Sunday, May 21, 2006

Randomness, Gotta Luv It

So, Best Friend wasn't able to come to do a killer sinus infection. :(

To pass the time without her, I ran some errands with my mom in the morning and we had breakfast and watched a movie. I really don't recommend Dick & Jane with Jim Carey & Tea Leoni...not really a winner. Kinda bland. I then went home and took the most amazing nap ever. *sigh* I never take naps so this one was truly refreshing. I spent the rest of my day cleaning and attempting to organize what was left of my moving boxes. Edwin & Caitlin came over for a visit and to see the new place. It was really good to see them again. I know it has only been a week, but man, it seems like forever! I have resorted to talking to myself and the cats. And people, that's scary. After they left, they called to let me know I got a letter from the Police Department regarding the job. I drove straight over. I prayed the whole way to their house that God would let me be content with whatever the letter said. I wanted to open it and be completely satisfied with the outcome. It worked. :) I opened the letter to reveal the words of, "You passed the interview process and are ranked number five out of twenty." I am okay with it. A little saddened, sure. But all in all, I'm okay. There is still a VERY slim chance I will get the position, but slim, very slim. I am going to continue with the original plan of working part time now and going to school full time while relying on student loans. Things will work out just as they are meant to. Thank you deeply to all of you who offered your name as a reference as well as your prayers and well wishes. They made a world of difference.

Caitlin met me at the apartment this morning and we went to church together. As always it was a really good sermon. We had to sit in the second row however and I think I may have strained my neck trying to look up and sing the words to the songs. haha! There was a dad there with his little girl and it was the cutest thing EVER. She was dressed up in this frilly little dress with flowers on it. When the song said something about 'children dancing' he would spin her and she would giggle...SO.DADGUM.CUTE.

After church we went and got lunch and then went back to the Ramsey house. It was beyond weird to sit in that house. Everything was different. It felt spacious. ha! Something we definately didn't have with 5 of us living there. THEN, people, I worked out. Yes, I know...surprising. haha! While eating lunch, Cait and I watched E! Entertainment Television and saw all the extreme diets that celebs go on. Rediculous stuff I tell you. I however, just don't want to be a cow. Therefore, Tae-Bo, here I come. I worked out, showered and then decided to clean the bathroom. I know, I am so full of randomness today it's insane.

While cleaning I had my laptop playing some tunes. The shuffle started to play a song my friend Travis had written me when I moved from Illinois to Oklahoma. "I'm not great at goodbye's, so I'll just say so long..." It almost made me cry! While unpacking last night, I came across letters that Clint and Sherene had written me and a sweatshirt Bear let me have. In everything that life has thrown my way, I have never had to wonder one day if I was loved. I have the best friends in the whole world. It made me so homesick to think about it, which is strange because I now call Stillwater home. This is home to me. This is where I have worked so hard to create a life for myself. A job, a home... But to those of you who read this, and even to those of you who may not, please know how much your friendship has meant to me all these years. I moved away in 2001 and I can swear to you a day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought about you. Missed you. To Travis, Nathan, Clint, Brad, Suzanne, Sherene, Drew, Kory and so many more...I love you now, I loved you then, and I will love you always.

After making sure the bathroom was Spic n' Span, I loaded up my laundry and headed to mom's house. I am using her internet because I STILL DON'T HAVE IT AT MY PLACE. For those of you who know me at know this is almost as bad as telling me there will be no more chocolate. No more oxygen. No...more...INTERNET. OMG!! The horror!! Thank God my Mom is still connected to the digital world.

I am going to bring this long winded note to a close and go finish up my laundry.

Have a great week all!!
Love, Liz


DrewQ said...

Um...I believe that you forgot the (female version) in your naming of Best Friend. The male version is not too happy about this. I'm just saying.

EKWisdom said...

I'm so sorry Drew. My excitement had me completely overtaken.

"So, Best Friend (female version 2.0) wasn't able to come due to a killer sinus infection."