Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bring on the Ben & Jerry's

So how long has it been since I have written anything worth reading? Ohh...quite some time I fear. :)

Here's a rundown on what's been new:

* I broke down and bought an iPod. FABULOUS little device that has rekindled my love for music. Got any new faves? Send 'em my way...i'm looking to branch out.
* Took my last final today. THANK GOD! I couldn't be more happy that they're done, but of course, hindsight is 20/20 and I see now that I should have studied a LOT harder. I am disappointed in myself already and I haven't even seen the grades yet.
* I became a member of my church the Sunday before last. I am THRILLED with my decision and feel refreshingly different now. I am looking into joining a Lifegroup soon and am so excited! I know! Me and new things usually don't mesh...weird.
* I have developed a newfound love for country music. NOT ALL OF IT...but some, I must admit.
* I signed the lease on my new apartment last Monday and am SO EXCITED! Yay! I get to move in the week of Friday the 13th...spooky.
* Found out that the sofa I was supposed to get has been revoked. haha! I now have to look into buying living room furniture. The current decision is to sit on milk crates until I can afford something else.
* I can now speak of the "exciting news" from a previous post as I have confessed to my boss that I have applied for a new job. There is a very good chance I won't get it and I don't want to speak of it too much on here and jinx myself. It is a great opportunity and the whole process has been a learning experience, regardless of the outcome.
* I met a nice guy at church. That's it. We've met. Nothing else as of yet, I'll keep you posted.
* I went to get a poster framed at Hobby Lobby this weekend. The frame I picked out was going to cost $295. EEK! And that was 50% off people!! Needless to say, I chose a different...CHEAPER...frame.
* At this very moment I feel an unexplainable need to cry.
* It feels like Friday, but nope. Bummer. I have to work tomorrow AND sit through a staff meeting where I will be told I am to blame for things I didn't know I could be to blame for. Okay, so I'm mildly exaggerating, but what the heck. This is my blog. :)
* Heard on the radio that Huey Lewis and the News and Chicago will be at the OKC Zoo in June and I REALLY want to go!! Any takers?
* I think I'm getting sick. Allergies...blasted allergies.
* I have the best uncle in the whole world.
* Today is my roommate Caitlin's birthday! HAPPY 22!
* May 5th is my best FEMALE friend Kristen's (hi Drew!) birthday! YAY! HAPPY 24!
* May 5th my friend Sara has her RN pinning ceremony! Good job!
* May 6th is my roommate Matt's birthday! HAPPY 23!
* May 6th is also OSU Graduation...Congrats to Misty, Edwin & Matt!
* I learned that my friend A.J. is going to be a mommy...again! ANOTHER SQUISHY!
* My cousins Will & Joan found out they are going to be the proud parents of a baby boy!! YET ANOTHER SQUISHY!
* My office has the best kitty cat in the whole wide world (don't tell my cats I said that) for adoption and if you're interested you should leave me a message. Tommy wants a rockin' home so no posers aloud.
* Katie brought everyone in the office a Sonic Cherry-Limeade today and it MADE.MY.DAY. That girl rocks my face off. If I got this new job...I'd miss her lots. She's one of those "lifer" type friends though. She's a keeper.
* I have had more than my fair share of caffeinated beverages today and this blog post could very well be proof of that.
* I haven't eaten one healthy thing today.

I think that might actually be all...surprising? I think so. I'll try to keep you better informed now that school is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! Come on! Everyone, celebrate with me. WHOORAH!


Nicotine Jones said...

Congratulations on all the good stuff. Good luck with the new place.

caitmarie said...

Matt's birthday is totally the 5th not the 6th. Just a little reminder for ya! I just saved your butt!!! Yet one more reason you LOVE me! Right?...

EKWisdom said...

I totally swapped Matt & Kristen's b-days! I am SO getting my ass kicked over that one....