Monday, June 05, 2006

Burn Outs & Donut Holes

Due to the recent "Swamp Thing" remake in my living room I have been staying at my mom's house. But this weekend my friend Kristen and her family invited me to their place. I drove down on Friday evening and we all drove to Weatherford for the best catfish I have ever had. It was so good! AND it was reinforced with humor when Kim backed the car into a pole at the gas station. Marvelous! Oh yeah, and the fact that my friend Brent was already drunk by the time I got there made it even more fun. He is FUNNY when he's been drinkin'. haha! The next day Kristen had school and Kim had to work so Brent and I took Reagan to the Burn Out! For those of you who don't know (I didn't either.) this is where it is LEGAL to burn your tires and peel out. In fact, they talked a police officer into doing it in his squad car. Quite entertaining! It was so much fun! The smell of burgers on the grill, burning rubber and suntan lotion. The sound of classic rock, squealing tires and laughter. Who could ask for more? Did I mention there were some amazing cars there??? There was a Nova I would have given my right leg for, but then I wouldn't have been able to push the gas pedal. :) I'm so funny.

After that, we headed to the city where we visited Bass Pro Shop and Old Navy. Kristen was with us by then and we went home to dinner. Typical night, nothing exciting. Now Sunday morning is when the FUNNIEST thing happened. Kristen and I decided we were going to run to Daylight Donuts and get breakfast. We pulled up to the drive-thru and this little foreign lady was there. We gave her the order. She filled it. We gave her money. She took it. Typical transaction. But as she was handing Kristen back her credit card, she knocked over the bag of donut holes and one wee little guy rolled out onto the counter. She looked at us with this expression of absolute shock and amazement. "OH! I so sowy!" She then proceeded to pick up the hole with her bare hands (off the not so sterile window sill I might add), blows on it, brushes it off, puts it back in the bag and tries to hand it to Kristen. EEEWW! Kristen said, "Oh I don't want that one." So the lady says, "Ok." and puts her hand in the bag to take out the one, lone hole. "No, no, no...I don't want that BAG of holes." So the lady goes and gets us a "new" bag. We're not 100% sure it was new, but we hope so. (Hi BRENT! Hope you enjoyed those holes.) haha!

Sunday was spent by the kiddy pool with Reagan and babysitting the most IRRITATING cry baby I have ever met in my life. The only time she didn't cry was when her benadryl kicked in and she fell asleep. Her slumber was stoccatoed by the occasional "suck-in-the-bottom-lip-gasping-for-air" post cry. If you don't know what I am talking about, I'm sorry. I would so demonstrate for you if I could because I used to cry just like that when I was a kid. haha! I'm not kidding. Holy crap. If Reagan were like that, I wouldn't be there to visit nearly as often. muahaha...

I stayed last night too as it was getting late and I didn't want to drive through road construction on I-35 in the dark. So, I got up at 4:45 this AM to drive the hour and a half to work. Not my favorite thing to do, but it works. It was lightening like crazy and the clouds were amazing!! They made for an incredible view the whole way home. If I didn't think I would be late for work, I would have stopped to take pictures. Not kidding. It was that breathtaking. I wish someone had been there to share it with me.

Now, I'm off to nap. The apartment is still wet and muggy but it is getting better. I'm going to stay at mom's a night or two more just to be on the safe side. I keep telling myself, it could have been SO much worse.

Love, Liz

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mmmm brent loves doughnut holes!!