Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Study Break #1

Oh my God...Study break time. I fear my brain is about to rupture at any moment. I am working on my final writing assigment for my Microeconomics class and have my final exam tomorrow. I am freaking out quite considerably at the moment and there is a good chance that I might just lose it. Seriously. omg. My back is in knots and has been all day. Could have something to do with carrying a baby around most of the weekend but I just couldn't PUT HER DOWN! She's scrumptious. Could also be the tension that is residing in my spine like a 40 pound leprechaun named Stan.

I do however have another funny story from this weekend that I would like to share. My friends Kristen and Brent have the cutest, squishiest, most adorable creature living with them. No, this time I am not talking about Reagan. (Although she is damnded adorable!) I'm speaking of none other, than Fletch the wonder Yorkie. OMG. This dog is so dadgum cute I didn't know what to do with myself. I kept referring to him as my squishy. So as I was lying down to go to sleep, I hear him come running from the other room. He pounces on the air mattress with such exploding force that I feared for my life. He then curled up right to my chest, rolled over and his side, layed his furry little head on my pillow and began to snore peacefully. Every now and again he would twitch and fidget a little until I pet him again. There a few times where he rolled over to gently lick me on the cheek. I swear to God, that awoke in the night, and the dog and I were spooning. Seriously. haha! I told Kim the whole story the next morning and she just laughed hysterically. I told her I hadn't had that much action in years! Scary thing was, she replied with, "Neither have I." haha!! We are so pathetic, and he is so cute!!

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The Incurable Insomniac said...

Oh, I ADORE Yorkies. I had one named Fritz. He was my best friend in the world during a really difficult period of my life. Just as soon as we can get pets, I'm getting a little Yorkie again!

Fletch is darling. Bring him over sometime if you can!