Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Everyone please keep me in your prayers tonight!! I am taking the monster test for the police department job tomorrow. EEK! I repeat...EEK!

Photography class tonight was muy interesante. The other peeps in the class are characters. The teacher has already told me I am his favorite and "Thank God you're here." haha! One is actually known as the "Crazy Cat Lady". OMG! I have my babysitting charges all lined up to come in next week and model for us tho!! Sweet little muffins! Amanda and all my little pregger and soon to be pregger friends, beware. I am gonna be fully equiped to take maternity AND baby pictures, not to mention toddlers and mini-people.

Seriously, if anyone needs some photos done, I can do Black and White, Wedding, Portrait and soon will be skilled in the art of BABIES! :)


cait marie said...

can i have copies of the pictures that you will be taking of these "mini people"? :)

Lena B said...

i've got a great subject here... big blue eyes and a pretty smile... she's ready for pictures whenever.

Incredimom said...

Hey - How'd that test go? When will you know something.