Wednesday, May 31, 2006

100 Things You Probably Never Wanted to Know About Me

1. I was named after my maternal Grandmother.
2. My birthday is February 10 and I LOVE that. So close to Valentine's Day!
3. I love and hate Valentine's Day in equal portions.
4. My all time favorite song EVER is Kokomo by the Beach Boys. I think it reminds me of my childhood.
5. I love to watch sports in person (Seriously NEED to attend a baseball game SOON!) but I hate, hate, hate watching them on television.
6. I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason. I just have to remind myself of it daily.
7. I am a hopeless romantic. Key word...hopeless.
8. I hate anything to do with politics and government because I think people talk out their ass. Not even necessarily the politicians. Moreso, the people who are AGAINST the politicians. They annoy me.
9. My least favorite subject in college thus far has been Financial Accounting. 2nd is Macro Economics and 3rd is Micro Economics. Blech.
10. I am very picky when it comes to guys. picky.
11. I love the smell of rain so much that it has the ability to completely alter my mood. In fact, it is raining outside my open window as we speak.
12. I hate Tom Cruise and all that he stands for. I hope his wife gets post-partum depression and yoga doesn't help.
13. I can't stand to take a shower without immediately brushing my teeth. I think it's an OCD thing. MUST.BE.CLEAN!
14. I call my best friends (Female Version 2.0) daughter my niece and it gives me warm fuzzies. She will never know a day without love.
15. I detest slow drivers. I seriously think Texas and Missouri schools need to reevaluate their driver's ed programs.
16. My favorite color is green.
17. I used to detest pink and anything that resembled pink. Now, I find it makes me happy.
18. I am in love with Michael Buble. He could sing to me all day, every day and I would not ask him to stop.
19. God, my family and my friends are the most important thing in the world to me.
20. I try to avoid drama, but it always seems to follow me everywhere.
21. I always have something to worry about. I look forward to the day when I wake up without fear of...something.
22. I am already burned out with college but will continue for the blasted piece of paper that proclaims I have spent more than a lifesavings on an education I can barely define.
23. I work for a veterinarian. It made NOT want to be a veterinarian.
24. I love taking pictures. People, doesn't matter. I love to capture the moment. Every moment.
25. I have two tattoos.
26. I miss high school. Sometimes.
27. I have one older brother, Michael. We fight, but we love each other. I wouldn't trade him for anything.
28. My parents divorced when I was 18. It still stings.
29. I am most happy hanging out with friends in a casual environment. I love movies, music, parks, picnics, zoos, museums, sporting events.
30. I hate going to the bars.
31. I've never been skiing and I don't have a desire to ever go.
32. I can curl my tongue in two ways.
33. Daisies are my favorite flower. The simple, white ones with the yellow center and then the vibrant colors of the Gebera variety make me happy.
34. Spring is my favorite season. Fall is a close runner up.
35. I love hanging out with "the guys."
36. I cry at movies...and great commercials. That Folgers one from Christmas gets me every time.
37. I love Cranberry Limeaides from Sonic.
38. I desperately want to fall in love. Hard.
39. I am bitter to those who have everything handed to them, and at the same time feel sorry for them. They will never know the value of themselves.
40. I love to sing, but you don't want me to.
41. My favorite alcoholic beverage is an Amaretto Sour or a Cherry Vodka Sour. However, I am a closet beer lover.
42. I bite my lip when I am nervous.
43. My mom tells me I'm the most confident person she knows. Frightening how little she must know about me. I am the most self conscious person I know.
44. The only thing I will ever trade my car in on is the hybrid version of itself.
45. I'm terrified of being alone forever. Moreso, of never being a mom.
46. I am terrible at balancing my own check book. Eek!
47. I love a good compliment. Thanks, Jay.
48. I can't roller skate to save my life.
49. I love road trips.
50. I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I have already purchased the first nine episodes of the first season.
51. I detest reality television. People, there is NOTHING "real" about it.
52. I love laughing. It's like jogging on the inside.
53. I wore braces for almost 2 years.
54. My life is complete, as I have held a sleeping child in my arms.
55. I love it when people think I'm funny...especially when I'm not trying.
56. I feel safe hiding behind my glasses. I don't want contacts because then I'd be exposed.
57. My dad and I have hazel eyes. My mom and brother have blue.
58. I get a high from helping others.
59. I did the Dragon's Wing at Six Flags; it is one of the most freeing experiences of my life.
60. I have told two guys that I love them. They both said it back. I don't talk to either one anymore. :(
61. I've had one speeding ticket in my entire driving career. I speed all.the.time.
62. I am relearning to have faith. I have found a church home and became a member.
63. My two best friends tell me they love me...and mean it. I love them too.
64. I cannot stand big sunglasses. You people look like bugs.
65. I have been accepted to three universities in my life time.
66. I am a published poet.
67. When I am walking upstairs and I'm alone, I break out in a run because I have this weird fear that someone is behind me or under the stairs.
68. I had a reoccuring dream as a child that I would watch my parents sleep.
69. My first real memory is from our house on Maple in Enid. I think I lived there until I was five.
70. I recently learned that my dog Frosty didn't run away.
71. I've been to the emergency room twice.
72. I had my elbow cracked by a bass drum during a marching band practice in high school.
73. I was sent to the principles office once in my life. I got In School Suspension.
74. I hate new situations. Once I get comfortable, I'm okay.
75. I have flown by myself 3 times.
76. I was always teachers pet.
77. I would rather buy a DVD than food.
78. I remember my first kiss and really wish I couldn't. haha!
79. I am a virgin. YAY FOR ME! (When people learn this about me, they always appear shocked...then jealous.)
80. I dislike fake people.
81. I used to want to be a teacher until I learned that I play favorites very, very badly.
82. I've been to 10 US States.
83. I live in Tornado Alley and have for the majority of my life.
84. I have been to over seven funerals.
85. In weddings, I have been the guest book attendant, scripture reader, candle lighter, cake cutter, announcement hander outer, candid photographer, corsage guru and gofer.
86. I love to decorate my house.
87. I am unbelievably sentimental. I can't bear to get rid of memories.
88. I desperately want to learn to play the piano and the guitar.
89. I believe you should always respect other people, no matter what.
90. I love technology and I spend WAY too much money on it.
91. My mom calls me at least once a day.
92. I pawned my flute for rent money when I moved to Oklahoma and regret it every single day. (See #87)
93. My nicknames are Liz, Izzi, Dizzi, Ard, Franki and Bubble
94. I wish on stars.
95. I love Chinease food and hate Japanese.
96. When I was a kid, I would be so terrified of getting in trouble or disappointing my parents that I made myself physically ill with worry.
97. I've held a job since I was 15.
98. The Stillwater Chief of Police, during a job interview (when discussing my college transcript during full time employment) told me, "Those are damn good grades girl."
99. I have a very eclectic love of music.
100. I could watch reruns of Full House and Friends every day and never get tired of them.


CaitMarie said...

This post made me happy! I love you!

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