Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Holy Quacamole and other nonsense

Thank you to all who said your prayers for me about the job. They're definately working so far. :) The test went well. It was very detailed and lasted about 3 hours. A lot of the stuff really made me think, "Oh my Lord, can I do this?" but I know that if they don't think I can do it, I won't get hired. Simple as that. In two weeks I'll know whether I passed the written exam and then I will get a scheduled interview. From there I will begin the polygraph, drug screen and the MMPI psychological evaluation.

They have to make sure I'm crazy enough to work there. ;) ha! I'm so totally not kidding.

Those inquiring about photographs. Yes, Caitlin, I will most definately give you copies of the "mini-people" pictures! hahaha!! I SO thought of you when I wrote that. Lena, YAY!!! A) totally syked about the whole IDOL thing. Are you really doing it??! and B) I might be asking you to come up here one night for class so that Rylee can be a model. Maybe. There are some crazy's taking the course with me and I wouldn't want to subject her to them. You'd get lots of free photos...buuuut, I'm thinking I might just call you one of these days and I'll come down there and take some for you. Maybe after my class is done and I know what I'm doing. hahaha! Anywho, class is on Tuesday nights from 6-9 if you ever think you might be able to bring her up. WOOHOO!

When I'm not exhausted, I'll tell you about Katie's 21st birthday dinner. Pretty mild as far as 21st's go...which is how I like it to be quite honest. BUT, I got a happy helping of food on my skirt. Oh yeah, and on my arm, and on my back, and in my hair...that should teach the waiter NOT to carry TEN plates on his arm at ONCE!!! Not lying...Holy Quacamole. Pun totally intended.

Peace out.

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