Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Great Flood of 2006

So I was sitting in my apartment this afternoon, watching a little Oprah, paying a few bills. Generally, enjoying the peace and quiet. I had cleand the house, baked a cake and was sitting down to pay the remainder of my bills when (BOOM!!!) there is an explosion above me. I jumped straight off the sofa and suddenly, there is gallons upon gallons of hot water flowing down my north wall. I have never seen so much water. I opened the front door and saw that it was not only inside, but flowing out of the eaves. I hauled ass to the main office and burst through the door. THEREWASANEXPOLISONANDNOWMYAPARTMENTISFLOODINGOHMYGOD! The guy looked at me like, "Oh, s**t." He ran behind me and immediately went to the apartment above me. There was no water to be seen. He then ran to turn off the water to the entire building but the maintenance man apparently decided he needed to take the water valve key home as a souvenire. About 20 minutes and a trusty pair of pliers later, the water is off. The ceiling on the south wall of my living room is buckled and full of water, the carpet is flooded with approximately 2 inches or more of very warm water and all of my furniture has been shoved into other rooms. Turns out that a pipe between the floors burst (actually a part that was replaced ONCE BEFORE malfunctioned and now a law suit could be pending) and flooded my place and the one immediately west of mine that is vacant. I get a months free rent, my carpets cleaned for free and I only have to pay a pet deposit on one of my cats. So, today had its deep ends and shallow ends of the "Oh, s**t" pool. My apartment smells and looks like a swamp, but I can pay rent this month.

All is well.

It could have been so much worse and I am very thankful. Tonight, and more than likely for a few more, I will be staying at my moms house. The carpet is all pulled up and there are fans under the padding. Wouldn't make for a very good nights sleep I reckon.


Anonymous said...

DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i can help in anyway please let me know...Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, I know how you feel. I'm glad they are giving you free rent, I demanded it as well. Welcome to the club!