Sunday, April 08, 2007

Friendship Undefined

Have you ever had a friend in your life that hadn't talked to in ages, but the moment something sparked a memory you had this renewed, deep appreciation for them?

I had that this past week.

This particular friend showed me compassion and hope in the face of uncertainty, faith in the presence of unnerving fear and a simple friendship that was truly anything but simple. There really aren't even words to explain what he has meant to me. Grateful just doesn't do it justice. In the past I would have been able to say what a "cool person" he was or how much he made me laugh, but as I have gotten older, emotions are so much different. Its harder now to explain just what he has meant to me, because in all honesty, I don't really know. Do I start with how I am reassured by his faith? How his passion for his career and educational goals made me re-examine my own? How is devotion to his family made me more thankful for my own? How he made me realize what it was I was looking for in a mate? Or should I just simply leave it at "he's a cool person and he could always make me laugh"? Either way I say it, I merely want him to know that he is beyond amazing. Any woman would be a fool to let him go and I can identify a couple by name. He is the chivalrous guy we all hope for but just happen to be two steps behind. Yup, he's that guy. :) The ungettable get. The one you'd bring home to mom. Thank you for being someone I am proud to call my friend and blessed to have in my life. You are one of the BEST friends this girl could ever ask for.

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