I am today and how I view myself. I have grown into a different person because of each one of them and have learned what I do and do not want in relationships.

I am sure that there are many, many more things that will appear on here in the days to come. For now, I must go study. I bid the farewell and pass the challenge of thankfulness on to you all.

God Bless,

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