Sunday, April 23, 2006

Too Religious

I have recently heard through the grapevine that there are some people who no longer read my blog because I have become too "religious" for their liking. haha! To that I say...AMEN! :) It's not that I am a more religious person, I think its that I have finally found a place that lights a fire within my spirit and prompts me to be a better person. I have always been a believer, a spiritual person, but I have finally found a place that feeds me. If there are any people out there who feel that they have been missing something or feel that they would like to give church another try, I highly recommend Lifechurch. I'm not kidding. It has inspired me to make changes in my life and has given me hope for the future in ways I never knew possible. Even if you'd like to give it a try in the privacy of your own home, you can now visit the newest campus on the internet. You will watch the same thing that we see every Sunday.

Today, the questions we asked were "Why are we here? What should I do with my life? Is this all there is? What now?" I have asked myself each of these questions very, very recently and it was comforting to hear a new perspective on it. Basically, I know that it was no accident I was in that church today. It is no accident that I am where I am. I need to work harder on not being successful, but on being significant. I want my life to have purpose so badly, that I have been overlooking the fact that it already does. My purpose may be a small role, but it is a significant one that I am honored to have. I feel sorry for those who don't realize that church doesn't have to be a structured place where you feel guilty everytime you leave. (Believe me, I believed that too.) I wish they could find what I have found, a place where you are truly inspired and uplifted and welcomed. A place where you see that we are forgiven and loved. To those of you who have walked away from it or felt pushed away from it, I hope you realize that you are still loved and there is a place where you can be embraced.


Cait Marie said...

I'm in love with our church as well. I'm so glad you have found comfort there. What a blessing. I love my Liz!!!!

Anonymous said...

go liz....nobody loves you like i do!!

amanda said...

Well I don't think you're religious enough- more preachin, more teachin, more black sin bleachin!!! gooooooooo God!!!