Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Deep Doo-Doo

I caught some hardcore flack for not posting a picture of my Squishy, Nash. Word to his motha...I DIDN'T GET TO SEE HIM OVER THE FOURTH! SOMEONE didn't bring him to see his Aunt Liz. So there. :)

But because I'm a bigger person than she is and I have a much kinder heart (JUST KIDDING!) I will oblige and post pictures of my favorite man.

P.S. Tonight is my first Baby n' Toddler photography class!! I am going to recruit you to come down and stay with me one of these weeks so he can be a model in class!!


amanda said...

Awww Liz I love you again! You are too funny- I guess I gotta let my voice be heard more often! Man that's a good-lookin kid! Anytime you want him, you can have him! love ya girl, thanks for lovin Nash!

favorite aunt to nash said...

i think the last one is my FAVORITE!!!

EKWisdom said...

awww...and that last one is the most recent too. i told him if he'd smile i'd give him a snack, remember? haha! goldfish here we come!!

amanda, my photog teacher wants to borrow you for maternity shots!!!