Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hot! Hot! Hot!

So yeah...the thermometer in our living room reads that it is 94 degrees in here and 125 outside. Not gonna lie, that's dadgum HOT! Okay, so the actual gizmo thats reading that is back at our old house somewhere and we have no idea if its in direct sunlight or not...assuming it is. :)

Seriously, it's so blasted hot in here that the cats are passed out on the rug like sacks of potatos and I'm sweating profusely. I would turn on the air, but yeah, that would be the easy option. ha!

Going to give you the random highlights of the day.

*Got talked down to and made to feel majorly insignificant.
*Got told I'm someone's hero. :)
*Got told that I am such a good writer, I make the other people in class look bad. HOOrah!
*Walked through the sprinklers on campus and had this unbelievable urge to squish my toes in the greenest grass I have ever seen. Seriously. OMG. Totally didn't do it though.
*Found out my good friend Brent is having a job interview this coming Tuesday! YAY! Everyone say your prayers that he gets it, okay? I am selfish and don't want him too because they would move further away, but then again...yeah, I want them to get it.
*Got told I have the most amazing eyelashes. Random? Yes. Flattering? Most definately.
*Contemplated going on a walk again. (Walked around Boomer Lake two nights in a row!)Then I remembered, oh yeah...HOT! HOT! HOT! Nevermind.
*Realized that I am so unbelievably happy for a very dear friend of mine who has the most flabbergastingly amazing boyfriend. Seriously, if you knew all the nice things this guy has done, you would kidnap and clone the little bastard. He made her a mixed tape ya'll...a MIXED TAPE. Totally 80's, totally cheesey, totally romantic beyond words. In addition to that, he's funny beyond words and completely understands "Pickles? You're trying to molest me via drive through."

I have nothing more to say. Have a great day all!

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