Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Party Hardy

So tonight was the annual clinic picnic. I am getting fired.
Here's how the story played out...
The crew and I, including Dr. C, Dr. P, Sue Ann, Shana, Jacey and myself, walked approximately 1 mile to the park where Dr. P's husband was awaiting with FOOD! We sat, sweating profusly, to a delicious picnic dinner. YUM! We then decided to play a game of Water Balloon Volley Ball. This was hilarious and it was wonderful to see my boss laughing so much. She was having a great time and I think after this past week, she needed some fun. We had an absolute blast! No pun intended. As our game was winding down, Sue Ann and I conspired to use the remaining balloons to sneak attack our opponents. We were too late. We were submarined. Before we could even begin to flinch, three, large, water balloons were zooming at our heads. I felt the immediate need to reak havak on them and to redeem some form of revenge. I ran as fast as I could for the empty balloon bucket, full knowing that a good 5 inches of water remained in the bottom. I grabbed it just as Dr. P reached it and we both got a little damp. I chased everyone for awhile, amidst a sea of shreaks and giggles. We were all laughing hysterically! Dr. P ran under the pavilion and sought shelter amongst the food. Dr. C made the comment between giggles, "Liz, we don't love you as much now as we did before." I turned to face her...ever so slowly...and said, "I heard that." Next thing she knew, at least a gallon of water was being hurled her way. I soaked my boss. I am getting fired. haha! No, actually she found it quite funny and proceeded to launch her solitary balloon at me. We then took a bunch of pictures of all us girls hanging off the playground equipment and going down the slides. What a great time! (Pics will be posted as soon as I get some emailed to me. Hint Hint Shana!) Once again, my poor Digital's battery is dead. I'm not sure what to do about it besides...oh, I don't know...GET A NEW ONE!! It will be here on Monday!!

I have a random question for you...Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Caitlin and I were watching Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nickolson and Diane Keaton yesterday. In the movie his character says that it is unhealthy to sleep on one side of the bed when there is no one to sleep on the other. Therefore, you must sleep in the middle. I always sleep on one side. I'm not real sure why. I can also sleep in almost any position. On my back, my stomach, my side...doesn't matter. And I dream in color. Do you dream in color? I know this is random, but you know something else? This is my blog! G'nite folks.


incredimom said...

you scared me when I read the first line about getting fired! Yipes.
I sleep on Therman's Left -- the Left side of the bed, and when I married him, I was also on his left. That's the reason it works like that -- oh, and also, the door is closer to the left side of the bed and you don't think his perky butt is going to get up when the girls are sick do ya :)?

I sleep mostly on my belly, well, on my left side with my left leg straight and my right leg curled up to my tummy which kind of rolls me on to my tummy. I sleep on two pillows but about 15 minutes into sleep Therman jerks the pillow out from under my head to make me stop snoring.. ah, marriage - sure makes your neck hurt.

Now that I've given you way more info than you asked for, I'm gonna go night night!
Glad you updated, I get sad when people don't update. I like to read into people's lives because mine is so darn boring. Ok now, good night!

The Incurable Insomniac said...

Well, I don't sleep alone, so I sleep on the left side (if you're looking at the bed), or the right side (if you're in bed). I start out sleeping on my stomach, but I always wake up on my back. And yes, I usually dream in color.

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