Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Swim Lessons turn to Life Lessons

Yesterday I got to babysit three of the cutest kids I have ever seen. They are so much fun! First part of the afternoon was SWIM LESSONS! How much fun is that?! Turns out I know the instructor which was quite hilarious. Picture a middle aged balding man with a very large sombrero that reads "MEXICO" and a long sleeved yellow t-shirt. Now picture him in dark shades and floatin' around the pool like a frog on a lili pad. He had such great presence with the kids. He really was a great teacher. I think if I had learned from him I probably wouldn't have been so scared of water as a kid. Then, come to find out, I also knew one of the parents. He was my Comp I professor who I ADORED! He is THE only professor I have had thus far that has even remotely inspired me to continue my education. He is a great teacher and definately appeared to be an exceptional father. He was so funny! Making bubble boats and airplanes to make his little boy not quite so scared. The cutest thing ever, was that almost the WHOLE class was dad's with their kids. There was one mom and then there was me...the babysitter. It was so freakin' adorable that I have decided I'm going to pick up men at pee-wee swim classes. Who cares if its a ready made family. I'm cool with that. haha!

We then went back to the house where we had dinner, I changed a few nasty diapers and we watched Cinderella a couple times. We played "school" and I was taught to "put sweater socks on my kids or they'd get really bad colds...like cancer...from the 'blastering' winds." haha!! OMG. It was downright hysterical. We played for awhile and then it was time to get the kids to bed. Here's where the Life Lessons begin. I'm not ready for kids. Three kids under 10, trying to get them to bed, OMG. There was the need for water, there was peepee, there were ghosts and monsters under the bed. It was too dark, too quite, not right, just right. It was insane. They were completely wide awake when their parents returned at 10:30 which was hilarious in its own right. These kids are great. I am the only person aside from family who has ever watched them all at once, all by myself. Truthfully, I'm honored. I adore kids and couldn't be happier to get to watch them. They make feel young and old all the same time. Young in the sense that I'm not ready to grow up and perfectly comfortably drawing, playing with blocks and watching Disney movies. Old in the fact that I am who they look to for the drinks of water, the peepee time, and the hero who chases away the ghosts and monsters. I am the one who protects them and consoles them until their mother gets home. It makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, one day i'll make a good mom. It helps me to look forward to that with open arms while still holding those arms at a safe distance from adulthood. Not to mention, I haven't giggled like that in a looong time. The kind that starts in your toes and works its way up until it is bubbling from your lips in the most uncontrolable and exuberant fashion. These are the laughs that make the poopy diapers not so bad. ;)

Upon arrival home, I was greated by the most awful, stomach churning smell. our entire house smelled of crap! I went around the whole house with french vanilla air freshener and then Cait and I searched the whole house until we finally found the source. I'm not kidding. We searched every room and Cait even snifed the FLOOR to see if there was a sewage leak. Come to find out, there was a pile of shit in the hallway. GROSS! Not to worry though. a) it was animal shit, not human and b) Cait scrubbed the floor, on her hands and knees. The world is once again, at peace.

Now, it is time for me to go read some Harry Potter. That's right folks, I'm a through and through nerd. Nerd. G'nite all. Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

you are a nerd!!

but i'm still saying screw business and head straight for the journilism :)

Anonymous said...

haha i forgot to put my name....guess who