Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ketchup Catch-up

Alrighty, so I guess it is time for a quick update. (JUST TO APPEASE KRISTEN!) :) I am taking a break from studying for finals, so please bear with mind is mush.

Last weekend was GREAT! My best friend Kristen and her DARLING baby Reagan came to stay the weekend with me. It was filled with food, shopping and lots and lots of girl talk. Couldn't have asked for better. Unfortunatley though, poor baby Reagan was allergic to her antibiotic and we had to take her to the Emergency room on Sunday. She is doing just fine but we wanted to make sure that she was okay. Too many stinky diapers for one little tush to endure! Poor baby! We went to lunch that day and she INHALED an entire cup of ranch dressing at Joe's. I don't think I have laughed that hard in quite some time. Seriously, picture a shirtless baby, squealing like a monkey, completely covered in gooey ranch dressing. Priceless. By about noon I was beginning to have a mild headache so we went to eat and I took some medicine. By the time they left at 3ish, my head was swimming. I distincly remember running past Edwin (with such speed that I believe he may have feared for his life) saying, "I don't feel so well." From that point on, from approximately 4:30pm to about 3:00am Monday morning I threw up every solitary hour. I'm not talking mild nausea here people, I'm talking my shoulders KILLED me the next day and it hurt to cough, sneeze or even laugh. At about 1:30 Edwin woke up to me running down the hall to the bathroom. (I still feel really bad about that, Ed.) He said, "I know you're not okay, but are you okay?" Between meek and pathetic wimpers I said, "I don't know." I DON'T KNOW?! Holy crap, I'm retarded. He told me he would sleep with his cell phone and I was to call him if I needed anything. By 3am, I had an iron like taste in my mouth and everything that came up had an orangish/red tint. (I KNOW you wanted to know that!!) I feared I was vomiting blood so I was sitting in bed dialing Edwin's phone number, while putting on my shoes. He answered with a groggy, "hello?" and then got up to drive me to the emergency room. We sat there for a short time while I filled out paper work and then they took me back into triage. We went through all the routine stuff and I had normal vitals aside from dehydration. I was put on an IV with some happy, anti-nausea meds. Prior to that HOWEVER, a nurse attempted to put an IV in the top of my right hand and blew the vain. I later found out by an RN in one of my classes that he was new and she couldn't stand him. Greeeaat... He didn't know to take off the turnicate in order to stop the bleeding until another nurse walked in and told him. Dork. So I have a rather fancy bruise on the top of my hand that gets prettier and prettier every day. There was a nice sized blood stain on my bed too. The nurses response to my bleeding: "Good thing we're putting in an IV in case we need to give you more blood." THANKS! ASS. I am sure he was joking, but yeah, SO NOT FUNNY. The nurse who came to my rescue was nice. I like her. Ms. Rescue Nurse. Dumbass left and Ms. Rescue Nurse went to get Edwin for me. He sat in the hospital with me for 2 HOURS while I slept and got IV fluids. It was 5am before we left the hospital and then he took me to the pharmacy to fill my "anti-nausea-heaven-in-a-tube". If that's not a great friend, I don't know what is. Is there some kind of medal for that? Well, there should be. I missed the next two days of work and school and lost 10 pounds in the process. I have yet to eat three meals a day but I was however able to eat an ENTIRE meal yesterday without the slightest hint of "OMG! I'm gonna be sick." It was the first time I hadn't felt sick after eating. YAY!

My sick days have now rolled into Final's Week and a whole new form of nausea. Before any of that gets started though, I had one last hurrah! Katie, Misty and I went to OKC yesterday to go shopping for one of our adopted Christmas families. We had raised (with the help of MY FAMILY!) over $600. We were able to adopt two families and SPOIL.THEM.ROTTEN. We had two carts worth of goodies and had to make two trips to the car. I'm not kidding. This kid is going to have an amazing Christmas. I wish so badly that we could be there to see him open his gifts. I can only imagine how happy the mom will be too. Not only did she get great gifts as well, but to see the look on Nicholas' face when he sees what Santa brought? Magical. I am so honored to be involved in such a great project and I am doubly blessed at the great family I have for donating. You have truly helped a mothers wish come true this Christmas. Next week, we are going again!! This time for 2 year old Caden. I am so excited! I look forward to this every year!

NOW, let the nausea set in. I got up this morning and got ready for church early so I could sit and study before we left. Church was great today as always and I left feeling renewed. We went and met Edwin's parents for lunch at Mazzio's and then headed home for more studying. I worked on my identifications and essay's for history and then began the task of studying for macroeconomics. My two worst tests are TOMORROW! My friend Melissa is coming over in a few minutes and we are going to work on macro together. Maybe if we tag team this beast, we'll survive. Ugh.

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