Sunday, January 15, 2006


Anger. Lust. Depression.
How can this all come to ease?
Where do I go from here?

I ran for the door.
My passage to nothing. To everything.
I scream into the winter. I rage against the day.
I stand frozen in time. Alone, silently screaming.

I stand beneath the clouds.
Waiting for my life to change.
When will this end?
One...two...thousands of answers from Heaven.

I stand amidst the storm.
Stand still as the feelings are attacked
By pure, unrelenting answers.
They sting.

I stand in awe.
Holding up my hands to the sky and absorb.
Relief. Peace. Gratitude.

For each answer hits my skin like a tiny dagger.
Hits my soul with an explosion of release.
Awaken. Awaken to the day. Welcome the light.
Here I stand. An angel, a demon.
A person.
Looking for life.

*Poem for OSU Creative Writing, Photograph for Meridian B&W Photography

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