Monday, June 19, 2006

Dad's Day

Before I delve into tonights post, let me first ask you, “How cool am I?”

I’m 24.
I’m single.
I live alone...
and I’m home watching, The Lion King.

YES! I am an amazing being and you all should be oh, so jealous. J

Today’s post is in reference to Father’s Day. I know...I’m late. But honestly, did you expect anything else? I thought it might be nice to reminisce a little and share with you my favorite memories with some of my favorite Dad’s. For those of you who are a bit confused, yes, I do only have one dad, however there have been many men throughout my life who are/were amazing fathers. So, here it goes...

Dad: My dad and I were the best of friends when I was a kid. There was never a question in my mind that I wasn’t the apple of his eye. I have lots of great memories of my dad, but my two favorites are from when I was little. We were living in Enid and Dad worked for an oil company. I got to go along on one of his trips to check on a rig. We got to eat out just the two of us and he would stop at a local gas station and buy me a soda and a candy bar. I wore his welding glasses and a big, old “Woolybooger” hat and sat in the front seat of his work truck. We would listen to Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues and Jimmy Buffett on cassette as we drove down the long Oklahoma roads. He taught me to wave at every.single.passing car. My other favorite was when we had just moved to Illinois. I was 13 years old and was laying in the living room floor watching “Father of the Bride”. He sat behind me reading the paper. I heard him lower the paper and clear his throat. I turned to see him staring at me. When I asked him what was wrong, he asked me to promise him that one day when I got married, that he’d get to walk me down the aisle. At the time, I thought it was an ubsurd request, because who else would I have do that. After a few years of changes and some harsh words were shared, the thought crossed my mind that I would have my brother do it when the time came. That promise from 11 years ago always pops back into my head and I know that I would never go back on. Despite all the changes that have occurred, I know that I am still the apple of his eye.

Granddad Harvey: One of the BEST men I have ever known. He loved quietly, and often in a reserved manner, but he loved like no other. I can remember countless times sitting near him on the couch. He would be smoking his pipe that smelled better than anything I can remember. We would watch hunting or fishing shows or some old western...we would watch in silence. But then, he would shake his fist at me, wink and call me Sugar Plum. He always had change in his pocket, too. It was such a treat, such a simple pleasure, to have Granddad give you a quarter from his pocket. I miss him terribly.

Grandpa Wayne: Probably THE funniest and most “character like” person I know. He always had a way of making me feel like I was his favorite, even though I’m sure all the grandkids felt that way. He tells the best stories, and the most random jokes. My Grandma Elaine calls them his “Wayneisms”. He has a talent for just about everything. Painting, cooking, wine making, woodworking, carpentry, stained glass, glass etching, name it, this man can do it. He loves with reckless abandon.

Papa: Papa Bear was not my biological grandpa, but he might as well have been. Since I was 4 years old he has loving referred to me as one of his own. He included me in family events and welcomed me into his arms and home. His granddaughter and I grew up as best friends and I think he found great comfort in that. There was never a time where I graced their dinner table that he didn’t specifically include me in his prayers. I remember his daily wear of white t-shirt and overalls and his laugh that could light up a room. He was a great man and I miss him very, very much.

Uncle Mark: Mark is definitely one of those guys who is a charmer. He has this amazing knack for making you feel like you are the most wonderful person in the world. When you’re with him, you are the only person in the room. I have great memories from him when I was growing up. When he would come to visit, it was a HUGE deal! He was fun and carefree and everything that I wanted to be. He has great taste in music and movies, he loves to shop and he is a hopeless romantic. When I need a shoulder to lean on or a good laugh, he is the guy I turn to. He gives advice, but only when it is requested. He is terrible at returning phone calls, but when he is truly needed, he is there without fail.

Uncle Andrew: My Uncle Andrew and I never lived fewer than thousands of miles apart so I really didn’t get to grow up with him. But the few times we did get to meet, we had more fun than I can explain. We never even went to do anything, but he was SO funny and so genuine that it didn’t matter. Andrew was my lumberjack uncle. He’s from Washington state and talks with an Oklahoma drawl. He wears hiking boots with running shorts and has a thing for chocolate milkshakes. My favorite memory of Andrew was when I moved back to Oklahoma with my mom. He loaned us money to get a u-haul and personally loaded and moved us to Stillwater. He paid for a crew of guys to come help us unload and made sure that we were taken care of. He never once asked for anything in return, just wanted ‘his girls’ to be cared for. He is an amazing dad to his two young daughters and has raised them to be two of the most well rounded individuals I have ever met. He would take them fishing and hunting, and then the next night, turn around and take them to a father/daughter dance. He is a great dad to his girls and a great uncle to me.

I’m sure there are more that I should list on here, but these are the six most influential men in my life. A couple of them are gone now, but the imprint they left on my heart is permanent. Between these guys, I know that if I needed ANYTHING, it would be provided. Whether it would be a an ear to listen to my most recent broken heart, a recipe for a good casserole, a hearty belly laugh, a simple gesture of love and adoration, a bear hug or a walk down the would be provided. Thank you to the best men I know for being so amazing, that I am willing to share you with the world.

Love, Liz

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thank you for including my papa on your list. you're not the only one who misses that laugh