Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This could very well be the longest I have ever gone without posting. I'm not really sure why that is, I guess I just haven't had a whole lot to say. At least not anything worth sharing with the blogosphere.

I have been thoroughly stressing myself out for about the past two weeks. Caitlin swears I'm wound up tighter than a yoyo and I must agree. I have been letting every little thing imaginable get to me recently and that is no ones fault but my own. I'm letting things at work that have little to nothing to do with me irritate me and allowing things I have absolutley no control over, consume my life. I have to learn, and quickly, that I don't have the power to change everything...and why would I want to? I want so badly to let all of this go so that I can just take one day at a time. It finally hit me today, after stressing HARD CORE yesterday over my school schedule (thank you btw, Caitlin!), what does it matter if it takes me forever to complete school? It's not like I have a husband and children or even a major job prospect in the future. I can keep doing what I'm doing for the time being and just see where life takes me. I have been so overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to get finished in the next 3 years and I finally realized, 'What's the point?' I do have a few random issues to contend with such as having to be full time at school in order to get financial aid and what not, but why must I worry so much about making sure I take a certain amount of hours over the summer? I'm going to be a student for a very long time and I just need to accept that. I'm not sure what has come over me these past few weeks that have made me so on edge, but I'm sure it will pass as quickly as it came.

I am hoping to go to El Reno this weekend to visit Kristen and her family and to hopefully meet my ex-boyfriends mother for dinner. She will be down from Quincy for the weekend and it would be insane to miss this opportunity to see her. The change of pace would surely be a welcomed one. I'm also hoping to take Reagan to see my Grandma Kat if at all possible. I know she would be unbelievably delighted to see her. I sat here thinking if there was some major thing that I had to do this weekend and I think I may finally be caught up. I don't have any projects that won't be done by this Friday and that makes me VERY happy. I'm looking forward to this weekend very much. Even if I don't get to go anywhere, at least I don't have anything pressing that needs attention.

Tonight Matt and I are going to Intoxicated again and that should be a good time as always. I think Katie might join us which always makes the experience more fun! :) After that, I shall come home and sleep!! As for now, I need to get working on my Speech presentation that will be presented on Friday. It's gonna be a funny one!! I'll have to share all of that this weekend.
Have a great night all!

*UPDATE* My BESTEST friend and family member of the Facade House has been called in for an AUDITION in NEW YORK CITY for a tour of GREASE!! OMG! CONGRATULATIONS DREW!! I LOVE YOU!

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