Friday, February 17, 2006


Sooo...lots of random stuff going on.

Matt is wearing tights. (Okay, so really, they're Under Armor.) But DUDE! They're tights!!

Edwin and Caitlin's new bed came in today and I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty dadgum sweet. We were all helping put it together. (Okay, so I was standing in the corner compulsively attacking the bubble wrap.) But DUDE! I totally helped.

Matt SO had a wrench tucked in his tights and was able to whip it out at the most opportune moment in which to assemble the bed in a speedy, yet efficient, manner. Not gonna lie, it was down right amazing.

The weather here SUCKS today. It is SO cold. Seriously, the high tomorrow I think is going to be 20 and we are currently in a winter storm warning. Ick. It is now sleeting. Despite the freezing temperatures and profuse precipitation, the fam and I went to get ice cream. Yeah, we're smart.

Katie and I are supposed to go to OKC tomorrow so she can be fitted for her bridesmaids dress for a friends wedding (NOT MINE!) and to have dinner with my family, but I think there is a slim chance we may have to postone it. The roads aren't supposed to be any clearer by morning. In fact, they'll probably be worse. The news just said that every single ambulance and emergency crew is active and on calls. The city is littered in overturned vehicles and fender benders. I swear. These Oklahoma people have NO idea how to drive in this weather. DONUTS ARE NOT FUNNY. FISHTAILING IS NOT FUNNY. Drive like you're supposed to, you EEDIOTS! In all actuality, most of the accidents were probably just that, accidents, but you just never know.

Totally just watched Johnny Mosely on Leno...and damn. That boy really does look like Tom Cruise and it kinda makes me wanna vomit. If he hadn't been partially responsible for Cocktail, I think I'd write him off completely.

My cats have single handedly (okay, quad-pawed) made my room smell like complete and utter ass. They were locked in there today being punished for something I'm sure they did wrong and the room needs some V.E.N.T.I.L.A.T.I.O.N. I've got candles lit. How romantic of...myself?

I now think I have bored you enough with the randomness of my day and I am going to call it a night. I bid thee goodnight.

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you are so damn funny!!! these are hilarious

nobody loves you like i do