Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Storm

*another piece for Creative Writing, OSU

The Storm

The storm in the heart rages on
like a warning beacon to the lonely.
For those who are the most forlorn
are the most likely to be captured.

The storm in the mind rages on
like a debate gone madly awry.
Tread lightly!
For those who are quick to speak
often lose their own meaning.

The storm in the soul rages on
like a desperate cry for attention.
Use caution!
For those who stand for nothing
are liable to fall for anything.

1 comment:

Nicotine Jones said...

I like this. Lots of synchronicity...

I'm not a big fan of poetry in general, though. I took a class at OSU (Ohio State!) and got my best marks describing my roommate opening a beer, reading the label and taking a gulp. Took like 2 minutes. The ones I spent time on got marked down - lucky to escape with a "B".