Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nuttin' Honey

There's not a whole lot going on here to blog about these days, but I didn't want to leave my loyal subjects wondering about my whereabouts. Here I sit, fingers poised above the keys, yet no thoughts are with me...what to say? What to say?

I guess I'll just a quick recap and call it a night:

*Matt paid me the money he owed me for groceries. DORY GETS A FULL TANK O' GAS TOMORROW!
*Walked around Boomer with Cait n' Ed...laughed the WHOLE way around.
*Fed up with my job.
*Got told (by a guy) that if he could change one thing about me, that he would make me a guy so he could date me. HECK YES! That is one CREATIVE and unique compliment.
*Watched bits n' pieces of Ace Ventura.
*Downloaded some sweet music. I was surprised to realize just how much I missed music. I listen to the same crap on the radio day in and day out and I miss being in the know.
*Got told I was stunning. :)
*Found out my Drew is coming to see me this JUNE!
*Got some interesting news that I can't share quite yet because I don't know enough details yet.
*Cait and I went throught the "chute" at Blue Cow Burger...don't ask.
*Talked to the Lord of the Land...(my new landlord) and put finalizations on my new casa May 1st.
*The roomies painted pictures for my new casa so I can have a piece of them with me. We debated whether or not to put pieces of hair and eyelashes into the paint...JUST KIDDING.
*My cat is totally chasing his tail right now...and I love it. He's brilliant.

I can't think of anything else right now...what an exciting life I lead, eh? You want to be me. You know it.

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