Monday, March 13, 2006

On This Day, Part Deux

On this day:
I was told I am beautiful. I believe him. :)
I ate a chocolatey donut. Mmm...
I only had to work until 12:30!
Cait and I went to get ice cream and I didn't feel the least bit guilty.
I braved Wal-Mart.
I made a scrumptrulescent meal of Grilled Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, Green Beans and Garlic Bread.
I talked to MANY friends on the phone.
I learned that my 'niece' used the potty all by herself today and I am so proud! (and so sad. She is growing up WAY too fast.)
I learned that my dad is in the hospital...on morphine...and I can't be there.
I watched Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Voldemort (aka He Who Shall Not Be Named) scared me until I realized it was Ralph Feinnes and I just pictured him dancing with Jennifer Lopez. All was right in the world.
I text messaged an old friend and just said 'Luv u'. Just to see what he'd say. haha! He said, 'Aww..'
I decorated my entire apartment in my head. I don't live there yet.
I contemplated trading Dory in on her Hybrid sister. How SWEET would that be?!
I had the house to myself again tonight, so I stood in the kitchen and sang at the top of my lungs. :) Oh, yes...


amanda said...

What do you sing? I always sing R.E.S.P.E.C.T. or "part of your world" from the Little Mermaid!

EKWisdom said...

Aaaahaha!! So someone other than me does this?! Marvelous!
I sang "Somewhere over the rainbow" haha!!

Nicotine Jones said...

Nice...I hope your father is OK...