Friday, November 11, 2005

Question of the Year

Have you ever had someone in your life that you called a friend, and then one day, you stopped to look at them and realize that there isn't a single cell of your body that wants to like them? You've tried, even pretended, but for the most part they are not someone you would ever choose to spend your time with? I have been coming to this realization for the past few weeks, but today, it just really struck home how much this person is SO unlike me. Not to say that we can't be friends with people who are different then us, because Lordy, I would have no friends if that were the case. Diversity is a virtue. But there comes a point when you can't see eye to eye on ANYTHING including morality, dignity, and respect...what else is there? Do you just let it go and chalk it up to experience and wish yourself better luck next time, or do you attempt to harder to make the friendship what you want it to be? What if this situation arose with a family member? A coworker? What THEN? How do you go on day to day in the presence of someone who makes you feel like being their friend is a mistake?

It feels terrible to even say this...but I think it may very well be true that there are some people who are not meant to be friends. Not enemies...just not friends either.

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DrewQ said...

DUDE dont hate me! please be my friend! i love you! i will give you a million bajillion trillion dollars!!!!!!!! i hope everything is alright...i miss you and love you and can't wait to see ya!!!!! just like 11 more days!!!!!!