Saturday, January 07, 2006

This n' That

Well here it is ladies and germs, a whole new year. 2006. Can you believe it? What does 2006 mean to you? To me, it means:

One more year of being single.
One more semester down in the world of college.
Turning 24.
One year closer to cheaper car insurance.
Possible moving out on my own.

I'm sure there must be more that this year will hold. Hopefully it will be things of which I can be thankful for. Oh who am I kidding? haha! OF COURSE IT WILL BE! Honestly, I am thankful for everything that went on this year. Both good and bad. These things build character, am I right?

This past week I was unusually blessed with an ENTIRE week off of work. No lie, peeps. I was off Saturday of last week until tomorrow. NO LIE! Friday, as soon as I got work, I came home and loaded up the car with what felt like everything I owned. I had my cats in their carrier along with their litter box and full set of supplies. I said goodbye to the roommates and headed out. I stopped for gas and then began my trip to El Reno. The sunset was beyond remarkable. I cannot even begin to describe how completely magical it was to drive towards it. I even pulled over (twice!) in order to take pictures of it. They no where NEAR do justice to this sunset, but I sure tried.

I arrived in El Reno at approximately 5:30 after running a toll booth. Oops. There was so much New Year's traffic that I wasn't able to get over into the correct lane in order to pay the toll, soooo I just sailed right on through the Pike Pass gate. Kim called the OTA people to tell them what I had done so I mailed them a check today for $1. haha! Yeeeeah, I'm a dork.

The week was spent in great company. I spent an entire week with Kim, Kristen, Brent and Reagan. We went shopping a couple times, but mostly we just hung around the house. It was much needed time away from work and school. My cats came with me too which made for a very interesting time with Fletch the wonder yorkie. Such fun!

I helped out with Reagan (as did Fuji) a bit since Brent had to work a couple double shifts and Kim is still a wee bit hobbly from her recent foot surgery. Not too long after I arrived, Kristen began to feel pretty sick. We came to the conclusion that we make each other ill. haha! After she left my house last time, I ended up with food poisoning and was out of work for two days. She spent majority of the next three days in the recliner and I helped out with Reagan as much as possible. I bathed, I fed, I changed the worlds WORST diaper. But Reagan, my love, Aunt Izzi does it because she loves you. Someday, when you're big enough, I'll be able to tell you just how much I love you. I had a wonderful time and cried as I pulled out of the driveway. IMAGINE THAT! I am such a mush. I miss them all already!!
The drive home was a fast one. I got here in record time and then took get well balloons to a little girl I babysit. She's such a doll. Poor thing had her tonsils taken out. I then came home and I was exhausted! Today has been spent cleaning and doing laundry as well as catching up on some chores and shopping. It has been more than nice having this time off. Now, I am going to get ear candled (I'm excited!) and watch a movie with the fam. G'nite all, and much love. Your blogger is back.

This quote is from an advertisment in one of Cait's magazines and I think Especially if you saw all the home items I toted home this weekend. :)
"If you're feeling chubby, buy something for your house. You can never be too fat for a comforter."

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