Friday, January 20, 2006

Smell of Rain

Today started out fabulous!
I stepped outside onto the front porch this morning and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I was greated with the warmth of a spring day and the delightful smell of rain. If you know me at all, you know that the smell of fresh precipitation is enough to change my day from melancholy to magnificent. I drove to work, listening to a CD I made for Caitlin (over a year ago!) of her happy songs. I even drove extra slow so I could finish listening to "If You Want Me To" by Jenny Owens. I got breakfast and coffee for Jacey and I, and the day began.

I was sitting at my desk at approximately 8:00 when one of our regular clients, Mr. B, came in. We chatted for a few moments about nonsense, as we usually do, and then he mentioned the weather. The pavement outside was still dark from that nights moisture and the sweet smell still hung in the air. He began to tell me a story of an email he received a while back. "You know those emails you get every now and again that you expect to be nonsense but they turn out to be moving? Well, I have one. I received an email about a young girl who was very ill and had actually died in the hospital. She was pronounced legally dead when suddenly, she came back. Years went by and one summer day she was playing in the dirt at one of her brothers baseball games. Her mom sat in the stands watching her child play ball when a storm cloud thrust its rainy smell apon them. The little girl came running to her mother and said, 'Mom! That's the smell!'" "Yes, sweetie, that's rain." "No, mom. That's the smell of Jesus." The little girl proceded to tell her mother how when she was sick and dying, Jesus held her in his arms. She laid her head on his chest and breathed him in. He smelled of rain. The story goes that the girl had always loved the smell of rain and would stop to breath it in, as if she were remembering something she remembered fondly. She as never able to explain it to her mother until that day, that it was Jesus who she was smelling each time it rained. Mr. B told me that now, he can't smell a day like today without thinking that maybe, just maybe, that is how Jesus smells. I grinned. Thanking him for sharing such a beautiful story with me. Whether this story is true or fabricated, is completely irrelevant. It's a story of faith. I believe that rain is a blessing and would only be fitting if it smelled of Him.

On another note. I suggest you all read Katie's blog and give her your two cents on Valentine's Day!! :)
Much love,

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