Friday, December 23, 2005

Last Straw

So I have decided to take a break from drowning my sorrows (Just kidding.) in a pint of Ben & Jerry's to tell you why at this very minute I have just experienced The Last Straw. Let me tell you how bad this day has turned out to be. Honestly, you'll laugh. I promise.

First off, I had to work open to close today, which honestly isn't all that bad. It's just lovely to complain about. :) Due to this fact, it was dark by the time I left and I had to go pet sit. Petsitting folks, is probably one of the easiest jobs known to man when it comes to this particular pet. He is super sweet and requires next to no attention regarding his litter box and food bowls. He is a great cat. So I accepted the task of taking care of him. I only had to go by once a day for two days and literally had to do very little. It was dark and I really couldn't remember where I was going so I drove very slowly until I found the house. I opened the door, went in and turned off the alarm system just as I was supposed to do. I checked on the kitty and made the rounds to make sure all in the house was as it should be. As I was leaving, I set the alarm system back and began to make my exit. As I opened the front door to depart from the more than likely MULTI MILLION DOLLAR HOME, I set off the dadgum ALARM! I'm serious people, I about s**t a brick and wet myself all at once. I slammed the door shut and of course...screamed bloody murder. I ran back across the house to disarm the system and then called for reinforcments. I called the home owners best friend and she attempted to walk me through resetting the system. Yeah, no such luck. So, I had to call the actual alarm company and they said they couldn't help me because I don't have any passwords. Crap with a capital RETARD! I then call the owner and had to leave a voicemail, because 'did they answer'? Ahhh...hell no. I spent a good 45 minutes freaking out between phone calls. I heard tires screech twice and assumed to cops were coming to get me. When no one rang the bell or busted down the front door, I had visions of them surrounding the house and watching me through the immense plate glass windows; waiting to pounce on me the second I opened the door to flee. In the end, all got sorted out and I left the house safe and sound...and fully armed!

I got home and began working on some homework. I have a paper to write that is due on the 28th. As I was sitting here, I started to notice a rather fowl smell. Come to find out, my lovely kitties decided to use my bedroom floor as their new open floorplan litter box. I went in to clean it and found that they had urinated AND defecated on the floor. I had to get rubber gloves and trash bags, people. OMG. They hate the special litter they have to use after their declaw. I'm seriously contemplating switching them back and saying to hell with it. I got the mess cleaned up and went into the kitchen to get some ice cream to cool my temper. I was scooping the ice cream from the carton when the spoon snapped clean in two and I slung half a carton of frozen dessert across the floor. All I could thing was, "DAMN!" I cleaned up my mess and decided to forgo the dessert option. I came in and sat down to call a friend and found out my phone is completely dead as a doornail. (What the crap does dead as a doornail mean, anyhow?)

Now, I am finishing my beer and watching the end of a sappy romantic comedy. "I think I'd miss you even if we never met." The day I meet a man who will say those words to me, is the day I've died and gone to Heaven. Don't worry all, I'll keep in touch when I get there. ;) I am going to call it a night now. Early to bed, early to rise. I will work on my assignment more tomorrow, but for now, I need to end this day, and end it quickly.

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