Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On the Sunny Side of the Street



*Carpets are clean.
*Ceiling only has a couple more steps until it's fixed.
*My kitties got to come home!!!!
*Pet deposit has been waived to compensate for the pet boarding expenses.
*Went shopping with Katie-Ladie.
*Have the speakers hooked up to my computer finally and can now listen to TUNES!
*Getting ready to do Pilates AGAIN and feel great about myself.

Thank you Lord for this blessed day. SO MUCH BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! (And even it had it's silver lining.)

This is Nicole our new nurse at the clinic and one of my squishy babies, Fuji. He is getting HUGE! He's not even a year old yet!!!

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Cait Marie said...

I'm glad your day is better!!! He is massive by the way!!! And I like Nicole's scrub top, way cute! Love you!