Thursday, February 02, 2006

Same old, Same old

So nothing terribly exciting has occured since my last post. At least nothing downright blog worthy.

I woke up.
I went to work.
I got yelled out by a heinous client.
I went home and ate left over Chinese. Eeww.
Dr. P brought me brownies.
My boss irritated me.
I went to class and failed an accounting quiz.
I went home and did some homework.
I went to Wedding Photography class.
I came home and ate a quick dinner at 9:30.
I changed into my jammies.
Got a phone call from Dad that his cat is sick.
I went with Matt to jump his truck. (Still in said jammies.)
Came home and now I'm going to bed. I'm just a wee bit wired now. All that dadgum caffeine I've had today. Grr.. I'm buzzing.

Tomorrow when I'm more awake, I will tell you about my photography classes and my assignments. Sweet. :) G'nite all.

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