Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crap Jockey's

So yeah...TODAY SUCKED. I shall refrain from going any further for fear of being dooced, but let’s just say that my family will ALWAYS rank above my job. And anything else for that matter.

I didn’t feel well all day. I had a terrible headache that came packaged with dizziness and nausea. GREAT. I got stood up by my MOM for lunch and also by my study group for Algebra. THANKS. I know they didn’t conspire against me, and that things come up unexpectedly, but for Pete’s Sake! Today of all days. Katie did however bring me chocolate chip cookies at lunch and prior to making us dinner (VERY GOOD BY THE WAY), Edwin served Caitlin and I a piece of chocolate birthday cake. Mmm...dessert before dinner. I LOVE YOU EDWIN.

So of course, today wasn’t as bad as I’m sure I’m making it out to be, but MAN I wish I could vent some things about work on here. You people would crap your jockey’s if you knew some of the stuff that was said today. CRAP.YOUR.JOCKEYS. But I swear, if one more thing happened today, I would have lost it completely. In the words of Cait-the-Great, "HIT ME AGAIN IKE! And put some stank on it!"

On those notes (and mighty fine visuals) I shall bid thee goodnight. I’m praying for a better day tomorrow. G’nite all.

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