Sunday, July 09, 2006

Week in Review, Part I

After some much needed begging, I got a couple days off work last week. I had to babysit in Jenks on Saturday night and had asked my dear friend Kristen to help me out. In return, I was to "help her out" by going to her father's house for the weekend. Blech. I truly dislike that man, but for my friend I would do anything. Besides, she was doing me a HUGE favor by helping me babysit. I had no idea HOW huge until a couple hours before meeting our charges. More on that later. :)

So the weekend began with a normal day of work. I had beligerant clients and screaming cats...just like any other day. I left immediately following work to drive an hour to OKC where I would pick up Kristen and Reagan. No need having two cars going to all these places, so we decided to carpool. They were in Target when I arrived. I called Kristen and told her I was in the parking lot. "We're in clothes," she said. SURPRISE, SURPRISE! (Luv ya Kris) I walk in the store and spot my friend amidst the clothing. In the cart is the scrumptious Ms. Reagan. I peak my head around a rack of Mossimo jeans and she spies me... "Ohhhh...My Dizzi." I grinned from ear to ear. I had been waiting a month to hear those words. I love this kid like she's my own!! UGH! We continued to shop a while longer in Target and made our way to Old Navy. I think in the span of the week we spent 1/2 our time in Old Navy. :) Don't worry...I didn't spend TOO much money. haha! Here is where we found the green Cuban Soul Revival t-shirt that just screamed Drew's name! (See below for photo.) We bought it for him, of course. On the way out of town, we stopped by Arby's to get a drink and basically had change thrown at us from the girl at the window. Upon leaving the parking lot, we almost got hit by a REALLY EXPENSIVE car. This could be because we were staring at the two 'brothas' standing on the street corner. Only in OKC...

I let Kristen drive home because her hubby felt safer knowing that she was in control. It is their baby in the car of course. Absolutely no hard feelings for that request Brent...none. But let me share with you that I drive at 10 & 2. Your wife on the other hand, drove with her KNEE while talking on her cell phone and filing her nails. Not gonna lie, it was scary. haha!!! Juuuuuust kidding.

Soon after arriving at my house, we decided dinner was in order. MEXICAN FOOD HERE WE COME! I told Kristen how great this little restaurant was and that she wouldn't be disappointed. The food was average, definately not their best work, but it was their beverages that served to disappoint. There was a BUG in Kristen's margarita. a BUG. And no, it wasn't the worm from the tequila. She handed me her glass and sure enough, there he was, striped body and swimmy legs. I called over the waitress and asked her to remove the drink from our bill as it had living creatures in it. She took the glass with a grimace and walked away. I figured she would pour it out and bring us a new bill. Nooooo...apparently good customer service is too much to ask for. She and the MANAGER came over, glass in hand, and asked us to identify.the.bug. No lie. The manager glared at us and said that it was a lemon seed. I smarted off that last time I checked lemon seeds didn't have legs, nor do they swim. Kristen, by this point, was pissed and just wanted to leave. "FINE! I don't care. I'll just pay for it." The manager's response? "Ok." Ass. I will not be going there anytime soon. Okay, so I'll be there for Katie's 21st this week, but I will NOT be drinking the bug infested margaritas.

After dinner, we went to my former roommates house. My old house. It looks and feels SO DIFFERENT, but in a way, it still feels like home. Kristen did Caitlin's nails and then Cait gave Kristen a 1-hour massage. Oh, how I love have skilled friends. :) No matter how selfish that sounds, i'ts fabulous, Dearies. Reagan and I played and talked with Edwin while we waited on the girls. I tried to get her to call Edwin, Ben-Ben which is what his nieces call him. It came out more like BeeBee, but you take what you can get.

By the time we got back to my place, we were all thoroughly exhausted. Kristen slept on the couch and Reagan and I had the floor. It was an interesting experience to sleep with a squirmy child, I'll just say that. She flopped over on me once and woke herself up. "Mamma? Ohhh..My Dizzi." She was instantly back asleep. What a doll. I slept like CRAP tho...holy moley. I had to get up about 800 times to get my cats off of the counter, out of the trash or out of the closet. Finally, I locked them in the office. A few hours later, Kristen is standing over me. "Can I PLEASE let them out of that room? They're crying is driving me CRAZY?!" haha!

That morning we got up and prepared to drive to Jenks for our babysitting gig. That will be a WHOLE nother post because it was just that insane. Good day all, I'm off to church. :)

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