Monday, December 19, 2005


I got home from studying and watching a Christmas movie with my lovely co-workers to find a HUGE pile of liquidy spew in the middle of my bedroom floor. Edwin had called me earlier to let me know that Fuji threw up, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the house but my room. Eeew. He also (or it could have been his partner in crime) crapped behind my computer armoir. Picture this folks. Me, crouched down as far as I can be, as close to the desk as I can be, with my left arm fully behind the armoir, holding a paper towel roll. I'm attempting to scoop the poo into the tube so I can remove it without having to move the entire piece of furniture. OMG, what a task. Both cats were sitting in the floor watching me like, "What are you doing?! I put that there for a blasted reason you silly human!!" I have no idea what is wrong with him and why all of a sudden he is throwing up and not using his litter box. Insanity! Now, I am blogging, when I should be dadgum studying for the test I have in Media & Society tomorrow. Not kidding. The class started today and I have my first test tomorrow. On top of that, I have a photography assignment due tomorrow night and I don't have the pics done. I have to take a few more and get them transfered to black and white and then have them all printed before class tomorrow night. OMG. Freaking out. I am thinking Journalism wasn't the best option for me now, because deadlines...they are not my friend. :) Some changes need to be made around here, just not quite sure what yet.

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Sofa said...

NNNIIICCCEEEE!! I had a cat but he died almost a year ago.