Thursday, July 12, 2007

It just screamed BLOG ME.

Nothing wild and crazy has occured since my last post. A little of this, a little of that, but truly, nothing that just screamed BLOG ME! A couple good dates gone bad, a few crazy 911 calls at work and a minor car accident. At one point, I would have run to the computer eager to blog about such things, but there really wasn't any way to talk about any of them without a) making the bad date feel bad about himself, b) breaking the confidentiality agreement of the job, or c) making someone feel bad about something they had no control over. So, I have kept to myself for the most part, sharing the vivid details of my life with those closest too me and not parading them about the internet. I used to LOVE to blog, but it just seems that I have begun to outgrow it. I never know quite what to say anymore. Words used to come so easily, but now, they seem strained and forced. Strange thing is, I really want to love this again. For the past two days I have been grasping for words to explain what I have been feeling lately, but there just haven't been any. I can't explain it to myself, let alone anyone else. I have the same typical yearnings that I always have, it just seems that they are more prevalent then ever. My best friend is having a baby and two more friends have recently given birth to their own little bundles of joy. On top of that, I am doing more photography. Wedding photography. Imagine what that does to a person who feels like the perpetual single maiden of the village. Both weddings were exponentially gorgeous and I am honored to have been the photographer, it's just that you are forced to focus on all the details of the happy couple and all that make them unique. The little looks, sweet kisses, gentle caresses...etc, etc. For the love of Pete!! I love it...but good grief.
As above stated, I have been doing a lot more photography as of late. The new job has opened many doors in that arena. I have many coworkers who have graduating seniors and little ones, so I have been honored and blessed with the task of being their in house photographer. I also have a couple repeat customers and did some prom pictures too. I'll put some examples at the bottom of this post so you can see what I have been up to. I have already been asked to do two more weddings, one in October and one TBA. I really do look forward to it. This hobby has become so much more to me. I genuinely love it and it brings me great joy. Many people have asked me if I want to make it a permanent career and to that I emphatically say, "No!" This is a fabulous hobby and I am truly blessed, but I love what I do for a career. I couldn't have asked for a better set of coworkers and friends and I love every aspect of my job. I never in a million years would have seen myself doing Emergency Communications, but it seems fitting now. In every way.
On a funnier note, let me share with you this past weekend. I went to Woodward, OK in order to shoot a wedding at Boiling Springs State Park. Let me begin by letting everyone know, do NOT waste a precious moment of life visiting Boiling Springs. It was a muddy pit. Really. I wish I had taken at least one photograph so that people would believe me when I describe just how truly disgusting this place was. Literally, the springs is a hole in ground that has been surrounded by concrete and a pavillion placed over it. It has seen better day's, I'm sure. The pillars are all but falling down from the rot and it smells of mold. There are dead birds and bugs all over the place and spider webs on everything! The pit is exactly that, a pit. There is approximately 12 inches from the rim of the pit to the actual water. The sides of the pit are slimy and green with moss and other goo. In the water, there are candy wrappers and various coins, which I'm assuming at one point were "wishes". And there, in the corner, barely visible, is the spring. An area of mud under the water that is rolling and bubbling...yes, as if "boiling". Hence the name, Boiling Springs. It was disgusting, smelly and not in the least big photographic. Thank goodness other areas of the park had creeks and rock stepways in order to take some decent pictures of the bride and her crew. As long as we weren't too close to the actual water during photos, they turned out okay. In the ones where it was visible I had to PhotoShop out the sludge. Despite the wicked smell, humidity that made you want to peel your own skin off and mosquitos the size of hummingbirds, it was a lovely event. :)
Let's see...what else? Oh! I was looking into buying a house. I have since chose to postpone this venture as finances need to be in a little better order before I take that leap. I went and looked at a couple and fell in love with them both. One was in dire need of some renovations but I could just picture all the things I would do to it. It had so much charm and potential I could almost scream. My mom even began makig plans in her head for all the things that could be done. However, the amount of money that would have been necessary would have sent me into financial coma. The second house cost more initially, but needed far less repairs. For that matter, it was move-in ready. However, it was a three bedroom house with two bedrooms and a two car garage. A little too much house for me. What would I do if I bought a house for a life I didn't have? All that space, and all those utility bills, for what? So, the dream has been postponed. I still, however, catch myself checking out for sale signs in neighbors and dreaming of what could be.
A woman at work loaned me a couple books and I must tell you about them. I recommend these to ALL WOMEN! Holy crap...this hilarity. I just can't even begin to explain. Look up the titles The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love and God Save the Sweet Potato Queens. Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how badly I need some of their "Fat Mama's Knock You Naked Margarita's"! If there are any volunteers to help me sample a batch, you just let me know! Barbara (the woman who loaned me the books) has decided that we too, need to be queens of something. I couldn't agree more. We all need to be queens of something. On that note, I shall bring this to a close. Have a good day all!

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