Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shay - Character Analysis

Shay was never shy as a child. She was able to make friends with just about anyone.
She had a fiery personality that was almost magnetic, drawing people to her. As a
teenager her hair color ranged from fire engine red to variant shades of purple. Four silver studs sat across the back of her neck and a vine tattoo lazily wound itself around her ankle. She majored in animal science in college and frequented the bars; not so much for the alcohol, but more for the stimulation of laughter and good conversation. Her laugh was one that could fill a room, or clear it, depending on the situation. She has always had a flare for getting the giggles at the most inopportune moments, such as funerals or prayer in a crowded church. Her voice is soft and full of charisma. Her soothing nature has helped calm many a soul. She has a knack for sarcasm and can often be found telling corny jokes. After graduation, she met and fell madly in love with Alex, a 30 something entrepreneur whose true success is in the field of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Shay matured in the years surrounding their courting. The piercings were removed and a more tame appearance was adopted. She now has short, dark chestnut hair that always flips to one side, whether she likes it too or not. Her eyes are a deep, sultry brown and sparkle when she laughs. She wears a pair of green, rectangle frames atop of her slender nose. Her face is round and slightly leathery from hours under the sun as a child and her smile is a radiant one. Smile lines can now be found at the corners of her delicately painted eyes and the edges of her upturned mouth. Shay is tall and slender but still carries with her some baby weight and stretch marks which she lovingly refers to as ‘battle scars’. Her clothing is always very put together, but she never frets about a spit-up or baby food stain. She has become known as the
resident ‘girlie-girl’ at her office because her favorite colors are pink and purple and her favorite beverage, water with lemon. Despite these characteristics, she still holds within her the spicy spirit of her youth, making her one of the most well known ‘ball busters’ at the office as well. That spirit overflows into her life as a mother. She loves her daughter so much, it almost hurts. She went through a very difficult pregnancy and is painfully aware of how close she came to never being a parent. She is an involved and dedicated mother who would willingly put anything aside for her child, but also knows how to find time for herself. Her newest hobby is photography and she has a true talent for it. This is evident in her home as there are photographs on every possible surface, both vertical and horizontal. She has always had the amazing ability to find the beauty in everyday situations and people. She still finds it hard most days to find the beauty in herself, but this is something she works on diligently. She has a deep rooted faith in God and puts Him first and foremost.

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