Friday, July 22, 2005

Babies, Barf n' BoogerBerries

It's Friday!! Thank God.

Wednesday I got one of the biggest gifts ever. My roommates agreed to let me have a kitten!! We had always discussed how we would wait until Matt and Christen moved back to Tulsa in a year or two because there would be less animals. I think they all knew just how bad I wanted this little guy though and decided that one little kitten couldn't possibly make that big of a difference, especially if I was taking care of him. He's so precious! A little ball of orange fluff. Now I have to go get him a litter box and carrier, food and water bowls, etc. I think he's going to be well worth it and well spoiled. I'm excited to buy him a collar and tag too! I'm such a mush when it comes to little balls of fur. Caitlin went with me Wednesday night to see him and I think she may fallen in love with Fuji too! What a ham. :) He is named Fuji because I love photography! His twin brother's name is Kodak. haha! There is also a little black female with white, skunk-like markings. Her name is Flower after the little skunk from Bambi. The last little guy is a light orange color. He is the same color as one of our favorite patients at the clinic, Zeke. Zeke never comes in a cat carrier, he comes in a grapefruit box. Yup. Everytime. So, I looked up the word grapefruit in other languages and that day he was coined, Pomelo. The italian word for grapefruit. Our little squishies!! Okay, so they're not all mine, but I just love new kittens!

Thursday was Caitlin's graduation so her family as well as Edwin's family came down. I got to tag along to dinner and then to her graduation. It made me feel good to be there. I adore their families. Such good people. They always make me feel like part of the family. Today Caitlin is in Tulsa enjoying some much needed shopping time with her mom. Hope she buys me somethin' sparkly. ;) I'm so proud of her and I know she is flat out extatic to be done. Riding to the graduation, Edwin's eldest neice Brittany told me she was drinking 'Boogerberry Juice'. I'm not kidding. The child was drinking a lemon-lime juice called BOOGERBERRY. Who comes up with this stuff?! Blech. is Friday! It was an insanely busy day at work and I vented quite a bit to Katie so I treated her to a milk shake. Problem is, it's like 100 some degrees outside so the milk shake didn't settle all that well. We both felt naseous later. Ugh... I think we'll go swimming in a couple hours which is going to be WONDERFUL! I will also get to see little Fuji again and I can't wait! He'll get to come home in about 5-6 weeks at the earliest. I know!! I keep going back to talking about him but I just love him so much!! I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Bad side of today, I woke up at 4 AM to the sound of my roommates cat barfing. ON..MY..BED. Yup, that's right. So now I am in the process of washing that. Fun fun. Needless to say, Hootie is on my Uber-shitlist (not a good place to be, I might add.) and will be for quite some time. Did I mention she also puked on the living room rug twice? Copious quanitites of el barfo. God only knows what she had to have eaten in order to produce vomit like that.

Tomorrow is my friend Kristen's Pampered Chef party. How much am I going to love that? Let's see... I get to see Kristen, Reagan the most adorable, squishy baby in the world, and Pampered Chef. It's gonna be great!! We're gonna go to a movie tomorrow night which sounds so fun and then I'm going to spend the night there. SLUMBER PARTY!! haha! How old am I you ask? ha!

Guess what else I found out this week?! My friend Travis had a GAME on his blog where he picked a 'random' blog and had people leave comments on a specific post. Guess who the random blog was?! I couldn't figure out why so many people I didn't know were posting comments on a post that I didn't think was all that special. (Legacy) One of the guys left a comment so I clicked on his name to see if I knew him. His bio said he was a frequent blogger/podcaster on Ponderplace which is Travis' podcast. I was like, "Wow! One of Travis' friends somehow found my blog. I wonder if Travis mentioned me on Ponderplace." So, I travel to Travis' blog and lo and behold, there I am....a GAME! haha!! Thanks Trav. Thanks. ;)

Well, I'm off to get this room clean. OMG. What a task. Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

Love, Liz


incredimom said...

mmm.. boogerberries. Hey, don't knock it 'till you've tried it!
We had fun Thursday! Good seeing everyone. Post pictures of Fuji soon!

Sue Ann said...

yay...for the kitty!!!!!!I can't wait to play with him!!I am so happy for you....I miss you tons..mmmmwwwwuuuhhhh!!!

travis said...

kittens are the best that's awesome...isn't that right listeners of the ponderplace?...j/k. :)