Wednesday, May 31, 2006



DrewQ said...

You's funny. I see the title of this entry....and I think to myself...Family:Friends oooh Drew! But you know what? There was no Drew! I see LBFTIAG....but no LBFTIAB. But whatever. It's cool. I guess I can deal, because I got to see a picture of the cutest baby in the world. Miss ya!

EKWisdom said...

Well, LBFTIAB, that is easy to explain. YOU didn't come see me this weekend and LBFTIAG did. :) I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY!!!
Oh and guess what I noticed. LBFTIAG's mom has your birthday on her calendar. How sweet is that?

amanda said...

Babies,Babies everywhere! Wish we could have spent more time with you Liz! Thanks for always including Nash-man! love ya!