Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Natural High

Life is full of things that make me happy. Little things that make me stop and remember how great it is to be alive. Here are a few of my natural highs...what are some of yours?

1. A great song on the radio that just seems to fit your exact mood.
2. Having a crush.
3. Driving with the windows down.
4. A kiss from a snuggly kitten.
5. A hug from a friend.
6. A phone call from a friend you just happened to be thinking of.
7. Listening to a kid giggle over something you were dying to giggle at too.
8. Fully submerging yourself in a pool of water for the first time all summer.
9. Getting sunburnt and knowing that this time next week, you're gonna be TAN!
10. A new box of crayons.
11. Flippin on the tv for noise and having it already be tuned in to a rerun of Friends.
12. A bouqet of pink flowers on the counter at work, just cause.
13. A great workout.
14. A new set of scrubs.
15. That first sip of an ice cold fountain Dr. Pepper from Sonic. mmmm...
16. Being called beautiful.
17. Knowing someone misses you.
18. The smell of rain...the sound of thunder...OH! Storms in general.
19. Doing something for yourself, simply for the joy of it.
20. Saying thank you for something and seeing the look on that persons face.

OH! The list could go on...
Tell me yours.

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