Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bill & Ted Have Nothing on Me


So this has been a very interesting weekend. I shall recap...brace thy selves.

Friday: I packed the night before for the weekend, as I was staying the night in El Reno and then getting up early to make the drive to Euless, Texas. I got up as usual and went to work like any ordinary day. I ran home after work to grab Matt's PikePass (he's such a doll for letting me borrow it) and then stopped by Sonic to grab a road drink. I got on the road and made my way to Bethany, OK. I stopped there to pick up my niece (Reagan) who was at school with her mom. She was sleeping peacefully when I got there, but woke up long enough to realize I wasn't her mom. She wasn't all too happy with that situation until we got on the road and we started singing. :) She sang, "Melmo, melmo, mamamamamama..." most of the way. She is such an absolute doll. I LOVE HER! We made it to El Reno where we hung out until her Daddy and Mimi got home. It was a wonderfully, splendid time between friends but we were both ready to see some more people. (We were running out of things to sing about.) :) After Kristen got home from work, we stayed up late dying Easter eggs...(actually, Kristen did most of it.) and then Brent and I worked on designing him a tattoo. That's right...we were creating a tattoo for Brent with his baby girls initials in it. RJR. How sweet!

Saturday: Rise and Shine! Bright and early we rose to a beautiful day. We dressed for the wedding we would be attending and went to breakfast at Sid's Diner. There was a rather good looking older gentleman sitting behind us that Kristen and I immediately noticed. He was cute, until he spoke. JERK! Holy crap. I'm not 100% sure I can even accurately depict how vile I find this man, and I don't even know him. He spoke of how his woman should be, "Greatful she has a good man who works hard." He described how when he got home and his boys were home, her place was there, making it comfortable for him while he "rested" and that she should have dinner on the table and the laundry done with no complaints...yadda, yadda, yadda. OH I WAS SO CLOSE TO THROWING MY SPOON AT HIM! Lucky for him, Reagan was playing with it at the time. :) We left Sid's and took Reagan to a friend of the family's to stay the day. We got her situated and got on the road, heading South. Euless or Bust. The trip was a very enjoyable one! We played lots of random music and sang the whole way. We told stories, discussed deep and meaningful issues, some not so deep and meaningful issues and laughed a whole, whole lot. If its possible, I love these people more and more everytime I see them. We left in plenty of time and we made INCREDIBLE time, therefore, our first order of business was to look for a tattoo parlor. :) We realized quite quickly that TEXAS SUCKS. Yes, I said it. Texas is the WORST place in the world!! There is not a valid sign ANYWHERE in the dadgum state and because of this we made our way between FOUR towns in the matter of half an hour. And not one of this lovely villas was the town we were looking for. We backtracked, we circled, we finally.found. After calling two people, stopping for directions at least three times and finally finding a nice, strapping frat boy who hit on my married friend...we found the golf course. In the words of Kristen, "We have pastures and cows to seperate our towns, you people have STOP SIGNS." We finally arrived at a beautiful manicured course, with some beautifully manicured people on it. The bride was gorgeous, the attendants were ravishing, and I couldn't have been more jealous. :) I was greener than the grass. Kristen and I hung out for a bit, watched the beautiful ceremony that lasted maybe 20 minutes, sat and had a beer and then called Brent to come and get us. We had a pressing engagement...a tattoo needed to be born. Okay, so that's not all that happened. I found out my Ryan is engaged. Ryan. The sweet little kid who lived next door to me for years. The little boy who I loved like a little brother, is engaged to be married. To a girl I don't know. A girl I have not yet approved of. *sigh* Then, I was seated next to a VERY goodlooking man at the wedding and WOW did he ever smell handsome. No words were spoken, so I had no idea until we sat down at the reception together, that I was not the persuasion he seeked. Very lovely man, who sought another very lovely man. :( So sad. We left the wedding and went on another excursion to find a tattoo shoppe. We found Pipeline Tattoo Company in Euless, Texas and it was pretty dadgum sweet. Brent's tattoo guru, Adrian, was a wiz and took our design and made it a reality. Here are some photos from the weekend...more will come, because I haven't even told you about the REST of Saturday (Yes, there is more!) and Sunday! Such an insane weekend!! Much love, Liz

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Nicotine Jones said...

Sounds like you fit a ton of things into one little weekend...You must be tired!