Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ventmyassoff Thursday

Hello Blogosphere...I write thee today, on what I proclaim Ventmyassoff Thursday. Here, I shall offer you the crude details of the people who annoy me.

To you, annoying people who incesantly call me with your mundane and idiotic questions and pointless stories. You, who wake up, roll over to your spouse (or spouse shaped pillow mound, you know, whatever) and say, "Today, I believe I will call Liz and annoy the living shit out of her. AND, I believe I will do it while she's PMSing and hasn't had a sufficient amount of either caffeine OR chocolate. Genious!" To you, I ask that you bite your tongue today and refrain from attempting to make my few remaining brain cells, explode.

To you, OSU students who insist on wearing your OU attire. If you are in fact an OU fan, fine, but when you are wearing it and strutting throught the Student Union merely to draw attention to your badass, rebel, OU-loving-self, then please...Go...Home. Your village called, they're missing their idiot.

To you, drivers of the road, must you go 2 miles per hour by the fender bender? We all know you're not trying to be cautious and avoid hitting the multitude of pedestrians that...aren't...there. We all know you're gawking. You, sick fiend, are hoping to see some blood...gore...or tears. It was a fender bender between a Pinto and an Escort. The only gore you will see is the unfortunate mix of the teal and magenta paint choices that, I can assure you, were immediately regretable. Keep...driving.

For now, that is all the venting I have. I'm sure there will be more as I STILL have not ingested an adequate amount of caffeine OR chocolate. Pray for me.


CaitMarie said...


kristen :) said...

uummm would i have been the one with the spouse who woke her friend to merly state that she would be making the treacherous drive to stillwater osu..and instead i thought the friend should drive her hiney to okc for some much needed frontier city action? huuummmmm...and then kept her here by praying for rain?

Sue Ann said...

amen sista