Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Playing Mommy

I am staying at my friend Lynette's house while she and her partner Steph (MOZART!) are in Vienna! I'm not really a babysitter as the kids are all old enough to fend for themselves, I am merely a 'watcher' if you will. I will call myself...THE ENFORCER. (pronounced Enfowrsa) I basically make sure that all sibling rivalry ends in as little blood shed as humanly possible and that the house doesn't burn down. So far, so good.

I have known these kids for over a year now as I have worked with their mom for that amount of time. I have always liked her kids, but now that I have gotten to 'know' them, I love them!! Lauren is the oldest and could possible rival Edwin as the smartest person I know. She's 16. She speaks French, reads books I have never even heard of, has been to Paris and can tell me about all the historic things she has seen and wants to go into politics. Politics, people. I'm lucky if I know who is running for president. She is down right amazing. SO SMART! Heather is the middle child. She is 15 and is an AMAZING artist! I'm not kidding!! In maybe 30 minutes she sketched my portrait and kids...IT LOOKS LIKE ME! haha!! While she was drawing, she looked up and said that you never really see the true beauty of a person until you draw them. This girl is wise beyond her years. She showed me paintings, sketches, scupltures and computer imagary that she has down and I am in complete awe. On top of that, she writes. Good grief. Nathan is the youngest. He's my little buddy at 13 years of age. He is into great music, skating and his current endeavor, football. I could sit and talk to this kid for hours because he just has such an appreciation for life. You could talk to him about just about anything and he would always have something fascinating to add. Last night, his football team lost and he was pretty disappointed, but none the less, we had a great time. Heather and I worked on homework for awhile....BECAUSE WE'RE DOING THE SAME THING!! We're both in Algebra...scary. I like being here with them as they make me feel as if I'm needed. Such an ego boost!! I hope their mom is having fun and that she returns soon cause I miss her, but I hope to get to spend more time with these little monsters.

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your being here for the kids. They absolutely loved you. It sounds as if the feelings were mutual. It's always scary, as a mom, to go away for such a stretch of time and leave your kids, but I didn't worry once--kowing that you were here with them. Thanks so very much.