Monday, October 23, 2006

One Week Down

So today was the first day of my second week at the new job. For those of you that didn't know...I got the job I was hoping for! I'm the newest emergency dispatcher in the Communications Unit of the PD. I'm official. I have a badge and everything! haha! Last week was INSANE, therefore I haven't called anyone or blogged anything. Oops. I have received a few "BLOG BLOG BLOG" messages so I thought I should appease the fans. :)

Week one was a lot of sitting around really. I sat through a few hours of NIMS training (National Incident Management Systems or something like that) and did a whole heck of a lot of orientation. This week is going to be full to the MAX. I will be learning APCO emergency procedures and other good stuff as well as going on an all day ride along with the FIRE BOYS!! Keep your minds out of the gutter...Ride ALONG, not Ride ON. :) The following day I get to go on a ride along with a police officer for most of the day and then follow that up with some HR meetings. Woohoo! Friday I am in a full day of CPR/First Aid classes and certification. I am told that I am not required to take self defense although I am thinking about it cause DAMN did it look fun!! I also asked when I get to learn to fire a weapon (totally joking!) and I'm told if I really want to they'll send me to the Sargeant in charge of Firearms Training and he'll get me into the firing range. How many of you are scared now?! I will be in intense training on all of the systems until the end of November and from there I'll be tested and evaluated before they unleash me on the unsuspecting public. Ha! I have to memorize a bagillion ten-codes as well as various jurisdictional areas and policies. I have a whole set of "codes" and "signals" as well as the phonetical alphabet to learn by the end of the week cause I'm being tested on that too! Sometime in this training I also have to learn the proper way to frisk a woman. That's riiiight. A woman. In case I am the only female on duty during the overnight shifts, I have to frisk any female prisoners that are brought in. The boys can't/won't do it. HAHA! Liz...The Detention Officer. Grr... If they weapons thing didn't scare you, that should.

Now, I shall be going to bed. I'm exhausted! But, I am less stressed now with the realization that I'm now in a life/death career, than I was when I worked for the vet. I can pay my bills now!!! I couldn't be happier with my decision. Obviously, only time will tell and there is a chance I will scream "HOLY CRAP" next week, but for now, life is good!!


Amanda said...

Yeah Liz! Thanks for the update, congrats on the job and ask if you can frisk the guys too! meooowwww!!

LilRed said...

Very cool about the new job! My mom always said about a new job: "First day, first week, first month. Get through those and everything after is a piece of cake."